Compare Plagiarism Similarity Between Two Documents

OZ Assignment provides a reliable solution to ensure the originality of your text. By comparing two documents, OZ Assignment accurately detects and highlights any instances of duplicate plagiarism, giving you the percentage of similarity.

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Note: We don't save any data on our servers.

About Oz Assignment Free Similarity Check Tool

Oz Assignment offers a similarity checker between two documents that allows you to compare plagiarism and recognise possible duplicate content with percentage. This tool is useful for anyone looking to check two documents for plagiarism and ensure originality in their content. This tool is free to use and can be used by students, professionals, or anyone looking to compare two documents for similarity and avoid plagiarism. With Oz Assignment’s free similarity checker, you can ensure the originality of your content with ease. Whether you’re comparing two documents for plagiarism, or just want to find similarities between two documents, Oz Assignment’s similarity checker has got you covered.

Free Similarity Checker with Percentage by Oz Assignment

Any student or professional looking for potential cases of plagiarism between two documents can use our free similarity checker and get an instant comparison. Sometimes it becomes difficult to find similarities between two documents or if one text is copied from another document, in that case, this tool helps to identify such similarities and provides a complete report with additional details on where the text is matching. It is useful for anyone looking to avoid plagiarism and copied content. This tool allows the user to detect the copied material further, which is useful only if you have to compare two documents for similarity. Hence, it doesn't provide plagiarism checks over the data available on the internet.

How to Use Oz Assignment Similarity Checker

Using this tool is super easy and hands-down the effortless process. Firstly, you need to copy both versions of content in separate text boxes available in the form. You can also upload your document files and the tool will automatically extract text from it. Once that is done you need to click on the 'Compare Now' button and witness the magic. You will get a completely revised report on where exactly the content is matching and aggregated information on how much content is similar in both files. The highlighted content will be similar in both documents which you can view once the comparison is done. This tool is free to use for anyone visiting Oz Assignment.

Benefits of Similarity Tool by Oz Assignment

This costless and effortless tool helps foremost in risk analysis by filtering the content and making it more authentic and unique. It is based on sequence matching which means that it compares the exact text sequences. This makes it perfect to use in the case where we need to find the similarity between two documents. Following are some of the use cases for this tool:

  • Comparing the solutions of two students to find plagiarism.
  • Comparing the content of two websites to check if they have similar content.
  • Finding if two students cheated in an examination by comparing their answers.
  • Checking duplicate content on your website.
  • Scrutinize paraphrased content between compared documents.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the supported file formats? Does it support images?

We support the following file formats:

  • Word Document: .doc, .docx, .odf
  • Presentation: .ppt, .pptx
  • Image Formats: .png, .jpg
  • Portable Document Format: .pdf
  • Yes, we support images also. Our tool will extract text from images using OCR technique and compare plagiarism.

Does it support multiple languages? What about cross-language comparison?

Yes, languages like Spanish, French, German, etc. can also be used. Our primary algorithm is based on sequence matching so you can use this tool for any language where matched sequences between two contents are required. Our tool currently supports comparison in the same language. If you wish to compare two different languages for similarity, you need to convert one of the texts into the other language and then compare based on sequence match or semantics.

How does the Oz Assignment algorithm for text similarity work?

Our algorithm provides users to search via strict sequence matching as well as find similar sentences in two texts. We provide the following options for comparison:

  • Strict Sequence Matching: This will find common sequences occurring in two texts. This is useful in case of finding edits between two documents, codes, transcripts, etc.
  • Sequence Matching of important words: This will find sequences excluding general words (e.g., a, an, the, is, etc.) focusing on relevant words. This is useful for sequence matching of relevant keywords avoiding generic matches with common words.
  • Sentence comparison: This will compare texts and provide similar sentences in two texts. It is useful for comparing two documents to identify paraphrasing and finding sentences with similar meanings.

Can it detect semantic similarity between two documents?

Yes, Based on the words being used it can help you identify sentences with similar meanings along with the percentage of similarity between two sentences. The tool reduces words from each text to its base form and then finds similar sentences.

Is my data saved on Oz Assignment servers?

No, we do not store any text data or documents that you provide.

Can I create my private database and use this tool for comparison? Is there an API available for this?

You can reach our team if you are looking for a scalable solution to index and search all your private data for plagiarism. We provide API on request along with a private database for indexing and similarity search. This is particularly useful for content-based websites and colleges who want to keep track of plagiarism on their private database and maintain privacy. Reach us via

Can I compare one single document with multiple documents?

We provide a private indexing service with APIs that can be used to compare a single document with a corpus of data. This service is available on a request basis. Feel free to reach us via email at