How to Write Professional Resume in Australian Style


Want to write a professional resume to apply for a job in Australia? Well, here in this blog, we will discuss how you can prepare a perfect resume that will help you to get a job. Having a perfect resume helps in getting jobs for students in Australia. Therefore, you must prepare your resume in Australian style, so it can be easier for you to hunt for jobs here.

While writing a resume you must keep some things in your mind like format, font size and style, and many more. You must add all the prior information to it. There are lots of opportunities for jobs for students in Australia and having a perfect resume will let you grab them. Let's learn more about how to write a professional resume to get a job in Australia.


Understand Australia Resume Format

The Australian resume format is similar to standard resumes. However, there are some key differences that you must keep in mind because skipping any of these points can affect your resume. Moreover, the Australian resume format is easy to write and understand. 

Furthermore, they are longer and more descriptive compared to American or standard resumes. Moreover, you must keep the format clear and easy to understand. You must mention all the prior information that could be helpful for the interviewer to have a better understanding of you.


Structure And Formating Of Resume For Australian Jobs:

While writing a resume you must focus on the length, headings, pointers, arrangements, and many more. The format of your resume must be perfectly structured. You can prepare a perfect format by learning the points below:

1. Length: Unlike American resumes, Australian resumes are ideally 2-3 pages long and often referred to as CVs (Curriculum Vitae). The length of the resume format for job application depends on experience, for an experienced person, it can be 2-3, and for a fresher, it can be a 1-2 page long resume.

2. Focus: Make sure your resume format is clear, concise, and easy to read. Use a consistent font style and size together with clear headings for each section. Highlight the key points in your resume. This makes it easy for an interviewer to know about you.

3. Order: Organize your experience and education in reverse chronological order. Like from your current job or position. It is the best way to write a resume in the Australian style. It helps you to grab the attention of the interviewer to your profile.


Sections To Include In Your Resume Format For Job Application: 

Here, you will learn the best way to write a resume in Australia. We will discuss what sections and information you can add to your resume so it can look attractive. 

1. Header: A resume always starts with a header section. That contains your contact information. The header section is an essential part of the Australian resume format. With a header, your resume will be complete. The Header Sections Contains the information such as:

a) Name
b) Address
c) Phone number
d) Email address.

Some people also add a portfolio of their work samples to the header section of their resume

1. Career Profile: A career profile is an objective or summary of your career goal. Mentioning this section is not mandatory in your resume. However, you can use it as it grabs the attention of an interviewer. This section consists of 3-4 sentences providing an overview of who you are and what you want to do. However, you don't need to get too detailed as your education and experience section comes later.

2. Past Experience: Mention your work experience if any, in reverse chronological way. Like from your current position to your last position. This section allows you to present what you have accomplished in the past and how you hope to continue in a new position.

Show past positions, as the interviewer or hiring manager will require this information. Also, mention the company names and the durations you have worked there.

3. Education: Add an education section in your resume to showcase your academic performance. Also, use a reverse chronological technique as used in the Experience section. Like mention your recent or highest qualification first, then move backward one by one to high school with your grades.

4. Skills: Mentioning skills is the way to write a resume. Skills show your knowledge and strengths that are not mentioned in your work experience. These skills can be both hard skills and soft skills. Hard skills like graphic design, programming language, etc., and soft skills include communication skills, teamwork, adaptability, and many more.

5. Volunteer Experience: Adding volunteer experience to your resume for Australian jobs is a perfect strategy. Here, you can share additional information about your passion and experience that might impact how well you can perform your job. By adding volunteer experience to your resume it will make a positive impact on the interviewer.

6. References: In this section, you can add 2-3 professional contacts to verify the information on your resume. However, it is an optional section that you can add to your resume or provide when asked.

Some Additional Tips For Your Resume To Find Jobs In Australia:

We have some secret tips for you to write a perfect resume. You can easily follow them and enhance your resume with an exceptional impression:

1. English: As you are applying for a job in Australia you must use British English in your resume or else the interviewer will have a negative impression on your resume.

2. Proofread: Double-check your resume thoroughly and look for typos and grammatical mistakes because it may give a negative impression.

3. Action-verbs: Use action-verbs in your resume to describe your achievements and responsibilities.

4. Quantifiable Results: Use numbers or metrics to quantify your achievements. It will give a positive impression to the interviewer.



A perfect resume will help in finding jobs for students in Australia. While preparing a resume format for a job application, you must use British English. Also, keep in mind factors like the format of your resume, length, fonts, grammar, and many more. The information you are providing in your resume must be legit and proofable. You can use the tips we have provided above for your resume writing, which will help you to have a perfect resume to find jobs for students in Australia. Moreover, if you want help from an expert for your resume writing you can contact OZ Assignments. We have experts in resume writing with years of experience.

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