How to Find a Part Time Job in Australia

Find the best part-time job opportunities in Australia for international students. Explore strategies, resources, and tips to enhance your job search

Published on: Feb 15, 2024


The urge to study in Australia is never ending amongst students across the globe. But the expenses it carries along with education expenses are daunting. The concept of working alongside seeking your education is really helpful for many students. It enables a student to gain experience, expertise and broaden their network. Part-time work is no less important than regular jobs as it adds to an extra income source against the sufficient funds to survive in the country. 

Students can delve into this guide to understand the significance of part-time jobs in Australia for international students, offering them the roadmap to find their suitable employment opportunities. 

Understanding work rights for international students in australia

Those who immigrate to Australia to pursue their high level of education are availed with certain work opportunities as part of their student visa. The purpose behind granting these work rights is to make students aware about the practical world outside the theoretical applications and become self dependent on oneself for bearing their own expenses. Here’s an explanation of the work rights for international students in Australia:

1. Student Visa: Being an international student, if you are holding a valid student visa then you are permitted to work 40 hours per fortnight during the academic session.  And during the holiday period, an international student can work for unlimited hours. 


2. Post- study work rights: Students who are eligible for graduate temporary visa can live, work and study in Australia on a temporary basis. The duration of work right is based on the level of qualification obtained.

For someone who has applied for a new visa, they can look up for full time job opportunities during their processing period. 

3. Workplace rights: The main key feature of Australian workplace is that they grant similar workplace rights to both international and local workers. The rights related to pay, working conditions, and occupational health and security are included in this aspect. 

4. Volunteer work: International students can actively participate in volunteer work, as these are not counted as a part of 40 hours fortnightly limitations. However, if the rule of 40 hour fortnight is ignored then this must be subjected to visa conditions. 

It is crucial for an international student to be aware about their work rights and visa conditions. They can also look up at their educational institutes or their registered agents in this matter. Additionally, employers should verify the work rights of international student employees to ensure compliance with Australian immigration laws.


How to find Best part-time job in Australia for International students

Finding the best Part time jobs for students in Australia is like looking for a golden fish amongst the ordinary ones. Therefore having a strategic approach and awareness about the Australian job market can influence your search for part time jobs.


Enlisting a few ways which can influence your part time job search:

1. On- campus opportunities: Be alert about the job notifications on the university website or student employment office for job listing. Their on-campus job opportunities are beneficial for students as they save the time and energy of an individual. 


2. Online job portals: There are various online job portals that provide numerous job listings based on your specification. You can customise the job searches based on your skills and interest. Some of the common and trustworthy job portals to apply for part time jobs in Australia are seek , indeed, jora and much more. 


3. Networking: Building a professional network is of great emphasis during your job search and to enhance your career success. Attending conferences, career fairs, participating in industry related activities are a few ways to potential part time jobs. 


4. Directly approaching the employer: Being an international student, you can look up for part time jobs in nearby companies and consult with them about their available job positions. Most employers, especially from the retail and hospitality sector, accept direct mails or resumes of the interested candidates. 


5. Utilise social media: Social media is a great online source to look up at various part time job opportunities, opening doors to hidden job treasures. Joining professional groups on platforms like linkedin and facebook broaden your scope of finding relevant and eligible job opportunities. 


6. Attend seminars: Attending career fairs and job seminars can be of great use as they help you meet potential employers face to face. Also, your first impression in these fairs and seminars creates an everlasting impact on these employers. Therefore, one should be professionally dressed, bring copies of their resumes, and be prepared to discuss their skills and interests. 


7. Prepare a strong resume and cover letter: Resume holds the power to provoke employers to take a step forward. You should tailor your resume based on various job profiles and opportunities. Highlight you skills and experiences to make you an exceptionally strong candidate. 


Part time jobs can tighten the schedule of international students, but in order to cover up the extra expenses on their own, students tend to work passionately. But make sure that you do not avoid your studies, as they should always remain your primary concern and focus. You need to create a balance between your work and academic responsibilities. And, if you are not able to tackle the pressure of academia, you can seek help from assignment helpers online.



You need to plan for your goals, and execute your plan effectively to find a perfect job for students in Australia. It is not a hard process, all you need is a strategy and perfect plan to execute your job search. These part time jobs offer an additional source of income to inculcate recurring expenses and offer a vast space for university students to utilise their skills in the real world scenarios. There are various ways through which you can find your perfect jobs as mentioned above. By applying for part- time jobs through the given ways can influence your career growth. For more guidance and resources on career development, consider exploring Oz Assignments to enrich your job search experience.

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