10 Best Places To Live In Sydney 2024 For International Students

Discover the top 10 places for international students to live in Sydney, Australia. Learn about living costs, accommodation, and university options in Sydney.

Published on: Jun 16, 2024


Fly aboard Australia to achieve your academic and career goals. Want to study in Australia? Well, it is one of the best destinations for students around the globe. It gives an astonishing living experience for international students who come to study here. Further, Sydney is one of the most favourable places in Australia for students. It offers several prestigious universities in Sydney for international students.

However, choosing where to live in Sydney may be daunting because all its places are the best to live. But there is nothing to worry about. In this blog, we will discuss the best 10 places where you can look out to live here and excel in your academic and professional career. So, let's delve deep into the blog and explore it together.


Why Sydney?

You might be wondering why you should choose Sydney to study in Australia. Well, it depends on you, but it is one of the most preferred places in Australia for international students. Together, it is home to various globally ranked universities. Which offers top-class education for students around the globe. The living cost in Sydney for international students is also effective. Moreover, you can explore the city's vibrant culture, places, and nature wonders alongside your academics.

In particular, the city offers numerous places for international students to live and start their academic journey here. Therefore, it is one of the best places for international students to study in Australia. Let's discover some best places you can choose to live here.


10 Best Places For International Students To Live In Sydney

Having so many options to live here can be daunting for international students to choose where to live. Well, here are some shortlisted places for you. This will help you find the best suburb in Sydney to live in!

1. Sydney CBD: It is one of the best places and is the vibrant heart of Australia's largest city. Further, it is well known for its iconic landmarks, diverse cultural scene, and bustling economy. If we talk about the universities here, you will have various options. It includes the University of Sydney, University of Technology Sydney, TAFE NSW and more. These universities in Sydney for international students offer several courses for undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. Here, you can get various accommodation options, including private, on-campus, renting, sharing, and more. However, the cost may vary depending on the location, size, and accommodation type. The living cost here for international students can be around AUD 25,000 - AUD 29,000 per year.

2. Darlinghurst: Darlinghurst is one of the finest suburbs in Sydney! If you plan to study in Australia, it could be one of the best places to consider. It is known for its diverse culture, rich history, and lively social scene, making it an attractive place for international students. From here, you will have proximity to universities like Charles Sturt University Study Centres, UNSW, UTS, and more. The facilities are immaculate in this place, including healthcare, transport, shopping malls, and more. Also, you will have various accommodation options and can choose one that suits your preferences. In particular, the living cost here will be around AUD 1,800 - AUD 2,500 per month.

3. Newtown: If you are planning to study in Australia, you can look for Newtown City. It is a vibrant and diverse suburb located in the inner-west of Sydney, Australia. This place is best known for its eclectic mix of culture, art, food, and nightlife. It is one of the most popular areas for locals as well as international students. If you live here, you will have excellent connectivity to facilities. Such as universities, healthcare, transportation, and more. Furthermore, here you can easily get accommodation. The place offers various options of accommodation. In particular, if you live here, it will cost you around AUD 2,500 per month.

4. Redfern: It is a vibrant inner-city suburb of Sydney. It will be the best location for you to study in Australia due to its proximity to educational institutions, cultural diversity, and dynamic lifestyle. It offers excellent connectivity to transportation and other cities. Together, it provides various options for accommodation in Sydney for international students. You can choose one according to your comfort, budget, and other preferences. Moreover, the living cost here is approx AUD 1,700 to AUD 2,300 per month.

5. Parramatta: If you like a dynamic multicultural community and vibrant urban life, then it could be a place for you. It is located in the City's western suburbs. Together, it provides easy access to some prestigious universities in Sydney for international students. Further, with its diverse range of cultural experiences, affordable living costs, and excellent transportation links to the rest of the city, it offers a perfect environment for international students. Especially for those seeking both academic excellence and a rich cultural immersion. Living here will cost you an average of $1,500 - $2,200 monthly.

6. Chippendale: Imagine living in a place where you have proximity to top-class universities, cultural diversity, and a lively atmosphere. Well, this is what Chippendale provides for international students. This place offers excellent connectivity to facilities like transportation, accommodation, healthcare, shopping areas, and more. Further, it has a strong sense of community, and you can find support through university services, student organisations, and community groups. If you live here, the monthly cost will be around $1,800 – $2,500. However, it may vary depending on you and your expenses.

7. Darlington: Well, it is among the most popular places for international students to study in Australia. Living here means you will have proximity to the most prestigious universities, a diverse culture, and iconic places to explore. The neighbourhood boasts modern accommodation options, convenient transportation links, and a booming student community. Monthly living expenses here typically range from $1,600 to $2,300, accommodating various lifestyles and preferences.

8. Marrickville: It is known for being one of the coolest suburbs in Sydney. Marrickville is a vibrant suburb that attracts students seeking a unique cultural experience. From its lively street markets and multicultural eateries to its leafy parks and artistic venues, it offers a rich tapestry of experiences. With accessible public transportation, affordable housing options, and a welcoming atmosphere, you can enjoy a fulfilling lifestyle here. Moreover, the monthly average cost you will get here is around $1,500 - $2,200.

9. Haymarket: Nestled in the heart of Sydney's bustling CBD, Haymarket offers a dynamic urban lifestyle with unparalleled convenience for students. It is home to iconic landmarks, bustling markets, and various dining options. Haymarket represents the energy and diversity of city living. In particular, you can easily access leading universities, public transportation, and entertainment venues. Despite its central location, it offers monthly living costs in Sydney range from $1,900 to $2,700, reflecting its prime position in the city.

10. Randwick: Randwick is located in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, Australia. Further, this makes it a perfect choice for international students in Australia. If you plan to live here for your academic journey in Australia, it will be a perfect match for you. Furthermore, this location provides excellent access to the prestigious universities in Sydney for international students. You will have all modern facilities in its locality and excellent proximity to other cities. If we talk about monthly living costs here, it will be around $1,700 - $2,400.


Tips For International Students

1. Budgeting: Plan your budget carefully, considering rent, groceries, transportation, and other expenses. Also, you can look for student discounts and deals to reduce your living costs here.

2. Accommodation: If you have a tight budget, you can consider sharing accommodation here. It will help you reduce the rent of accommodation in Sydney.

3. Transportation: You can get an Opal card for easy access to the public transport system. Further, familiarise yourself with bus, train, and shuttle routes near your accommodation.

4. Work Opportunities: The Australian education system allows students to work part-time alongside their academics. Therefore, you can look for a part-time job here and can support yourself financially.

5. Academic Success: Utilise university resources such as libraries, tutoring, and study groups for your study. Together, manage time effectively between your academic and work lives. However, if you feel overwhelmed, you can look out for assignment help services.



In summary, this blog will be helpful for you to choose a place to live in Sydney. However, it may vary depending on various factors such as accommodation, living cost, university preference, and many more. However, choosing any of these locations will get easy access to prestigious universities in Sydney for international students. All these locations are perfect and most popular for international students to study in Australia.

Additionally, alongside your academic journey here you can do a part-time job to financially support yourself. However, sometimes it becomes daunting to manage time for academic work alongside study and work life. Therefore, you can look for assignment help services to achieve high scores in your academics and get relief from assignment work. You can look out for OZ Assignments, they are best known for providing assignment help services for students in Australia at the best prices. Together help them to excel in their academics.

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