Components of Positive Lifestyle Among Students

We all are well aware that a positive healthy lifestyle is the most valuable source of decreasing the incidence and impact of a number of health problems, for coping with life stressors and for improving the quality of life. No doubt that a healthy lifestyle is very valuable for all of us for leading a healthy life but at the same time in the fast-paced and frantic world each and every individual is having a busy schedule. In fact, the demands of work, friends, and family often leave us with very little time for ourselves. To remain healthy and to have good mental and physical health a number of things must be followed properly so for keeping us in proper health we should lay stress on the different components of positive healthy lifestyle which are described below:


1. Healthy diet

A healthy diet or good nutrition is one of the main components of a positive lifestyle. In fact, a healthy diet or good nutrition is necessary to lead a healthy or positive lifestyle. The basics of a healthy diet are lots of vegetables and fresh fruits, whole grain foods and low-fat dairy products. Such a diet is required every day in order to maintain the adequate amount of vitamins, nutrients, and minerals needed to maintain a healthy body. That is why it is rightly said that as it is a necessity, but to it, intelligence is an art. It is also beneficial to minimise the saturated fats and the food laden with sugar and salt.


2. Physical  Activity

Physical activity or exercise is another vital component of a positive lifestyle. Regular physical exercises are needed to maintain a healthy weight and to enhance strength and flexibility of the body. It reduces obesity and enhances physical fitness. It helps to have a sound sleep and prevents heart attack, strokes, and other health threats. It also prolongs the life needed. There are so many benefits of regular physical activity or exercise. It is difficult to live a complete life without it. Aerobic activities such as jogging, slow running, cycling etc. help in strengthening the heart and make the cardiovascular system more efficient. 60 minutes of vigorous aerobic activities should be performed every week. It is not possible for everyone to do vigorous exercise. So, such an individual should prefer to take stairs instead of the elevator and walk instead of driving short distances. Indeed, everyone should understand that a little physical exertion is always better than doing nothing at all.


3. Stress management

Stress management is also a significant component of a positive lifestyle. Every individual is well aware that emotional stress plays a major role in changing abdominal weight gain and heart diseases. Its role may be direct or indirect. In fact, stress causes the body to release hormones i.e., cortisol which is related to heart disease. Not only this, such persons are more likely to smoke, drink too much, overeat, work too hard and agree with others and so on, when they remain under stress. Stress can be managed properly through meditation and relaxation techniques only.


4. Socialisation

Socialisation is another significant component of a positive lifestyle. An individual should develop good social relations with his/her fellows and neighbours. They  should pay visits to others' homes from time to time. Such relations strengthen the social bondage among them. To be social is the good of a positive or healthy lifestyle. This, loving yourself is also a key to a healthy and positive lifestyle.


5. Personal hygiene

Personal hygiene is also an important component of a positive lifestyle. Stress should be laid on personal hygiene such as cleanliness, it is said that 50 percent communicable diseases can be prevented if we lay stress on cleanliness. Indeed, personal hygiene is necessary to lead a positive and healthy lifestyle.


6. Proper sleep

Proper sleep is also a component of a healthy lifestyle. Lack of sleep may cause exertion or fatigue. It also causes the body to release cortisol which further leads to heart diseases. So it is important to have proper and sound sleep for a lifestyle.


7. Balance in life

Balance in life is also a vital component of a positive lifestyle. It means that an individual who wants to achieve a positive lifestyle will have to take certain steps to maintain an appropriate level of balance in social, mental, physical, emotional, financial, and spiritual aspects. He will have to balance in his work and in the family and other areas of life. If an individual is engaged in doing a thing and thinking about others, it will be only overlapping the things. Indeed, we should try to get satisfaction in every aspect of life, only then can we lead a positive or healthy life. So, balance in every aspect of things in life is indispensable for leading a positive or healthy lifestyle.


8. Safe environment

A safe environment is also a prominent component of a positive and healthy lifestyle. The living environment is the key factor to determine the psychological welfare and health status of the individual. The positive/ healthy lifestyle requires such a safe environment where the harmful effects of physical, chemical, biological as well as social and psych-social risk factors are required or eliminated. Generally, if we do not live in a safe environment, whether a safe environment, we may fall prey to a number of diseases which will affect our health. Therefore, it can be said that a safe environment is necessary for a positive lifestyle.


The above-mentioned components of a positive lifestyle are very significant and lead to a healthy life. In the absence of these components, it will be inappropriate to say that we are leading a healthy and positive lifestyle. However, there are more factors and practices that contribute to holistic development.  For further exploration and research into achieving a balanced and positive lifestyle, I encourage you to visit our website at Oz Assignments. Explore our resources today to discover more ways to enhance your well-being and cultivate a healthy living style.

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