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  • We are committed to providing tailored assistance to students studying subjects that may not fall within the more traditional or commonly sought-after disciplines. This is to ensure that students across various academic domains receive the support they need to excel.

  • Our expertise spans a wide array of fields, encompassing art, design, architecture, urban planning, philosophy, ethics, metaphysics, environmental science, and sustainability. Our assignment help services at OZ assignments ensure expert guidance and support for every student's academic journey.

  • Our assistance knows no bounds, extending from the realms of art and design to the depths of environmental science. We offer comprehensive support across diverse disciplines, catering to a multitude of academic and professional endeavours.

  • Across all fields, assignments serve as vehicles for fostering in-depth understanding, cultivating essential skills, and preparing students for future academic and professional endeavours. By engaging students these encourage active learning, independent inquiry, and creative problem-solving, amongst the students.

Specialization We Offer Under The Other Category Subjects



It includes the study of the physical properties and phenomena of celestial objects and the universe as a whole.


Forensic Psychology

The intersection of psychology and the legal system, is included in this, involving the application of psychological principles to criminal investigation, profiling, and court proceedings.


Marine Biology

The study of marine organisms and ecosystems, including marine ecology, oceanography, and conservation biology comes under this field of study.


Film Studies

The academic study of cinema as an art form and cultural phenomenon, including film history, theory, criticism, and production.


Robotics Engineering

The design, construction, and programming of robots for various applications, including industrial automation, space exploration, and healthcare are a part of this field of study.


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