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Kaplan Business School : Everything you need to know

Discover Kaplan Business School, a leading institution in Australia offering business education. Learn about programs, scholarships, campus life, and admissions

Published on: Mar 23, 2024

Whether you're a prospective student embarking on your educational journey or an individual seeking insights into reputable academic institutions, your quest for knowledge leads you to the perfect destination today. Kaplan Business School, your gateway to excellence in business education, is an institution that is globally recognised and is a provider of higher education degrees in Australia. They do not appear in the ranking position against the other Australian universities as they have a core hold in business, accounting, marketing, management, tourism, entrepreneurship, health services, digital management, analytics, project management and leadership other than research areas. The key indicators such as Quality of Teaching, Student Support, Learner Engagement and Graduate Outcomes and Employability are what make it a popular choice amongst international students. These indicators elevate the ranking of the university as it is student-centric and devotes all our resources to what matters most for students. Their success can not be understated as it has been acknowledged in several Australian and global awards.

In this blog, we will ship into everything you need to know about Kaplan Business School, from its history and mission to its programs, campuses, and unique features. Join us as we explore the boundless opportunities awaiting you on this transformative academic journey and what Kaplan University Australia has to offer aspiring business professionals. 


Synopsis of the Institution - Kaplan Business School

Kaplan stands against all the other schools in terms of ranking and educational setting. It turns out to be a recognised institute that only focuses on providing education in the business field. The programs offered at Kaplan University are tailored to the growing and evolving nature of the corporate world. The students who hunt for universities providing both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees can pause their quest as this university in Australia is a provider of both courses.

With a bucket of course options emerging from business, accounting, information technology, marketing, management, tourism, entrepreneurship, health services, digital management, analytics, project management and leadership, Kaplan University stands out from the rest.

Australia being a home to diverse cultures has an impact on its universities too. The Business school brings together students of more than 80 different nationalities under a single roof. This way the institute promotes greater cultural awareness, diversity, self-acceptance and social connections in the classroom.

A dedication to nurturing the next generation of business leaders and innovators lies at the heart of the Kaplan Business School ethos. Through a blend of theoretical foundations and real-world applications, students are equipped with the tools needed to thrive in today's dynamic business landscape. Other than the educational setting the institution boasts its campus facilities and student support leveraged to provide them with comfortable surroundings while they stay or come there for studying during their course duration. 

The faculty member comprises a team of highly experienced professionals and academic experts who make amendments and try to bring a wealth of industry insights to the classroom. This way they support students in getting real-time exposure to the industrial environment and gain invaluable experience in relevant contemporary business practices. 

So, whether you are someone who wants to pursue studies in accounting, marketing, management, entrepreneurship, or other business disciplines, you will receive a holistic education that prepares you for success in your chosen field under the supervision of university professionals. You can mark your career prospects with Kaplan Business School as it embodies a commitment to excellence, innovation, and industry relevance. 


Academic Programs and Specializations

As mentioned above, the institute is known for offering programs and courses both for undergraduate and postgraduate levels, meticulously designed to cater to student’s varying interests and career aspirations. The various academic programs and specialisations at Kaplan Business School include:


a) Diploma of Business
b) Bachelor of Business
c) Bachelor of Business (Accounting)
d) Bachelor of Business (Hospitality & Tourism Management)
e)Bachelor of Business (Management)
f) Bachelor of Business (Marketing)
g) Diploma of Information Technology
h) Bachelor of Information Technology



a) MBA – Master of Business Administration
b) Master of Business Analytics
c) Master of Business Analytics (Extension)
d) Master of Professional Accounting
e) Master of Accounting
f) Master of Information Technology (Extension)
g) Master of Information Technology



a) Graduate Certificate in Business Administration
b) Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics
c) Graduate Certificate in Accounting
d) Graduate Certificate in Information Technology



a) Graduate Diploma of Business Administration
b) Graduate Diploma of Business Analytics
c) Graduate Diploma of Information Technology



a) MBA – (Project Management)
b) MBA – (Health Services Management)
c) MBA – (Tourism and Hospitality Leadership)
d) MBA – (Digital Management)
e) MBA – (Entrepreneurship)
f) MBA – (Data-driven Leadership)
g) MBA – (Women In Leadership)
h) MBA – (International Leadership)
i) MBA – (Two Specialisations)

An international student not only gets access to undergraduate programs or postgraduate programs but also gets specialisation within the specific program. You can embark on your journey by customising the academic experience with specialised tracks and concentrations within each program, allowing you to delve deeper into specific areas of interest and expertise.


Campus Life and Facilities

The campus of a university should be attractive and compelling. It should insist the students come and feel comfortable in the surroundings. Similar is the campus of Kaplan Business School which not only revolves around academics but duly comprises community and connections. Whether you're exploring our physical campus or joining us virtually, prepare for an immersive experience that nurtures personal growth, fosters community spirit, and enhances the student journey.

Campus Tour

Amongst the top 50 cities of Australia, the campus of Kaplan University resides in six of these locations. The tour can be taken on a physical basis and a virtual basis. Before filling up for the Kaplan University online degree or courses you can take an overview of the campus structure or utilise interactive maps, 360-degree videos, and virtual reality technology to explore facilities, classrooms, and student areas while relaxing on your couch. 

The six campus are as follows: 

1. Adelaide Campus 
2. Brisbane Campus 
3. Gold Coast Campus 
4. Melbourne Campus
5. Perth Campus 
6. Sydney Campus 



1. Libraries: The library at every campus is open to all and any student can access it to borrow course material or course-relevant books. The well-equipped libraries offer extensive collections of books, journals, and online resources to support research, study, and academic pursuits.

2. Labs: To conduct analysis or experiment on any topic or for any subject you need a proper space and hence the lab space serves to be beneficial for those individuals. Students can engage in hands-on learning experiences in our specialised labs, equipped with cutting-edge technology and equipment to facilitate experimentation, analysis, and practical skills development.

3. Student Lounge: These serve to be a midway between the classes and the other rooms, where you can sit and relax, meet your peers, or use it during your free time or your lunch. And not just for student purposes but all the academic seminars or meetings as well can take place in the student lounge. 

4. Student Support Services: Many of us look for the services that are in our favour. It is important for an individual to feel accepted and comfortable in the academic environment. You can access a wide range of support services including academic advising, career counselling, health and wellness resources, and disability support services. These can be very useful at every stage of your university life be it mental health counselling, job interview preparation, and more. 

5. Technology: The campus and the faculties understand that the need to access the internet these days is primarily not just for entertainment purposes but for knowledge purposes too. Services such as access to computer labs, and printing and photocopying facilities come under the use of both instructors and students. A student is not pressured to move out of their campuses for these services. Other Than this you can access the integrated online learning materials and receive feedback on assignments through MyKBS, your personalised online student portal.


Industry Connections and Internships

The importance of having connections with industries can not be restrained as for a student it is an important aspect while selecting a university. What eventually is the main purpose of a student? To get the desirable outcome of their efforts and knowledge sought during their course. And with Kaplan University you can not set back while seeking these opportunities as they partner with over 2,600 corporations and businesses as well as over 1,000 school districts, colleges, and universities around the world.

Students across the globe have the benefit of getting employment opportunities with industry partners. They can enter into various job roles, based on their core field of studies. Entry-level employment, internships, and paid positions at reputable?companies and global brands.

Students can get placed in these positions:

1. Intern

The possibility of seeking knowledge and real-time exposure to industrial activities can not be neglected. Interns get a way to peep into the multilingual and multicultural insights of the international markets. There is an academic internship program that is held for 12 weeks in which students are selected from both the levels undergraduate and postgraduate, depending on the complexity of the role. 

2. Employ a Graduate

Kaplan University provides a student with industry experience and thus prepares a student to enter the industry level beforehand. The students are reliable enough to fit the role offered to them, entering directly into the paid full-time or part-time roles at your organisation.

3. Academic Internships:

With the ongoing course, a student can without any hindrance take up the academic internship program as an elective subject:

The courses with which you can get the chance to seek academic internship:

1. Bachelor of Business
2. Master of Accounting
3. Graduate Diploma in Business Analytics
4. Master of Business Analytics
5. Master of Business Analytics (Extension)
6. Graduate Diploma of Business Administration
7. Master of Business Administration
8. Bachelor of Information Technology
9. Master of Information Technology
10. Master of Information Technology (Extension)

An interview is conducted by the Kaplan Business School and the host company before the placement of the students in the specific job role arranged by Careers Central. These internships are unpaid and are an accessible part of the degree. 

You need to fulfil the requirements of the assignments set for you such as a learning and development plan and a performance reflection as a part of your academic component of an internship. This way 30% of your marks will be determined by a rating assigned to you by the host employer. 

Once your application for an internship has been approved and a host employer arranged, you will be given an outline stating the learning outcomes and assessment requirements.


Admission Process and Scholarship

There are stiff procedures to be followed while assessing a student’s qualifications, experience and English language proficiency are appropriate to gain entry to study at the School. 

1. Applicants with higher education study: Entry into undergraduate courses requires successful completion of Year 12 or equivalent schooling such as a Certificate IV or equivalent. Entry into the Bachelor level courses requires an ATAR of 55 or equivalent.

2. Applicants with vocational education and training (VET) study: Entry into undergraduate courses requires successful completion of a VET qualification at Certificate IV or above. 

3. Applicants with recent secondary education (within the past two years): Entry into the Bachelor level courses requires an ATAR of 55 or equivalent. For school leavers entering undergraduate courses, the School offers a number of adjustment factors, outlined in the Admission Requirements Policy.

4. Applicants with work and life experience: Mature age students (21 years of age and over) may be admitted to a course without meeting academic entry requirements where they can demonstrate the attainment of relevant and recognised prior learning experience. 

Application completion process for an international student:

After you have visited the page for your selected course, you need to complete the Application Form online and click the 'Apply Now' button. Read and thoroughly go through the terms and conditions applied with your enrolment. 

Moving forward you would need a hard copy of your certificates and other relevant qualifications including:
1. Passport
2. High School certificates and transcripts
3. English proficiency documents e.g. IELTS Test certificate or equivalent (if applicable)
4. Degree completion certificate and transcripts (if applicable)
5. Work experience details (if applicable)

You will notified after receiving your application whether you have been accepted or not. If accepted, you will receive an Offer of Admission to study.
The Offer of Admission contains details of the course of study and terms of the enrolment. Please ensure that you understand and agree with the terms of the agreement outlined in the offer.

To proceed with your enrolment, you will need to:
1. Login to the online Applicant Portal
2. Submit the evidence required to meet the condition(s) outlined in the Offer (if applicable)
3. Carefully read your offer including the Terms and Conditions
4. Accept the Offer and complete the payment in the Applicant Portal

Once the required form and payment have been received, we will issue a Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE). You must use the eCoE to apply for your student visa. Further information on visa requirements is provided by the Department of Home Affairs. Visit  

Scholarships available to international students for continuing their education at Kaplan Business School:

1. High Achievers Scholarship
This scholarship nurtures future business leaders. Australian and international students who can display a record of outstanding academic merit in business or a related field of study can apply.

2. Dean’s award
This scholarship is awarded every trimester to an existing KBS student in recognition of their exceptional academic results and their proactive leadership of campus activities. Aside from the public acknowledgement of their positive contribution to the KBS community, the successful student also receives a substantial fee reduction for the remainder of their course.

3. International Students Scholarship
Kaplan Business School offers a variety of scholarships to students from various regions who display a record of outstanding academic merit.

Kaplan Business School is offering scholarships for a limited time to promote the launch of our new campus on the Gold Coast.

Kaplan Business School is offering a limited number of Domestic Student Scholarships to selected Australian students who can display a record of outstanding academic merit.

Kaplan Business School has signed an agreement with the University of Adelaide’s Wirltu Yarlu Aboriginal Education unit to offer scholarships to Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander students across Australia in the Karnkanthi Indigenous Education program.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the global need for health workers more than ever before. It has also highlighted the contribution they have made to communities in crisis on a local and global scale. Kaplan Business School, a leader in the delivery of the MBA Program in Australia, recognises the significant contribution made by health workers during this time. To encourage health workers to augment their skills to cope with the healthcare leadership required during an unprecedented time, Kaplan Business School is offering the Frontline Healthcare Leadership Scholarship to eligible Australian and international students.

People seeking asylum are confronted by many challenges that arise from the insecurity they have fled and the unpredictability that awaits them. One such challenge is the funding of a qualification that can strengthen their potential and expand their opportunities. To that effect, Kaplan Business School makes five scholarships available per year for any undergraduate or postgraduate course, one for each campus in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney, equal to 100% of the tuition fees for the full duration of the course.



The blog serves to produce accountable information about one of the renowned universities in Australia for international students, the Kaplan Business School. The school does not appear in the QS World Ranking university chart as they mainly focus on building future entrepreneurs instead of focusing on the research process. The guide provides us with the rich tapestry of offerings and resources available to students who choose to embark on their educational journey with Kaplan. Only a few of the aspects were covered in this blog but these serve to be the ones that are the most necessary. Whether you're drawn to the comprehensive range of programs, the vibrant campus life, or the myriad opportunities for professional growth and development, Kaplan Business School offers something for everyone. Even after this if you encounter any trouble in understanding the academic aspect of the school then you can visit our website OZ assignments to get deeper insight and expert assistance into all that Kaplan Business School has to offer. 

Should you have any further questions or require additional information, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We look forward to welcoming you to the OZ assignments community and supporting you every step of the way.

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