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Top Questions to Ask your Consultant: Study in Australia

Want to study in Australia? Discover essential questions to ask your consultant including application processes to visa support, and ensure they meet your needs

Published on: Jun 5, 2024

Are you planning to study abroad? It will be an excellent choice, especially if you choose to study at Australia's prestigious university. However, sometimes, it can be daunting to go through the process of starting your academic journey here all by yourself. Well, it will be a smart decision to hire an education consultant who can help you study in Australia. They can help you from your academic application to the visa application process.


But you know before you entrust everything to them, you must ask some questions that can be helpful for you to understand if they can help you with your academic journey. In this blog, we will discuss some questions you might ask your consultant about studying in Australia. So, let's dive into this blog without spending much time here.


Why hire an Overseas Education Consultant To Study In Australia


Imagine going through the entire process of studying abroad by yourself. It includes researching courses and institutions, applying to universities, getting a visa, and starting your academic journey. Together, understanding all the information, including requirements, rules, and regulations, can be challenging for everyone. This is where the education consultants come to help you with all these processes. They are experts and have a better understanding of all these processes. Together, they will help you understand the rules, regulations, and requirements to study in Australia. Here are some benefits of hiring overseas education consultants:


(i) Expert Guidance: If you hire a consultant, you are going to get excellent guidance from an expert. They are knowledgeable about the education systems, universities, and courses available for students.


(ii) Personalised Advice: Abroad education consultants provide personalised advice for students. That will be based on your academic background, interests, and career goals.


(iii) Application Assistance: They will help you with preparing and submitting the applications. Together, they ensure that you meet all the requirements and deadlines. They will help you have a smooth application process without any issues.


(iv) Visa Support: You will get guidance through the complex student visa application process. With their help, the chances of getting your visa rejected are less.


(v) Support Services: Most overseas education consultants offer students with additional support services. It may include your pre-departure briefings, accommodation arrangements, and more.


Top Questions to Ask Your Consultant


Hiring study abroad consultants does not make you rely on them. You must ensure that they can meet your expectations. Together, help you with every step to start your academic journey in Australia. Let's explore some top questions to ask:


Q. What services do you offer?

If you hire a consultant to study in Australia, you must ask them about the services they offer for students. Further, understanding the range of services they provide will help you determine if they can help you with your application assistance to post-arrival support.


Q. Which colleges or universities do you work with?

Well, this question is one of the top for a reason. You should know where you are planning to study. Many people lure others into their traps to make money. Therefore, you must ask everything about the universities they offer and work with. Also, knowing about the universities they are affiliated with will give you an idea of the opportunities available and whether they can connect you with your desired institutions.


Q. Are you a registered educational consultant?

It is crucial to ask them this question to study in Australia. Make sure that they are registered. Well, here is how you can confirm that. A registered consultant is certified by the relevant authorities. From this, they can handle the application process and be recognised by the government. Hiring an unregistered consultant may increase the chances of getting your visa rejected or losing your money.


Q. Can you give me references from students whose applications you've handled before?

You must check the testimonials of the students who have already taken their services. Do a thorough understanding of both positive and negative reviews. Moreover, if possible, try connecting to them and take their reviews about the same. This helps you understand how they work.


Q. How many visas has your company successfully processed?

Asking this question will give an idea of how the company is. Analyse how many visas they have and how many of them were successful. It will surely let you know how trustworthy that company is. Furthermore, it also represents their expertise and effectiveness.


Q. Do you have branches or partners in other countries where you send students to study?

Going to a new country with a different culture, rules, and regulations can be challenging for you. You might need help there with your student visa or other issues once you arrive. Many visa consultants only operate in their home country and do not support you once you are overseas. Therefore, it is essential to ask if they have offices or partners in Australia who can assist you after your arrival.


Q. What happens if my application gets rejected?

If you plan to study in Australia, you do not want to drop your plan because your visa got rejected. Therefore, it is crucial to understand how they handle the visa rejection situation and what their policies are for the same. It will help you ensure that they are perfect to help you with your visa applications.


Q. Do you guarantee admission to the top choices of the student?

Many of these consultants make such guarantees. However, it is crucial to realise that they might not always deliver on their promises. Asking this question will help you understand if they're genuinely committed to helping you or making empty promises.


Q. Do you help with the entire student visa process, from the Statement of Purpose (SOP) and admission to the Confirmation of Enrollment (CoE) and visa application?

Submitting your SOP and all the required documents to the university as well as the Department of Home Affairs, can be stressful for you. Therefore, you can ask them if they provide these kinds of services. This could make things much easier for you as a student.


Q. Do you have expertise in the area I need help with?

Every student has their list of questions at which they want the consultant to be the best. But if you directly ask this question, they won't deny it and say yes. Therefore, ask this question in a way that can help you test their abilities.


Some Additional Questions To Ask Study Abroad Consultants


Apart from the above question, you can also ask questions that can help you with making decisions to study in Australia. Such as:

Q. How do I choose the right course and university?

Q. What are the entry requirements for my desired course?

Q. What is the cost of studying in Australia?

Q. Are there scholarships or financial aid available?

Q. How long does it take to get a student visa?

Q. How do I set up my finances in Australia?

Q. What are the legal responsibilities of an international student in Australia?

Q. What is the process for renewing my student visa if needed?

Q. Can I work while studying in Australia?

Q. What are the visa requirements for studying in Australia?




In summary, asking questions to abroad education consultants is necessary. As it may affect your decision to study in Australia. Asking these questions will help you understand how they can help you with your application process, selecting institutions, and more. Moreover, you should ensure that the consultant you are hiring is certified, or else it will increase the chances of getting your visa rejected.


In particular, hiring a consultant will help you to start your academic journey here. But what about after your journey begins? Well, OZ Assignments supports students throughout their academic journey in Australia by offering assignment help services.



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