Trending Social Issues Topics for Academic Writing in 2024

Being a part of the society and community, we are aware about the issues that arise within. Inculcating these issues in academics as a part of social issues essay writing engages students to understand and identify the causes of these issues. Whether minor or major these issues  serve as a changing factor that not just impacts an individual but the society as a whole. Addressing these issues not just  enriches academic dialogue but it also fosters critical thinking and brings positive change to society. The scope of societal issues is broad; becoming a challenge for students to choose amongst the diverse aspects. Scroll down the blog to explore a vast array of social issues topics which will enhance your academic writing.


Currently trending social issues topic for academic writing


1. Digital Divide in Education: Digital divide is basically about the unavailability of equal resources amongst students within the educational spectrum. Such a divide creates less scope for educational outcomes. The shift from traditional learning method to online learning can be included while writing for the same. 

2. Domestic Violence Prevention and Intervention: Such issues are very much prevalent in the society. Students must look into the discrimination faced by individuals working as domestic workers or the partner who faces violence from the intimate partner or the family. Analyse and evaluate prevention programs, support services, and legal responses for the same. 

3. Social Media and Misinformation: Social media platforms serve as an immediate way to attain information, news, etc in the fastest way and from anywhere across the world. Explore the impact of misinformation and disinformation on social media platforms. 

4. Work-Life Balance and Flexible Employment: Mention the challenges faced by individuals in managing their work-life balance, including long travel durations, late working hours, and job insecurity. The merits of flexible employment eventually increase the performance of the employees. 

5.  LGBTQ+ Rights and Inclusion: Analyse legal recognition, rights and social acceptance of LGBTQ+ community in Australia. Understand their right to live a peaceful life without any discrimination and how they should be included in the society without being secluded. 

6. Mental Health Awareness and Support: Address the issues related to mental health, and highlight how it is considered unimportant amongst the youth. Make the audience aware about the initiatives taken to provide mental health services and stigmatisation of seeking help. 

7. Gender Equality in the Workplace: This social issue stays at the top of the discussion amongst social activists, feminists and within the workplace itself. Investigate gender disparities in wages, leadership positions, and work culture. Propose strategies to achieve gender equity and inclusive work environments.

8. Environmental Conservation and Biodiversity Protection: Mention the efforts which the society should make as a whole to conserve the environment, natural habitats and biodiversity. Address issues like environmental degradation, including threats to iconic species such as the Great Barrier Reef and koalas.

9. Ethical Implications of Artificial Intelligence: Examine the implication of Artificial intelligence and algorithmic decision-making in various domains, including privacy, bias, and accountability, and proposing ethical frameworks for AI development and deployment.

10. Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability: Examine the urgent need to address climate changes and take steps in order to maintain environmental sustainability. Include mitigation strategies, renewable energy transitions, and the impact of climate-related disasters on vulnerable communities to highlight the impact of climate change. 

11. COVID-19 Pandemic Response and Recovery: Though the Issue has been held in the past, the purpose of creative writing topics is to highlight the impact of these issues, which still prevails in the society. Analyse government policies, public health measures, and socio-economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, including vaccination distribution, lockdowns, and economic recovery efforts.

12. Racial Equity and Social Justice: Address the issue of racial discrimination that prevails in the society even after implementing various policies. Include racial disparities in healthcare, education, and criminal justice systems, and advocating for racial equity, inclusion, and anti-racist policies.


List of trending social issues


A) ???????Economic Inequality and Wealth Disparities topics:


  • The gig economy and its impact on workers' rights

  • Universal basic income: Pros and cons

  • Wealth taxation and economic redistribution

  • Financial Literacy and Education

  • Access to Affordable Housing

  • Gender Wage Gap and Income Inequality

  • The Impact of Globalization on Income Inequality


B) Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change topics:


  • Climate Change Adaptation in Urban Environments

  • Impact of Climate Change on Indigenous Communities

  • Biodiversity Loss and Ecosystem Degradation

  • Climate Refugees and Forced Migration

  • Environmental Justice and Vulnerable Populations

  • Global warming and the rising levels of the oceans define the possible threats

  • Waste reduction, describe how it will protect our planet’s ecosystem


C) Social Justice and Human Rights:


  • Police Brutality and Racial Profiling

  • Freedom of speech, how does it affect society?

  • Gender Equality and Women's Rights

  • Workers' Rights and Labor Exploitation

  • Human rights during history, and how did they affect the world back then?

  • Immigration Policy and Refugee Rights

  • Should we consider access to the internet a human right in our modern society?


D) Technology and Society:


  • The influence of technology on job automation and the future of work.

  • Technology Addiction and Digital Detox

  • Smart Cities and Urban Development

  • Ethical Considerations in Biotechnology

  • Digital Divide and Technological Inequality

  • Artificial Intelligence and Automation

  • Privacy in the Digital Age

  • Social Media and Mental Health


E) Health and Wellness


  • The psychological effects of racism and racial violence.

  • Health Education and Health Literacy

  • Health Disparities and Social Determinants of Health

  • Mental Health in the Workplace

  • Global Health Challenges

  • Mental Health Stigma Reduction

  • Sexual and Reproductive Health


F) Cultural Diversity and Inclusion:

  • Protecting and preserving indigenous rights and cultures

  • Celebrating Diversity in Arts and Media

  • Cultural Appropriation and Indigenous Rights

  • Language Diversity and Linguistic Rights

  • Multiculturalism and National Identity

  • Promoting LGBTQ+ rights and acceptance in society.




Writing an essay based on social issues is not everyone’s cup of tea. The diversity in interest leads students in selecting a relevant topic that aligns with their critical thinking. From economic instability to climate changes to digital divide and cultural diversity, These issues define the regular evolving society in which we live. Students can explore various creative writing topics that represent social discourse based on various aspects prevailing in the society. At times, navigating and highlighting the topic as per the interest may be challenging due to various reasons. However, with the assistance of reliable social issues essay writing services, they can access invaluable support to articulate their ideas effectively and produce impactful essays. These services provide expert guidance and help with writing an essay, ensuring that students can contribute meaningfully insights of the discourse surrounding social issues. For more information and assistance with your academic endeavors, visit Oz Assignments and unlock the resources to excel in your studies.

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