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Is Australia a Good Choice for International Students?

Discover why Australia is a top choice for international students. High-quality education, post-study employment, and vibrant student life await you Down Under.

Published on: Mar 1, 2024


With eight of the world's top 100 institutions, Australia is a country that offers much more than simply kangaroos. A growing number of International students are choosing to study in Australia because of its high-quality education, plentiful employment prospects after graduation, and superior standard of living. No matter what course you decide to study, you can count on an unrivalled academic reputation and an extensive network of assistance for international students.

It's one of the most desired locations for Indian students because of its excellent educational standards, wide range of course options, and post-study employment chances. Studying in Australia gives you the opportunity to select from 22,000 courses offered by 1,100 universities and other institutions, earn degrees that are recognised throughout the world, look into different Australian scholarship options, and learn from the top educators in the world.

Why Australia is Popular Among International Students

Australia is exceptionally a place where students from larger parts of the world come to study because of high standards and quality of life, complete education systems and more opportunities for scholarship. The country's education system is worldwide known for its extensive network of quality schools and colleges. It offers a wide range of courses, programs and facilities. Scholarships are a big part of helping to make higher studying in Australia affordable for a lot of international students. The security of a quality lifestyle, facilitated by health care, safety and cultural amenities, makes it more appealing to the long-distance migrants. The yearly number of international students is continually rising, an indication of Australia’s appeal as a learning option for students from other countries.


Factors Influencing Students’ Decision

Each year, Australia especially becomes the centre of attention where the students who come from large parts of the world go to study due to the high quality of life, standards of living and education process, and more scholarship opportunities. The country has a prevailing reputation for having an excellent education system across the world, which is appreciably characterized by a wide network of top-notch schools and colleges. It provides a great selection of classes, programs, natural areas and recreational facilities. Scholarships make higher studies in Australia accessible to many international students through their programs of covering tuition and living expenses. The quality of life the population would live, thanks to the health care, security and cultural amenities, becomes the reason why long distance migration is appealing to distant travellers. Australia provides jobs for students while they are studying so it becomes easy for students to manage all their expenses.

Australia's top cities for studying 

Seven Australian towns are included in the top 100 best student cities according to the QS Best Student Towns Rankings 2023. These are the top seven Australian cities for overseas students to study.

1. Melbourne: With its diverse culture and tranquil surroundings, Melbourne is a desirable study-abroad location for international students in Australia. The University of Melbourne, which is highly regarded in the QS World University Rankings 2023, is housed there.

2. Sydney: Due to its concentration of international corporations and abundance of job prospects, Sydney continues to be a popular choice. It is renowned for perfectly blending the modern conveniences of a big city with the scenic splendour of the outdoors.

3. Brisbane: renowned for its natural beauty, outdoor lifestyle, diverse society, and excellent education at reasonable prices, these attributes help it to rank among the top 30 greatest educational cities.

4. Adelaide: It is home to esteemed universities including the University of Adelaide, University of South Australia, and Flinders University. It is also a city with stunning natural features.

5. Perth: It is among the top cities in the world, and the QS World University Rankings List lists three of its universities. For students, it offers a great deal.

6. Canberra: Australia's capital city, Canberra, is home to the Australian National University. There are many international students attending from various nations.

7. The Gold Coast is the most reasonably priced city with stunning scenery and top-notch educational institutions, such as Griffith University.

Top Institutes in Australia

1. Bond University

2. Charles Sturt University

3. Bond University

4. Central Queensland University

5. Griffith University

6. Deakin University

7. La Trobe University

8. James Cook University

9. Le Cordon Bleu

10. LCI Melbourne

11. New York Film Academy Australia

12. Leaders Institute

13. Southern Cross University

14. Queensland International Business Academy

15. University of New South Wales

16. The Hotel School

17. University of Wollongong

18. University of South Australia

19. Western Sydney University   

20. International Institute of Business and Technology (IIBT)


Highlights and Benefits of Studying in Australia:

1. Six of the top 100 universities in the world are located in Australia, which is home to more than 40 universities with a broad selection of academic programmes.

2. Some educational institutions also offer paid job opportunities and internships.

3. Australia is known for its cutting-edge infrastructure and inventive research facilities, and more than 15 Nobel laureates have graduated from its universities. 

4. With a multicultural population, Australia is residence of more than 200 languages and dialects.

5. Australia is renowned for its diverse wildlife and stunning scenery.

6. Seven of the world's greatest student-friendly cities are located in Australia.

7. Unique Landscapes: Beautiful coastlines within rainforests and mesmerizing deserts constitute The Great Outback are the most outstanding natural features of Australia.

8. Rich Wildlife: Feel the amazing lives of the kangaroos, koalas and other unique aquatic animals in the conservation of Australia.

9. Student-Friendly Cities: Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane are proud of their cultural heritage and richness, public transport operation, and high life standards.

Comparison of Australia with Other Countries

Australia, Canada, USA and UK are among the most common destinations with varying strengths, which makes each country unique. As far as the amount and reliability of courses are concerned, all these four nations provide a wide range of courses of high quality. Nevertheless, Australia is an exemplary nation in relation to its extensive vocational education and training programs.

All countries provide high living standards, but Australia often exceeds all others for the quality of life and city friendliness of students. Safety is one of the top-notch important issues in the educational systems of all these countries that secure students with strict regulation laws. The options for work for the students can widely vary. It is pertinent to mention that while the USA and the UK have a system allowing post-study work visas strictly, Australia and Canada give access for students to work on that with broader opportunities.

As to the costs, Australia could be classified both as a cheaper and more expensive destination than the USA and Great Britain, but nevertheless, Australia is usually on par with Canada. While the scholarship money helps to pay for the increased expenses, it still shows up on the total bill. Every country provides some specific features that are favourable and everyone should make decisions on their own needs and likes.

Living cost in Australia

Both the Human Development Index and the Quality of Life Index place Australia in the top 10. To put it simply, Australia is a developed country that ranks highly in the world for GDP, buying power parity, and education systems. Along with a good standard of living and employment, high-income levels are associated with a high degree of health consciousness, excellent healthcare, and a stable political environment. However, they are hardly the metrics you would want to be concerned with as a student. The amount that would be required to stay in Australia is what counts. Here are the above jargon's monthly living expenses in Australia, reduced to numbers:


Monthly Expenses



Rentals (On-Campus Accommodation)



Transportation Pass



Basic Amenities*






Estimated Total Monthly Expense





In summary, Australia provides excellent post-study employment options, a lively student community, and high-quality education. It is a desirable place to study because of its diverse population and excellent standard of living. Australia has distinct benefits over other nations, making it a valuable option for prospective students looking for a stimulating academic and cultural experience. Starting your study in Australia can be the initial move towards achieving your goals for the future. Explore Oz Assignments today to embark on your academic journey with confidence!

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