Why Do You Want to Leave Your Current Job: How to Answer


Are you planning to switch your current job? Well, there is one particular question you should prepare for your next interview "Why do you want to leave your current job?". It is the most tricky question that can be asked in different ways by the interviewers. Answering this question helps in getting jobs. Answering this question shows your professional values and how you handle undesirable situations. It also shows the level of respect you have for your current employer or past employer.

In this blog, we will discuss what could be the common reasons for leaving your current job and how to answer them to the interviewer. Let's dive deep and find the best answer that can help you in your upcoming interview and grab opportunities for jobs for students in Australia.


Why Does The Interviewer Ask This Question?

There could be many reasons behind this question. But some of the common reasons are to give them clues about what motivates you to be satisfied and engaged at work. Also, to know what your long-term goals are. Your answer can help them to know if you are the best fit for the company and the team's culture.

Many people answer this question negatively, and that is where it goes all wrong. You should answer it positively and not get caught up in your emotions. Think about your future rather than your present. Show them what you hope to achieve in your next role. They will also watch your verbal communication skills, so be confident while answering this question.


Other Ways Interviewers Can Ask This Question:

An interviewer can ask this question differently. However, there are many ways of asking this question based on the intention of the interviewer. Such as the interviewer can ask this question to know how future-focused you are, to learn your values and culture, and many more.

Here are some different ways the interviewer can ask this question based on his/her intentions:

A) Future-focused:

1. What are you looking for in your next career move?
2. What are your long-term career goals, and how does this position fit into those plans?
3. What excites you about the opportunity to work at our company?

B) Growth and development-focused:

1. Are you looking for a new challenge or opportunity to learn new skills?
2. What are your expectations for professional development in your next role?
3. Can you tell me about a time you felt stagnant in your previous role?

C) Values and culture-focused:

1. What kind of work environment are you looking for?
2. What are your core values, and how do they align with our company culture?
3. Can you describe a situation where you felt misaligned with the values of your previous company?


How To Answer To Get Opportunities For Jobs For Students In Australia?

Removing negativity from it is the best way to answer this question. Preparing a positive answer in advance can be helpful. It will help you in answering this question confidently. We have mentioned some points you may consider while preparing a perfect answer to this question:

1. Positivity: While preparing an answer, you should focus on positivity. Give your answer a positive shape that can give a positive impression to your interviewer. It will also show your ability to see the positive aspects and problem-solve for the best career outcomes.

2. Motivation: Be clear about what motivates you to leave your current job. You can write down the reasons for leaving your job and find a perfectly suited answer. Also, consider your career path and what your ideal career looks like. We have mentioned some common reasons for leaving a job in this blog, that might help you.

3. Honesty: Being honest is the best way to answer. The interviewer may contact your current or past employer to verify it. Any inconsistencies may reflect negatively on you and reduce the chances of getting selected or hired. Therefore, it is an important point you should focus on while answering the question.

4. Conciseness: Answers in the interviews are concise and to the point. So, prepare your answer concisely otherwise, it can make a negative impression on the interviewer. Also, it will look like you are coming up with your own Maden story.


Some Common Reasons For Leaving A Job:

In this section, we will discuss what could be the common reasons for leaving a job together with the best examples. Well, there could be many reasons behind leaving a job. Understanding the actual reason why you are leaving a job can help you in preparing a perfect answer. Let's explore together what are the common reasons for leaving a job for international student for a job in Australia:

1. Better Opportunities: Looking for a better opportunity is one of the most common and professional reasons behind leaving a job. Better opportunities include many factors, such as looking for a higher salary, looking for better benefits, wanting a higher position, seeking a role in a different industry, and many more.

2. Work-Life Balance: Work-life balance is one of the top reasons why people leave their jobs. There are various things that can affect your work-life balance. It can relate to your mental or physical health, extra working hours, loss of motivation, and many more. Changing your job for a better work-life balance is a perfect decision.

3. Company Culture: As you spend most of your time in the company, so aligning with its culture is important. But when the company culture does not match your personality, it is a good reason for leaving a job. Factors affecting a company's culture are lack of trust, office politics, low morale, high pressure, lack of career support, and many more.

4. Relocation: The most valid reason for leaving a job is relocation. Relocating to a new area or place can get you new pathways to job opportunities in Australia. Also, there are lots of benefits of relocating from one place to another. Such as you get better career opportunities, a higher salary, a better job role or position, etc.


Some Additional Tips That Might Help You To Get Jobs

1. Consider what follow-up questions the interviewer can ask you based on your answers. Such as:

a) Did your previous employer offer a similar position?
b) How does this position fit into your long-term career goals?

2. You can role-play the interview with your friends. It is an excellent strategy that will help you to be concise, fluent, and confident with your answers. This strategy will help to grab jobs for students in Australia.

3. Prepare a perfect resume in Australian style, it will help you to get lots of job opportunities in Australia. You can also check our blog How to Write a Professional Resume in Australian Style where you can learn how to write a perfect resume to get opportunities for jobs for students in Australia.

4. You can also look out for the best courses to get a job in Australia. These courses are helpful with the interview process in Australia. All these courses are short-time durational and available at affordable prices perfect for the students.



Preparing an answer to this question before your interview will be helpful to answer this question with confidence, concisely, and to the point. Also, keep in mind that you have to answer this question positively. It will give an effective impression to the interviewer. Following the steps mentioned above will help you to prepare a perfect answer to the question for your interview. You can also pursue some of the best courses to get a job in Australia that help you with your interview process. Moreover, together with your answers, you will need to have a perfect resume for your interview. That can make a great impression on the interviewer and for that, you can contact Oz Assignments we offer the best resume writing help services in Australia.