What Jobs Are in Demand in Australia for International Students?

Are you looking for jobs in Australia but don’t know what job can be perfect for you? Well, in this blog, we will learn about highly-paid jobs for students in Australia. As an international student, you will have numerous job opportunities. This country offers part-time jobs during academics and full-time jobs after completion of academics.

The Australian education system does not allow students to work full-time during their semester but does not restrict them to working part-time as well. However, you can apply for full-time jobs during your semester breaks, holidays, or after completing the course.

Let's dive deeper and learn about the highly demanding jobs for students.


Highly Demanded Part-Time Jobs in Australia For International Students:


Part-time jobs in Australia for international students offer flexible working hours so that they can focus on their academics. As an international student jobs in Australia are great opportunities. Here are some highly-paid Part-time jobs for students:

1. Security: It is one of the most demanded jobs in Australia. You are required to acquire a “Certificate ll in Security Operations” to apply for security jobs. It is a short-duration course. With this certificate, you can get a part-time job as a security guard or officer in commercial spaces like shopping malls and supermarkets. You can easily earn more than $25 per hour in this job.

2. Cleaning: It is one of the best part-time job opportunities in Australia for students. As a cleaner, you can work in different settings like commercial or residential spaces. The average earning in this job is $25 per hour. Moreover, you don’t need any certificate for this job. Therefore, as an international student, you can work as a cleaner.

3. Delivery Drivers: In delivery drivers, there are two categories. One is food delivery and the other is courier work. There are many food delivery platforms in Australia from where you can register and start working as a food delivery person. For this job, you don’t need to have a motorbike or car you can start with a bike. However, as for a courier delivery job, you will require a car or motorbike. In this job, you will be delivering couriers like letters, posts, parcels, etc. As a courier delivery person, you can easily earn up to $25 - $30 or even more per hour. There are no qualification requirements for a delivery job. You will only be required to have a driving license.

4. Hospitality: The hospitality industry has lots of job opportunities in Australia for international students. Due to a shortage of staff in the market, this industry is paying high wages to their employees for all job roles. You can work as a waiter/waitress, barista, or cook in this industry. The average pay in hospitality is $30 per hour. Also, you don’t need any certification for this job. However, you will require some sort of skills for your job role in the hospitality industry.

5. Early Childhood teachers: It is the best job for international students. Also, it is one of the highly demanded and paid part-time jobs for students in Australia. As an early childhood teacher, you will be responsible for engaging children with hands-on learning experiences. Such as planning and supervising activities for children that encourage education and develop them socially and emotionally. You will get paid between $40 - $45 per hour for this job.


Full-Time Jobs For Students In Australia:

1. Registered Nurse: As a registered nurse, you will provide healthcare, advice, and emotional support to your patients. Moreover, you will be an integral part of Australia’s healthcare industry. You will get to work in diverse areas of the healthcare industry including, emergency, mental health, aged care, and many more. The average salary of a registered nurse is $41 per hour.

2. Software and Application Programmer: Another most demanded job is Software and Application programmer. States like Victoria, South Australia, and New South Wales offer great job opportunities for coders or programmers. As a programmer, you can easily earn up to $48 per hour or $95000 per year.

3. ICT Business and Systems Analyst: If you are a data lover, then it is the perfect job for you. Also, it is a highly demanded job. As an ICT Business and Systems Analyst you will have to solve business problems by using data. However, to apply for this job role, you have to complete your business degree in business analytics.

4. Construction Manager: Construction managers are highly in demand across Australia. As a construction manager, your role will be planning, directing, and overseeing all aspects of building processes. If you are planning to apply for this job role, you must have completed a degree or diploma in Construction Management. The average salary of a construction manager is $1,80,000 per year.


Best Courses To Get Job In Australia For International Students:

There are some courses to get a job in Australia. You can enroll for short-term courses of 3-6 months. These courses provide certifications so that you can easily apply for a part-time job after completion of your course. Moreover, these courses are available at affordable prices for students in Australia. However, applying for a full-time job you must enroll for long-term courses.  So you can get highly-paid job opportunities in Australia. Some Of the best courses to get a job are:

Short-term Courses:

1. Certificate ll in Security Operations(12 months duration).
2. Certificate IV in Nursing(12 months duration).
3. Certificate III in Fitness(6 months duration).
4. Diploma in Hospitality Management (6 months duration)
5. Barista Training Course (3 months duration)
6. Introduction to Graphic Design (4 months duration)
7. Digital Marketing Fundamentals (3 months duration)
8. Basic Carpentry Skills (4 months duration)
9. Introduction to Web Development (5 months duration)
10. Personal Trainer Certification (6 months duration)


Long-term Courses:

1. Software Engineering(4 years duration).
2. Construction Management(2 years duration).
3. Business Analytics(1.5-2 years duration).
4. Civil engineering(3-4 years duration).
5. Bachelor of Nursing (3 years duration)
6. Bachelor of Information Technology (3-4 years duration)
7. Bachelor of Business Administration (3 years duration)
8. Bachelor of Education (Primary/Secondary) (4 years duration)
9. Bachelor of Architecture (5 years duration)
10. Bachelor of Marketing and Communication (3 years duration)



There are lots of job opportunities for international students. As an international student jobs in Australia are easy to get. Here, you can have highly paid part-time jobs during your academics and full-time during holidays or after completing your academics. Moreover, applying for a job also requires a perfect resume, and for that OZ Assignments are here for you. You can get help from our experts for your resume writing and get a highly-paid job.