How to Stop Procrastinating and Get Things Done

Many students engage in procrastination. They put off several tasks for a few minutes, then for thirty minutes, then for another hour, and until it does not get done at all. And the worst thing is that still, they are not able to do that task and spend so much time stressing over that impending task that deprives them of actually being able to focus on another task as well. What is the issue actually about? What is stopping us from doing our work? 


Absolutely no one! There is nothing but your inner willingness of not doing your work on time stopping you. Students, professionals, or job seekers fall into the trap of being lazy and thus become inefficient in doing their task. 


They already know that procrastination never ends. But still they get caught in the cycle of procrastination that we almost forget how to efficiently handle hard tasks. Procrastinators are masters in making excuses that keep them away from doing the particular task they actually could have done. For some students, it seems like a gnawing feeling of being fatigued, always behind. On the other hand, it drains both, leaving self-delusion and self-doubt instead. We all are busy and every day brings a huge to-do-list to see, projects to complete, and emails to sift from, study and lots more. In this situation, most students refer to themselves under pressure to do every task on time instead of being proactive.


One of the best ways to escape from procrastination is to take even the smallest steps toward your goals. Here are some ways to stop procrastinating and get things done on time.


1. Time Management

Time management is very important to get rid of procrastinating, reduce your stress level and get things done. When you come back from your school, you should make a timetable so you may be ready to start your homework and assignments. After that, you can take a break and boost your energy level. Your equipment acts as a visual reminder that you are required to study and work, but not only that, there are fewer obstacles to getting started. Everything is well-organised and ready to go.


2. Set Goals

The key to doing things on time is to set a specific goal. You should avoid setting vague goals and always set a specific goal which would be achievable on time. When we set a vague goal, we think ‘There is no need to hurry. We can do it later.’ On the other hand, with a specific goal, we think ‘This is a very important task and we need to get it on time.’ We can say specific goals create a sense of urgency and ultimately it helps us to get things on time.


3. Work in a Time Limit

Choose a task that you have been avoiding since a time. Set a timer for a specific task and just try to complete this task within that particular time frame. Forget everything in that time and focus on your work. After completing your task you can start another task or do something else. By dividing your time into parts will make it easier to complete your things on time. By achieving each task, the positive results will motivate you to take on the next goal. So, go further and do it now.


4. Complete the most difficult task first

This is a scientifically proven fact. We only have limited willpower, once it has been used up, chances of tackling hard tasks are quite slight. Attempt the hardest task when your energy level is highest, this will lead you towards best results. When you push the most difficult task to the end, it takes a toll on your energy all day long. So, you are suggested that you should start your day with a most difficult task.


5. Start Meditating

When you find it difficult to stay focused on your target or get easily distracted, and then you probably procrastinate. But do not need to worry, various studies have shown that meditation can help people to focus on goals.  Meditation increases your power of being focused and when you pay better attention, you will be less likely to procrastinate. Ultimately, meditation helps you to stop procrastinating indirectly.


6. Remind yourself of terrible losses when you procrastinate

You should think about those flustered moments when you are half-convinced this will make you realise your mistakes. And then you envision your entire future, marked future, marked forever by this moment you totally dropped the ball. Note all these things and stack somewhere easily accessible and glance at it next time you’re considering ignoring assignments.


7. Keep a to-do-list

Maintaining a digital to-do-list can make you more productive. Look at the benefits of having a to-do-list, when you are continuously on your phone and update the things. You can set a reminder of important tasks to be done on time. Simply writing out every important detail completely in advance will surely help you to stop procrastinating.


8. Fully Prepare for Each Task

You should prepare for your important task before starting it. Make sure that you have everything in reach so that you won’t have to move until the task is done. Being completely prepared is an influential reason for staying on the task until it is done.


9. Think about the consequences if you don’t finish

Think, what will happen if your task is not done at the scheduled time. Fear and desire both are a great motivator for human behaviour. Sometimes you can be motivated by the desire for the reward after completing the task and sometimes you can inspire yourself by thinking about the negative consequences and what will happen if you do not complete those things as promised.


There you have 9 ways that you can start immediately to stop procrastinating and get things done on time. Although it is difficult to get rid of your habit of procrastinating, by applying the above-mentioned suggestions you need to use every day with a fresh perspective and a detailed plan. If you are still unable to overcome procrastination, then you can utilise assignment help or essay writing help online and maximise your productivity. Get out of your comfort zone and be productive and proactive.

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