10 Things to Look Upon Before Moving To Australia

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Published on: Jan 18, 2024


Australia is one of the most remote, fascinating and highly developed countries in the world and possibly one of the most popular places to visit. We all have heard about the beautiful beaches, the diverse wildlife, and the amazing landscapes. It matches every taste, budget, and interest out there, but it also delivers some outstanding experiences that cannot be found anywhere else.

There are so many things that attract travellers to visit Australia from around the world. It has a diverse landscape, friendly natives, and a long list of attractive travel destinations, a unique cultural experience enhancing the experience of students and travellers. 

However, good things are the hardest to come as often happens in life. Moving to Australia is not very easy. You need to know these things which will help you in moving to Australia:


1. Costly Living

Australia is one of the most expensive countries in the world. When you consider the high minimum wage and high quality of life, it’s totally worth it. Bringing in as much money as possible is crucial, as finding a job can be exceptionally challenging.


2. Vast Territory

Australia is huge. It’s a continent all of its own. There are a large number of things to see and do in Australia, you won’t realise until you get here and decide to go on a road trip.


3. Friendly Locals

Australians are known for their friendly nature globally and usually, they live up to their stereotype very well. Australians are very supportive and talkative and love to speak to travellers to their country. Australians are very helpful and always ready to share travel advice and tips for travellers. Australia also has a huge international community of people from around the world which makes it a travel-friendly place.


4. Sports Passion

Sport is considered as a religion in Australia. Australians are mad about all sports, whether they are played in Australia or not. Football, cricket, and soccer are very famous sports in Australia.


5. Natural Wonders

Some wonders are mystical and others are strange or extremely beautiful, but one thing is sure that Australia is a home of some outstanding natural wonders. From the famous Great Barrier Reef of Queensland to spectacular Uluru, there are amazing sites worth seeing and exploring at least once in a lifetime.

Other wonderful places to visit in Australia include the Pinnacles; the impressive Fraser Island; Kakadu with amazing biodiversity, the sandstone area of the Bungle Bungle Range, and the astonishing Blue Mountains.


6. Diverse Climate

One of the favourite things about Australia is its range of climate. It’s always summer somewhere. Australia has rainforest and desert, Mediterranean and temperate climates and even ski resorts that run in the winter. During summer, it can be hot somewhere but some places are always a welcome break from the heat. This range of climates makes it an attractive place to travel.


7. Beaches Culture

The list is incomplete without mentioning its beaches. There are a number of spots to choose from above 25,000 kilometres of coastline. Beach on the Whitsunday Islands, Bondi Beach in Sydney and Perth’s Cottesloe Beach are some of the famous beaches in Australia.


8. Worker’s  Right

Australia has one of the best working conditions in the world. Aussies are extremely proud of their worker’s rights. The minimum wage in Australia is just over £17 per hour.


9. Kangaroo Island

Home to a diverse range of wildlife, including 55 kangaroo species, Kangaroo Island offers a unique glimpse into Australia's natural biodiversity and conservation efforts. 

10. Living Outdoors

Australia is the best place to enjoy the great outdoors but live in it. Whether you are hitting the road or simply living in a tent, the great weather and laidback way of life make it one of the perfect destinations in the world to do so.

The above things you need to know before moving to Australia. This blog gives you an useful insight to what you can expect Australia to offer you. Australians have way more than these 10 things like world-class lifestyle, modern culture, shimmering cities, amazing adventure opportunities etc. To explore more about Australia’s culture and diversity you can go through informative blogs available on oz assignments. Our platform provides valuable resources and insights to support your transition and exploration of life in Australia. Happy reading and best wishes for your journey Down Under!

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