How to write a Law Report?

A law report is any legal publication which contains judicial opinions, where judgement and decisions of courts are compiled and indexed.  It is a legal statement of proceedings. A law report publishes judgements of any particular court i.e. high court, federal court etc. Law report is a documentation of a legal community. There is an analysis of a specific given legal problem in the law report.


As a graduate or post–graduate law student, one can be asked to write a law report of a specific case of area of law. As a law report provides an analysis of any legal problem, there should be a proper research over it. Research methods can depend on the nature of the problem. Research also thrives upon the subject, research skills and availability of resources and materials. As law reports are published on a regular basis, so it is mandatory to remain up to date with the current legal information.


In Australia, there is particular format of writing law reports. Each jurisdiction publishes its own law reports. These law reports are related to that judiciary only, for e.g. South Australian State Reports.


The following is a format followed by the University of Adelaide:

1. Start with the name of case (also Case name): The case name is written on the front first page. A case name is the name of the parties to the case. These are also known as respondent.

2. Citation: The second page of the law report bears the citation. It is placed on the top of the page. Citation directs the identification of the case. Citation tells about the case.

3. Name of Jurisdiction: This point covers the name of the jurisdiction i.e. name of the court and the judges.

4. Time: Time refers to the date of the case. Generally, the case report has two dates. First date shows the case hearing in the court. Second date is the date on which the judgement has to be handed down.

5. Catchwords: In a law report, the catchwords are written in Italics font. Catchwords are the subject headings. They give a description related to the case. Catchwords are used to search related cases.

6. Headnote: Headnote includes the legal issues, the facts jurisdiction decisions taken by the presiding judges etc.

7. Procedural History: It gives the case information, its history and from which jurisdiction it has been appealed.

8. Counsel: A counsel is the attorney or a lawyer associated with the case and represents the parties.

9. Summary of argument of counsel: This summery includes the arguments laid by the lawyers of both the parties.

10. Decisions: In a law report, the decisions include the summary of the material facts.

11. Court Orders: Court orders are taken by the courts. These are placed on the very last page of the law report.


The title page of the law report shows the report title, the author, the concerned person or party. It also bears the completion date. The Executive synopsis of the law report includes the purpose, scope, results, findings etc of the law report. The body of the law report introduces about the report, the discussions, which are categorized into sections and sub sections. This is followed by a conclusion which relates the report findings, a clear summary of research. Proper referencing and citation of the law report is done by writing the bibliography and appendices.


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