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Top Problems Faced By International Students While Applying For Australian Universities

Discover common issues international students face when applying to Australian universities, including visa hurdles, language barriers, and more.

Published on: Jun 8, 2024

Want to fly abroad for your further education? Many international students prefer to study at Australian Universities. Well, universities here provide the best education for students. Moreover, these universities have great influence over students from around the globe.

However, many international students often face challenges while applying to Australian Universities. Some of the top problems we are going to discuss in this blog. Together, we will be learning how to overcome those challenges. So, whom are you waiting for? Let's dive into this blog to know what challenges you can face so you can prepare yourselves to overcome them.


Why Students Apply For Australian Universities

Australia is home to many prestigious universities. That is offering exceptional education for international students. Together with a wide range of options of undergraduate and postgraduate courses. In particular, the top universities in Australia ranked higher globally. Many students are influenced by the opportunities provided by these universities in Australia. Such as exceptional education, scholarship, global recognise, etc.

Australian Universities are perfect for students and unlock numerous job opportunities. The Australian education system also allows students to apply for a part-time job alongside their studies.


Top Problems Faced By International Students While Applying

Are you curious about what challenges students face while applying to study here? Well, let's not waste much time here and jump into this section to discuss in brief:

1. Navigating Visa requirements: One of the problems students face is clearly understanding the visa requirements. Further, Australia offers different types of visas for students. Each visa type comes with different specific eligibility criteria and conditions. Applying for a student visa, you are required to submit bundles of documents. Such as proof of enrollment, financial statements, health insurance, and a valid passport. Common issues in getting visas can be delays in processing, incomplete documents, and misunderstanding of the requirements. Having any of these issues can lead to the rejection of your visa.

2. Language proficiency and English test: Every student must have proficiency in English to study in Australia. Most institutions here ask students to show their language skills through standardised tests. This includes IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE. Preparing for these exams can be challenging for students. Especially for the ones not having English-speaking backgrounds. Achieving high scores in these exams is essential for students to study in Australia. It adds stress and pressure to students.

3. Academic credential evolution: Students applying to study here are required to meet the academic credential as per standards set by universities. Every student must have their academic credentials evaluated to ensure that they meet the requirements. This process involves translating and assessing educational qualifications from different systems. It can be complex and time-consuming for them. Working with recognised credential evaluation agencies is important. However, sometimes there can still be mistakes or misunderstandings that might affect the admission decision.

4. Financial planning and funding: Studying in Australia requires strong finances, including tuition fees, living expenses, and health insurance. Many international students often face challenges in securing the necessary funds. Furthermore, scholarships, grants, and financial aid opportunities are available, but they are highly competitive. Students must explore various funding options early in the application process and plan.

5. Choosing the right course and institution: It often gets challenging for students to select the right course and institution for their further study in Australia. Choosing a university may include its reputation, programs, location, and personal career goals. The vast number of options for students can be overwhelming for students, leading them to indecision and uncertainty.

6. Application process and deadlines: The application process for Australian universities involves multiple steps. It includes completing online applications, submitting required documents, and more. Each university may have different requirements and deadlines, making it complex. Every student must enrol for the application before the deadline. Otherwise, it can lead to missing the opportunity.

How To Overcome These Challenges

Applying to study in Australia may include various challenges for international students. However, overcoming these challenges is essential for every student to start their academic journey here. You can overcome them, with proper planning, resources, and strategies. Here are some points on how you can overcome these challenges:

A. Navigating Visa Requirements:

(i) Research Thoroughly: If you are confused about applying for a visa. You can Visit the official Australian government website. It provides all the information for student visas to understand various visa types and requirements.

(ii) Documentation Checklist: Read thoroughly and check for the required documents. It may include proof of enrollment, financial statements, health insurance, and a valid passport. Ensure to collect all the documents.

(iii) Seek Professional Help: Seeking help from the professionals. Likewise, Consult with a migration agent or educational consultant specialising in Australian student visas might help you in getting your visa together with guidance.

(iv) Timely Application: You can apply for a visa in advance to account for potential processing delays. Also, it will help you get your visa before your program starts.

B. Language Proficiency and English Tests

(i) Early Preparation: Start preparing for the English proficiency test in advance. These tests include IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE. Early practice will give you ample study and practice time.

(ii) Use Study Resources: Utilise study guides, online courses, practice tests, and tutoring services to improve language skills.

(iii) Take Practice Tests: Take mock tests to check your efficiency. It will help you with a better understanding of questions and the exam format.

C. Financial Planning and Funding

(i) Budgeting: Create a detailed budget plan. Further, consider the factors like tuition fees, living expenses, travel, and more when preparing your budget. It will help you understand how much money you actually need to study here.

(ii) Explore Scholarships: Look for scholarships and grants. Do a deep research by visiting different institutions' websites. You can easily get all the scholarship details there and can apply for the same.

(iii) Financial Advice: You can seek advice from financial planners or educational consultants to manage finances. It might help you in planning a financial budget to study in Australia.

D. Choosing the Right Course and Institution

(i) Research Universities: Use university rankings, program accreditation, and student reviews to research potential universities and courses.

(ii) Identify Priorities: Consider factors like course content, location, campus facilities, and post-graduate opportunities when choosing the right course.

(iii) Seek Advice: Seeking advice from education consultants, alumni, and current students might help you in choosing the course and institution. It will help you gain insights and recommendations.

E. Application Process and Deadlines

(i) Create a Timeline: If you are facing a problem with the application process. You can develop a detailed application timeline, including deadlines for applications, tests, and document submissions.

(ii) Stay Organised: You must keep all application materials organised in a folder, either physically or digitally.

(iii) Double-Check Requirements: Carefully review the application requirements for each university. Together, ensure that all necessary documents are included.


In conclusion, students often dream of studying abroad. However, they face many challenges while applying to study in Australia. That can affect their application form and opportunity to study here. If students overcome these challenges, it can be easy for them to enrol in universities here. Students can overcome these challenges by the steps we have provided above.

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