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Cost Of Studying In Sydney For International Students 2024

Want to study in Australia? Explore costs of studying in Sydney for international students, including tuition fees, living expenses, and tips to manage finances

Published on: Jun 19, 2024

Studying at top-ranked institutions in abroad countries can bring numerous career opportunities. Especially if you study in Australia, you can easily unlock these career opportunities. But where in Australia? Well, Sydney is the best destination for international students to study in Australia.


It offers many prestigious institutions providing exceptional education. Together, it offers to explore its culture, wonders of nature, and more. But have you thought how much it will cost you to study here? Well, no worries about this. Here, you can get an assumption of the cost of studying in Sydney. So, let's delve into this blog ASAP and explore it together.


Tuition Fees in Universities in Sydney for International Students


Imagine studying at a top-ranked university in Australia. Well, it is possible in Sydney, home to many world-leading institutions. These universities have influence all over the world. Many international students prefer to study here. However, considering the University of Sydney's cost of living when planning to study here will help you know how much funding you will require and help you prepare a budget plan. Furthermore, the fee may vary based on the level of education and the course you apply for. Let's discuss it in brief:


1. Undergraduate Programs: Universities in Sydney for international students offer options for undergraduate programs. These programs provide students with excellent future academic and professional career opportunities. Therefore, if you are looking to enrol in an undergraduate program here, it will cost you between AUD 20,000 and AUD 45,000 per year. It may vary depending on the program and institution you enrol in. For example:


• Arts and Humanities: AUD 20,000 - AUD 30,000

• Science and Engineering: AUD 30,000 - AUD 40,000

• Architecture, Design and Planning: Around AUD 47,000

• Business: Up to AUD 52,000

• Medicine and Dentistry: Up to AUD 60,000 for the full course.


2. Master's programs: A Master's program is a higher level education. Institutions here provide you with a wide range of programs for your master's. That offers excellent career opportunities globally. Moreover, these programs provide you with practical and industry knowledge, which will help you secure a high-paying job in your field. Opting for a master's program here can cost around AUD 22,000 and AUD 50,000 yearly. Such as:


• Business and Management: AUD 25,000 - AUD 45,000

• Engineering and Technology: AUD 30,000 - AUD 50,000

• Architecture, design and planning: AUD 44,000 - AUD 47,000

• Master’s in Economics: AUD 38000 - AUD 57000

• Health Sciences: AUD 27,000 - AUD 48,000


3. Ph.D. Programs: If you want to enrol here for a Doctoral program, it will cost less than those for master's programs. These programs provide the industry's best practices and insights, together with practical knowledge. These courses provide students with a globally recognised degree. Therefore, after completing a Ph.D. program, you will get job opportunities around the globe. In particular, these programs will cost you between AUD 18,000 and AUD 42,000 per year. Likewise:


• Humanities and Social Sciences: AUD 18,000 - AUD 30,000

• Natural Sciences and Engineering: AUD 25,000 - AUD 42,000

• Business and Economics: AUD 20,000 - AUD 35,000

• Law: AUD 22,000 - AUD 38,000

• Medical and Health Sciences: AUD 28,000 - AUD 40,000


Moreover, Public universities generally have lower fees compared to private institutions. However, the range still depends on the specific program and university.


Cost Of Living In Sydney


When we talk about the cost of studying in Australia, it includes all the expenses along with your academic fees. Every international student needs to know the cost of living to study in Australia. Sydney offers an excellent cost of living for international students compared to other places here. But how much will it cost you to stay here alongside your studies? Many factors may affect your cost of living in Sydney. Let's discuss them in brief:


1. Accommodation: When you come to study in Australia, you have to rent accommodation here. Renting accommodation in Sydney might be expensive compared to your home country. But, it may vary depending on various factors, including location, type, size, and amenities. Moreover, many universities facilitate international students with on-campus accommodation. Therefore, you can choose one according to your budget, preferences, comfort, and more.


Accommodation Type Monthly Rent
 On-Campus  AUD 600 - AUD 1800
 Single Room  Around AUD 325
 Apartment  Around AUD 650
 House  Around AUD 750


2. Food and Groceries: It is the necessities of every human being. So, when calculating the University of Sydney's cost of living, you must consider it. In general, the average price of a meal at a restaurant in Sydney is AUD 30 - AUD 50 per person. However, there are many cuisines and restaurant options in its local markets. Many of them are international, so you will get to delve into its diversity of food culture. Moreover, you will also have a cheaper option here, which is to cook for yourself in your room or apartment. Buying the groceries will cost you around $100-$200 per week.


3. Transportation: Knowing transportation is important for every international student who comes to study in Australia. It may affect your cost of living in Sydney. When you come to Sydney, you will travel to different places, either for your academic purposes or to explore this place. There are many beautiful places you can explore in Sydney. It includes the Australian National Maritime Museum, Art Gallery, and Sydney Opera House. Also, you can explore the natural wonders of Sydney. On average, your transportation cost will be around $12 and $65 weekly.


4. Other Expenses: Apart from the factors we have mentioned above, there are many different factors to consider when calculating your living cost here. It may include entertainment, clothing, personal care, study material, etc. All these factors can affect your cost of living here. Therefore, considering these factors will help you know your approximate cost of living here along with your study. However, all these expenses may vary depending on how you spend on them.


Best Affordable Universities In Sydney For International Students


Due to the high cost of living and academic fees, It becomes challenging to arrange funds to study in Australia. Therefore, many students seek universities offering top-class education at cheaper prices. Here are some of the best affordable universities in Sydney for international students:


Universities Average Annual Fee

Macquarie University

 $26,000 - $53,000

University of New South Wales (NSW)

 $33,000 - $48,000

University of Sydney

 $41,000 - $59,000

University of Technology, Sydney (UTS)

 $43,000 - $89,000

Western Sydney University

 $21,000 - $39,000


Tips To Manage Your Finances In Australia


(i) Prepare a Budget Plan: It is one of the best ways to manage your finances. Preparing a budget plan helps you limit your expenses. You can know how much you have to spend and where. Furthermore, preparing a budget plan allows you to know all your expenses and minimise them.


(ii) Use Discounts: You can use discounts on the purchase of groceries, clothes, etc. If you use discounts it will lower the cost of a product and help you manage your finances.


(iii) Share Accommodation: Well, you can rent a shared accommodation here. Renting a room or apartment can be expensive here. Therefore, if you rent shared accommodation it helps you save finance. Also, you can cook food in your room or apartment.


(iv) Work Opportunity: It can be daunting for international students to manage finances within a limited budget. However, the Australian Education system allows students to do part-time work alongside their academics. It financially supports students, especially those who come from abroad to study in Australia.




Altogether, it may look costly to study in Australia compared to your home country. Especially cities like Sydney. However, universities in Sydney offer international students numerous career opportunities and globally recognised degrees or certifications. Also, if you plan to study here, it is essential to know the cost of study here. That will help you understand how much funds you will require, including your academic fees and living costs during your course here. In particular, you will be allowed to do a part-time job here that help you with financial support during your stay in Sydney.


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