Advantage and Disadvantages of Being a Working Student

Working makes us a better version of ourselves which is more disciplined and punctual. Working allows us to explore our creativity in a field of our interest.

Published on: Jan 1, 2024

In today’s changing scenario education has become a vital ingredient in one’s life. Education helps in building a strong character and career of a person. It helps in understanding the changing pattern of survival in the current world of inventions and new technologies. But have you ever thought about the expenses that a person has to inculcate to fulfill the demands of education and to earn a livelihood? Indeed working makes us a better version of ourselves but at the same time, it is something that deprives our ability to perform well in academics. But should you work while pursuing your degree? Will working enhance your creativity? What are the pros and cons of working? We will solve all your queries through this blog. Let’s embark on our journey of finding out the pros and cons of working in Australia while studying.


The Advantages of working while studying:


1. Experience of Industry:

The competitive world pushes us to give your 100 percent in each and every field.  Working while you are studying gives you an experience of industry and provides an overview of the work culture. If the job aligns with your interest and course then you can put the knowledge which you have gained in the classroom to real-world scenarios. Job along with your current graduation period can help you choose a career after you graduate. It opens your mind to think from every perspective.


2. Teaches Money Handling:

Money serves as the basic need for fulfilling the essential need of the student. It is obvious that it gets a little embarrassing when you depend upon your parents for a regular source of savings.  But as you grow old, you tend to work on a part-time basis to generate your own source of additional income. This teaches a student to manage their money and use it in useful times. Be it less than expected but it is helpful in your day to day expenditures. Money earned is not easy because you have to devote yourself to earning every penny.


3. Helps Making Strong Connections and networks:

Working along with studies helps students in building networks and connections within their industries. The new connections can be used in future for building credibility and knowledge of the particular sector. A person can use their references in their resumes.This will enhance your chances of getting the same profile work but will enhance your impression too. You’ll be considered fit over other candidates because you know the work culture.


4. Makes Responsive:

Working along with studies makes you more responsive and helps you in getting a brief idea of finances. It teaches you the value of earning money and will help you in handling money matters. Also, it will help students in managing time and allocate the time into valuable activities and personal activities. You will learn how to spend your free time for other activities such as hobbies and sports. 


5. Teaches Time Management:

It can help in developing senses of time management in a person. The skills required for becoming a successful man one should take in the necessity of being disciplined and punctual in their work. It teaches you to balance between your work and studies. Working will keep you busy which means you are using every bit of your day to daytime. Rather than wasting time you are earning by devoting it to work after studies.


The Disadvantages of working while studying:


1. Distraction from Studies:

Working along with studies consumes your time. It can distract you from your studies which can lead to many different issues. Working with stress can lead to several health issues too. Like a constant headache and sleeping disorders too. A student must ensure that they take proper care of themselves by planning their activities, getting a good sleep, and consuming healthy food. 


2. Increase Stress Level:

Working along with studies gives you opportunities but on the other hand, it can increase stress level too. There can be days where you have to do overwork, which sometimes doesn’t allow a student to pay attention towards his studies.


3. Lack of Concentration:

Taking in every perspective of working along with the chances where you have looming deadlines and exams at the same time can drain a student's confidence. During these times they can look for online assignment writers who can help them in such complex times with their assignment completion before the deadlines and help students in concentrating on their main activity.


4. No Time for Other Activities:

Maintaining studies and working simultaneously is a bit hard but it can be balanced if you put in a little effort. The time left after completing your office timings may not be enough to carry on your coursework. Also, there are other activities that help a student in personal growth, ignoring them can hamper the mental health of an individual.


5. Can Lead To Bad Grades

The work for which you are employed requires your time, which affects your schedule and hinder your ways in achieving the main aim of academic journey i.e. studies. No doubt but working does have a little impact on your academia. The grades at essential assessment may decline due to unmanageable time and inability to make apt use of resources.



Studying and working, both are two different phases of life. Handling them at the same time obviously requires more energy and dedication. Studies are important in a student life but experiencing work culture along with it can be a blessing. We have unveiled both the advantages and disadvantages of working in this comprehensive blog. As a result of which we came across the conclusion that students may face challenges and additionally enhance their soft skills for career aspects. Balancing work with studies is a bit difficult because a small mistake can impact your academic journey. For the students who are actively involved in working can depend upon assignment helpers to reduce their workload during these times.  These creative content writers serve as a beacon of support for creating work-life balance.  

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