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Introduction To Law

  • Law, as a subject, presents a framework of rules and regulations that govern human behaviours in society. These rules are designed to maintain order, resolve conflicts, and promote justice


  • The foundational elements at the core of law include Legal Principles, Legal System, Jurisprudence, Legal Institutions, and Legal Practices. 


  • Studying law cultivates critical thinking skills, sharpens analytical abilities, and fosters a deep understanding of societal norms and values. 


  • Through rigorous coursework and practical experience through assignments, students learn to navigate complex legal frameworks, analyse intricate legal issues, and communicate their findings effectively.

Specialisation We Offer Under Law


Criminal Law

As the name itself is suggestive the subject focuses on offences against the state or society, covering crimes such as murder, theft, and assault, as well as the procedures for prosecuting and punishing offenders.


Constitutional Law

These are not specific laws, designed for any specific concern. It simply examines the principles and doctrines outlined in a nation's constitution, including the distribution of powers among government branches, fundamental rights, and judicial review.


Administrative Law

Concerns the regulations and procedures established by government agencies, addressing issues such as licensing, permits, administrative hearings, and regulatory compliance.


International Law

The focus relies on legal norms and principles governing relations between sovereign states, as well as international organisations and individuals, covering areas such as treaties, diplomatic immunity, and human rights.


Corporate Law

These include the legal aspects of business entities, including formation, governance, transactions, mergers and acquisitions, securities regulation, and corporate litigation.


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