Power of Education

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world - Nelson Mandela

Education plays an important role in our life. It is not just about getting a degree to show to the whole world of how capable you are. Education is confidence because having confidence you can stand in front of many people and put your words without fear. It gives you the courage to fight all odds. Education enables people to develop personally and become politically active. In this world knowledge is the most valuable thing. Sincerity, prosperity, happiness, welfare all hide behind education’s shadow. Education is a great platform to transform lives at the most fundamental level. In fact, education is the solution to the deep-rooted problems widespread in a society like poverty, unemployment, corruption, inequality etc.


Education improves your skills analysis, personality, the way you think and the way you react. Education describes you, it is who you are, your stand on different issues. Education provides you the power to think to be the change you want. Education is like a bright sunshine which brightens up your whole life and never distinguishes in whomsoever taking from its light. Education believes is no castes, no boundaries, in no gender, in no religion. Education feels you with a lot of joy when you learn something. Education gives the strength to stand tall and confidently. Education makes you intelligent so that you can simply differentiate good and bad and also help you identify who you really are.


1. The power of creativity

Power of creativity is one of the most significant things to consider when talking about the education. The lack of education causes a lot of problems, but the wrong education can be followed by tragedies. The main issue of the education system in many countries is that students are taught what to think and not how to form their own thoughts and how to question the status quo. Many students learn dry dates and facts without understanding them questioning the use of this knowledge, their effect or causes. Having a creative mindset gives students to see the world differently, to be open enough to ask questions, explore new things, and most importantly to have an actual impact in the real world, changing people’s perception and actions.


2. The power of intellectual communication

New technologies allow us to communicate with everyone. It brings a lot of challenges and also brings a lot of opportunities. In many countries, people have access to the internet but they do not have access to education. Education and intercultural effective communication are missing because it is not recognized as a significant element of economic and social development. So children can develop and discover cross-cultural competencies, understand diversity and be capable to work with people from different backgrounds, to succeed in life and flourish in their careers.


3. The power of entrepreneurship

It is very significant to teach students entrepreneurial skills. They bring prosperity and purposefulness, change lives and livelihoods on a local and global level. We need to teach children how to because a leader in order to motivate others, and also how to fail and start over without feeling guilty. Entrepreneurship can be a way removes the poverty for many people around the world.


It is, without a doubt, the truth that knowledge is power, education is the only weapon which is so powerful it can change the world.