Top 10 Part-Time Jobs in Australia That Pay Well for Students

Studying in Australia should be open to more than seeking education whereas, in today's world a student must have hands-on experience in the actual workplace environment. Part-time opportunities work as a supplementary source of income which can be utilised by you to either fulfil your aspirations or just to earn some extra money alongside your studies. Well, in Australia you will get the offer to a wide range of part-time job opportunities. Australia has job opportunities for international students as well as for domestic students. However, the Australian education system allows students to work 20 hours per week during their semesters but in holidays there are no such restrictions.

In particular, these jobs allow students to earn money similar to full-time employees. But which amongst is the ideal job role for you, that you need to delve into this blog. In this blog, we will discuss some high-paying part-time jobs for students in Australia.


10 High-Paying Part-time Jobs For Students In Australia

Australia offers numerous part-time jobs for international students. Further, applying for these jobs will get you hands-on experience in your field or in some other field that may be relevant to your field. All it has to do with you is to broaden your career pathways. Students often look for high-paying jobs to get financial support and manage their expenses. Let’s explore together what are the top part-time jobs for students in Australia:

1. Aged Care Worker: As an aged care worker you have to assist, and provide physical and mental support to older people. This is not as easy as it sounds as elderly people are more like babies, requiring more attention and care. You can work as per your flexibility and get paid around $35 per hour. Applying for this job does not require any certification or skill. However, you must have a caring heart and intention to serve others.

2. Sales Representative: In this job role you have to understand customers' needs and provide them with relevant products or services. You will also have to provide them with sales services. It is one of the best high-paying part-time jobs for international students you can look out for. Furthermore, this job offers around $30 per hour.

3. Customer Service Agent: As a customer service agent your role will be to handle incoming customer calls for service inquiries, and generate sales leads. This is another hectic job as it requires you to address their product/service or process-related queries, etc. The average salary you can get in these jobs is around $26 per hour. Moreover, you will get a flexible working hour for this job role. So that it can be easy for you to manage your studies alongside your work-life balance.

4. Server: It is among the most popular jobs in Australia for students. If you are interested in hospitality and want to gain experience, then it is a perfect job for you. These jobs pay students around $25 per hour. As a waiter/waitress, you will take orders, serve food and beverages, and provide excellent customer service.

5. Personal Trainer: If you are interested in providing help to others in the fitness field then having a job as a personal trainer can be perfect for you. The responsibilities this job carries include assessing your client’s requirements and creating a training plan for them. Train them by providing exercises that they can perform both at the gym and at home. You will need a training certification or a yoga or pilates license to apply for this job. Moreover, you will get paid around $20 - $25 per hour.

6. Cleaner: Well, it is hard to believe that cleaning is one of the high-paying jobs. This job pays well, around $25 per hour. Not only this, it also offers exceptional flexibility for working hours for students. There are no requirements to apply for this job. You can start by joining a cleaning company or sign up on Helping and find work at private homes, hotels, restaurants, etc.

7. Tutor: If you love teaching and like to assist students needing academic help you can be the ideal match for this job. Well, this job is perfect for you. As a tutor, you will help students with their queries about topics or subject areas, set their improvement goals, and teach them accordingly. You will get paid around $20 - $30 per hour. However, you will require a bachelor’s degree, certification, or diploma, and fluency in English.

8. Travel agent: Love travelling, exploring new places, and sharing your experience with others. This job is perfectly suited for you. You will get around $30 per hour. To apply for this job, you will require Travel experience, good selling skills, and fluency in English. As a travel agent to people about different travel destinations, help them plan their trips, and make a few bookings on their behalf.

9. Delivery Person: You will get options as a delivery person. You can choose whether you want to deliver food or parcels. This job is most popular among international students here. It pays around $20 - $25 per hour. When applying for this job, a valid driver’s licence with a clean driving history is a must.

10. Babysitter: If you love spending time with kids, you can look for a babysitter job. Typically, this job requires you to feed, bathe, and involve children in some activities. Also, drive them to school and back, and put them to sleep. In this job, you will earn around $20 per hour.


Where to search for Part-Time jobs in Australia

Various sources might help students in Australia get part-time jobs. These include your university channels, online job platforms, connections, networking, walk-ins, etc. Mainly there are two ways for students to get part-time jobs On-campus and Off-campus.

1. On-campus: On-campus jobs are those where universities help students to get jobs, as the name itself suggests. You do not need to travel for interviews, all you need to do is to have a word with your professors or peers, who can help you in getting on-campus part-time jobs. Moreover, these jobs come with more flexible working hours for students. As the employers understand the needs and requirements of students, they offer excellent work-life balance jobs. Together, you will have enough time for your studies alongside your job.

2. Off-campus: Off-campus jobs offer students a wide range of job options. These are opportunities sought by a student through their efforts. However, you will have to visit the offices for interviews rather than on-campus jobs. There is a high probability of getting higher wages as you can negotiate with the employer. You can get off-campus jobs through online platforms like LinkedIn, Indeed, seek, etc. Also, making connections to people in the same field as you can help you get part-time jobs for students in Australia.


Tips for Students to Get Jobs in Australia

Kickstart your career in Australia by following these tips. They will help you get a job easily.

1. Resume: Prepare a resume as per the job market of Australia, as they may have their style. It will help you to leave an effective impression on the employer. Moreover, you can read our blog, or look for your professor’s help on How to Write a Professional Resume in Australian Style to write a resume that can help you unlock jobs for students in Australia.

2. Interview: Preparing for an interview in advance will also help you to get a job in your field. Practice by watching videos online and answering the questions online. In particular, you can role-play the interview with your friends. Also, preparing some questions to ask from an employer will help you in getting jobs here.

3. Networking: Make connections with people in the same field. It can also help you in meeting the role specific to your expertise. You can connect with them and ask for help or references to get a job here. 



There are lots of high-paying jobs for students in Australia. Applying for these jobs will help you stay financially stable and manage your expenses, including rent, food expenses, etc. It will be an easy task for you to get a job here, you can go through online job platforms, connect to your professors, or connect with people in the same field as yours. Moreover, we have provided some tips for you to get jobs here.

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