Is Social Media Good or Bad?

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Published on: Jan 23, 2024

Social media connects online technology that links people to other people altogether. It is used to make relations amongst various people.  By using the technology of social media, students can access the information or news which are trending at a time and get them as quickly as possible. Through this online service, students can get information about various colleges, schools without visiting them. The faculties can find out about this online platform and can talk and ask any query related to education policies. They can find rules and regulations of colleges online and may give suggestions online. Social media is helpful not only for students but also to each and every person living in any corner of the world. It is the new and fastest trend which is available online to share information on the basis of a global trend.

1. Social media increases student alliance

From the very beginning, social media has been always defined as the channel through which knowledge is transmitted between learners and communities. It is utilised by colleges in a way to inspire collaborative learning and social interaction. Some media sites give a way to connect with a large group so that group discussion on a particular topic can be easily discussed.

2. Social media encourages more participation

Students who do not take part in school activities or who regularly not attend their classes may connect with social media and can get the information related to the things happening and can express their thoughts online also. Though it does not mean a student may not attend classes and can be in touch by social media apps, it only helps at a certain level but can not replace the student participation physically and mentally at the classroom.

3. Shares information quickly and easily

If a teacher wants to give a certain assignment they can give this assignment to a whole group of students by single clicking the mouse button, this helps to get the content easily and faster which saves time for students as well as for teachers also. 

4. Students can get help with homework

Social media helps more during long vacations when students need to do homework help. As if any student faces any problem regarding his homework can easily post a message on social media. And the student can get help instantly whoso is available at that time. They can also ask questions of their teachers. This helps students as well as every person whoever needs help.

5. Social media connects students, parents and teachers altogether

Teachers can post the holiday homework and class notes and various other information needed for the student, as well as parents to look after it. This connects parents with school happening things and with teachers too.

6. It helps to gain a wider knowledge

Through data and information gathering students get more knowledge in very less time. Various assignments can be shared amongst the group which reduces their stress level. When students want to search for a particular topic they can access social media and can get wider knowledge about the topic they are going to search.


Negative effects of social media

1. Many students find a way to make excuses

Many Students find a way to make excuses for their parents that they are working on assignments and get engaged in other activities like chatting, playing games, which is not right. This is a common and widespread problem which every parent faces and finds that social media is not only helping a student but provides many other options by which they can waste their time.

2. Distractions in class

Many students bring mobiles to schools in the name of assignments writing and get engaged in other activities which distract them and other students also which are available nearby the user who uses phones for social media. This problem is also noticed by many teachers during class lectures.

3. Cyberbullying on a social media website

Many students are found having experiences of cyberbullying by using online resources through social media. So to access social media in schools can enhance cyberbullying, by which many students blackmail other students which affect the other student and laid to committing suicides and many other dangerous things.

4. Posting unusual contents

In various schools, social media sites are not allowed because it is not possible for teachers to see each and every student what he is doing at social sites. Many students found using foul language which affects them as well as viewers.

The question arises should the use of social media in school be right or wrong? Various pros and cons were found on using social media in the classroom. But it depends upon the students how they want to use it. Either for their benefits or for their loss.  So it is allowed in various schools to use social media. And also social media has become a main field, in which you learn the working of social media. Students can also enhance their academic success with the right way of using social media and can also come around sources guiding them in their success. Oz Assignments is one such service that offers students a plethora of academic resources and support to enhance their learning journey. By visiting our website, students can explore a variety of services designed to facilitate their academic growth and achievement.

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