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A Complete Students Guide On The SAT For Australia 2024

Discover how the SAT can unlock your path to study in Australia in 2024. Learn about exam dates, registration, format, and preparation tips for admissions.

Published on: Jun 14, 2024

Wondering to study in Abroad? Yes, you can study here, but do you know how? Have you heard about the SAT? Well, it is a standardised test widely used for college admission in Australia for international students. It opens a pathway for students around the world to study in Australia.


If you need to learn about the SAT exam, then do not worry. Here is a complete guide for you. That will help you understand everything about this exam, together with the SAT exam dates in 2024. So, let's delve into this blog and discuss everything about SAT for Australia in 2024.



Understanding The SAT For Australia


If you are planning to study in Australia, you must know about the Scholastic Assessment Test. It is one of the exams that can help you start your academic journey here. Also known as the Scholastic Assessment Test. Further, it is a standardised test for students who want to enrol for their graduation study here. It is designed to check the students' capabilities if they meet Australia's academic standards. It includes writing, verbal, and math skills.


However, many universities do not require the SAT, but many prestigious institutions accept it as part of their application process. Together, they offer a scholarship for students based on their scores on the exam. Moreover, the exam is now held digitally and can be given through a tab, laptop or desktop.



How SAT Exam helps you to study in Australia


Even though the SAT is not mandatory for all universities in Australia, still you will have some amazing advantages from it, such as:


1. Strengthening Application: Achieving a higher score on the exam can effectively boost your university application, especially if your grades are not perfect. Universities here consider various factors when selecting candidates' applications, and a high SAT score shows you're ready for college and can handle academic challenges.


2. Scholarship: Many universities in Australia provide scholarships for students who achieve high scores on this test. Therefore, if you achieve a high score, you will get an opportunity for a scholarship here. It may include helping pay for your studies abroad, making it more affordable.


3. Wide Range of Options: Many universities here accept Scholastic Assessment Test scores. It means you will have numerous options for universities to enrol on. Further, you can opt for a university that best suits you and your career goals.


4. Benchmarking skills: It assesses your reading, writing, and math skills. By taking this exam, you can know where you are strong and where you might need help, even if universities do not require it.



Know Eligibility for the Scholastic Assessment Test in 2024


Students who are planning to take this test must know about the eligibility criteria. Generally, standardised exams have proper eligibility criteria, including age limit, education qualification, and how many times students can attempt. But there are no such specified eligibility criteria from the College Board. It means if you are a high school or graduate student, you can apply for this exam as many times as you want. Having no eligibility criteria helps students to get relief from the stress. Moreover, from this, you can know the areas where you are lacking and improve them for your next attempt.



SAT Exam Dates 2024


If you are looking to apply for this exam, you must be aware of these SAT exam dates in 2024. So that you can register for the exam before the deadlines arrive. Here are the upcoming SAT exam dates 2024 with deadlines:


SAT Exam Dates (2024) Registration Deadline Late registration deadline
Aug 24 Aug 9 Aug 13
Oct 5 Sept 20 Sept 24
Nov 2 Oct 18 Oct 22
Dec 7 Nov 22 Nov 26



Scholastic Assessment Test 2024 Registration for Students


To take the test, you need to register for the same. You can do it simply by visiting the College Board's website. It includes some easy steps, even a 17-year-old student can also register here easily. However, here are some SAT registration steps for a better understanding of the process:


(i) Firstly, visit the College Board's website and sign up for an account there.


(ii) Once you are signed up, click on the option to register for the Scholastic Assessment Test.


(iii) Make sure, you clearly fill out the registration form with all the required details.


(iv) After completing the details, choose your preferred exam date and the city.


(v) Select your exam centre from the available options based on your chosen date and location.


(vi) You can find the nearest exam centre by entering the test centre code or manually browsing available centres in your city.


(vii) Upload a photo during registration, or you can submit it later on.


(viii) Finally, pay the registration fee to secure your SAT exam date and centre.



SAT 2024 Exam Pattern


It assesses key skills taught in high school, including reading, writing, and math, which are essential for success in college and beyond. With the SAT now offered in a digital format, its exam pattern has been updated. Here is the latest SAT exam pattern:


Parameters Reading and Writing Section Math Section
 Format  Two stages: Reading and Writing combined  Two separate modules
 Test Length (including pretest questions)  2nd module: 27 questions (32 minutes)  1st module: 22 questions (35 minutes)
   1st module: 27 questions (32 minutes)  2nd module: 22 questions (35 minutes)
 Operational Questions  25 per module  20 per module
 Pretest Questions 2 per module 2 per module
 Total Score Calculation  Reading and Writing + Math = 1600  
 Question Types  Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) only  75% MCQ+25% Student-Produced Response (SPR)
 Topics Tested  Literature, History/Social Studies, Humanities, Science  Science, Social Science, Real-world related topics
 Informational Graphics  Tested (includes tables, bar graphs, line graphs)  Also tested



SAT Syllabus for the 2024 Exam


The exam covers subjects that you have already learned in school. Further, if you have performed well in your school studies, you will find it easy to prepare. Here’s a breakdown of the syllabus:


Reading & Writing Section


 Craft and Structure

 Information and Ideas

 Standard English Conventions

• Expression of Ideas


Math Section


• Algebra

• Advanced Math

• Problem-solving and Data Analysis

• Geometry and Trigonometry



Preparation tips for students taking the SAT exam


If you are worried about your preparation for the exam, just take a deep breath and calm down. Here are some tips for you that will help you with your preparation:


(i) Understand exam format and syllabus: Firstly, you have to clearly understand the exam format and the syllabus. It will help you to prepare accordingly and effectively. Further, it also helps understand the types of questions in all sections.


(ii) Prepare a study schedule: Prepare a study plan, like how much time you are going to study, and at what time. Also, prepare a schedule for the topics and sections accordingly.


(iii) Use study materials: You can use study material from the College Board's website, including practice tests, sample questions, and study guides. These study materials will surely help you with your preparation.


(iv) Practice tests: You can also use the practice test for your preparation. It will help you enhance your accuracy and efficiency. Together, you will get to learn different types of questions.


(v) Focus on weak points: While taking practice tests find the areas where you are lacking. So that you can work on those areas and improve them for your exam.





In conclusion, the SAT exam can be a key step for students wanting to study in Australia. Achieving a high score on the exam can boost your application, offer scholarship opportunities, and give you more university choices. Further, it is designed to test your reading, writing, and math skills. Therefore, make sure you prepare in all these areas. Moreover, you can start early, stay focused, and aim high for the best possible outcome. Good luck with your SAT and your studies in Australia!


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