7 Things to Know Before Studying in Australia

Australia is a nation and continent surrounded by the Indian and Pacific oceans. Its capital is Canberra. It’s an island. If you want to go to Australia for study purpose, you will need to apply in an institution and apply for a student visa from the Australian Government.  When you will apply for a student visa you have to mention the course name or institution name.  Submit student’s application to the organization.


Australia is the six largest countries in the world. Top Class education in this country, the university also offers stable work opportunities.


You need a Visa

When have you decide to study in Australia for career growth purpose, you will need a visa for staying in Australia. Without you can’t stay in another nation. The process for applying visa is fairly easy, it’s all done online and it is linked to your passport.


You may need to get health insurance 

If you are going to abroad for 3 to 4 months, you should your body. And students will directly admission in any; you will be required to get health insurance in Australia.


When you apply for a course you think carefully

Australia institution fee is more than to Indian institute. So you have to choose the best university for study purpose. Like fee criteria, culture, language effect on the study and which field you chose for your future.



A number of scholarships are available for those scholars who wishful to study in Australia. The standard of living in Australian cities is among the top in the world. On the other hand, the cost of living is well below that of the USA and UK. In fact student‘s required to show a bank detail, bank statement for their living cost.


Work opportunities

Global students have the option to temporarily and part work in Australia after their course. Work offer is also available for current students. Students visa license the students to work 40 hours every two weeks during the course duration. Students can work in retail shops, hospital, tourism sector, telemarketing, sales market, and work in the bank also as an internship purpose etc.


Open a bank account

If you are spending one year or more then open a bank account in Australia, it may well be worth opening an Australian bank account. You should work for a part-time in any company for the money-saving purpose. Australian bank accounts actually have decent interest rates.


The grading system is different

Australia College has different grading system applies to the Universities.  Use HD [high distinction], c [credit], p [pass], and F[fail] as their grading system.