Youth Community Development Assignment

Youth Community Development Assignment

This is a  solution of Youth Community Development Assignment which we discuss about youth and general public get engaged in different types of activities, work together and also do the charity to help out to the needy people depending on the type of the club

Youth and Community Development

Youth and community development clubs are the points where the youth and general public get engaged in different types of activities, work together and also do the charity to help out to the needy people depending on the type of the club. Most of the youth and community clubs have a social welfare objective as their mission, though at times many of these clubs may entirely be for the purpose of recreational activities. There may be clubs out to do the fund raising activities for the development of youth, some working for the homeless people, some engaged in supporting some religious and social causes whereas some might entirely be a music club or health club.

In London, there are so many Youth and Community Development clubs involved in a wide range of services. Especially near the Camperdown Street, London, there are many types of youth and community clubs engaged in different types of activities. Few of the well known and active clubs are City Gateway Ltd, Downside Fisher Young club, Hoxton Hall Youth Arts Centre, City Hope Church, National Foundation for Youth Music, Haggerston Youth Inclusion Project, Centrepoint etc. Among these institutions only, there are a wide range of activities from working towards the welfare of homeless youth to organizing and bringing the music lovers and musicians under a common roof, from a religious mission to working for the development and preservation of the different types of arts and artifacts.

Though there are tens of clubs near the Camperdown Street, there are few clubs which are of prominence and are well established and well known all over the UK. Of them one famous and very active club is Centrepoint. {Also Read:- UK Unemployability Issue Essay Assignment}

Centrepoint: An introduction

Centre Point is an organization which works tirelessly towards the welfare of the youth. Their main objective is to give support to all the homeless youth they come across to. The main belief of the organization is that all the young people must realize their potentials. Located at 25 Camperdown Street, London, Centrepoint has a made a name for itself since its inception in the year 1969. Since that time, this organization has worked towards providing the homeless youth a home where they can make a fresh beginning for their lives.

The need:

Centrepoint works with very young people who are homeless and have nowhere to go and no one to fall back on. They work with people of as young as infants to those in the final years of their teens. Most of the times these people have little self worth and self respect as they have faced all kinds of adversity and repudiation from the world. Centrepoint believes all these young people like everyone else in this universe have enormous potential and they must meet their destiny of a life of dignity and pride. In the year 2007-07 only at least 75000 people faced homelessness in UK. And, there are many others who face hidden homelessness. These people, who are caught in a downward spiral of low confidence and misery, need support to pick them up and live a life of dignity.{Also Read: - Affiliate Program}

Work Co-ordination

Centrepoint’s central office is in Aldgate, London and works directly with the young people from Greater London and North East London. They also have a regional office in Durham, UK.

Centrepoint primarily works towards giving the homeless people a home. After they have been sheltered, their other needs like providing them with some money for their sustenance, providing them formal education in case they are quite young or want to pursue their studies further etc. are taken care of. Also, when young people are given shelter, it is ensured that they have a proper health and adopt a proper and healthy lifestyle. For all those who have missed the formal education in their lives and are of right age to work, it is made sure that they receive some kind of vocational training so that they can carry out their livelihoods in future and give themselves a good life. But, then again it is not enough to just provide them the training and shelter as many a tines, their confidence have a taken a beating as they have lived all their lives alone since very young age. Hence, it is a daunting task to help them realize their potentials. And finally, after they have settled well at Centrepoint, the toughest job is to help these young people move away from Centrepoint and live a life on their own, as all their lives they have lived at Centrepoint’s facility.

To carry out all these tasks, Centrepoint has different centre all over the London where they different facilities, for example they have facilities for children up to 2 years old at Camberwell Foyer, from 6-12 months at Breakspears road, Buffy house for 16-17 years of age etc. then they have a special centre at Greek Street where they help these young people to get them be ready for moving from one facility to another.

Structure and Management:

Centrepoint is registered as an organization of charity legally organized as a company limited by guarantee and the government. There is a board of trustees who control the overall and operation and management of the organization. It is also registered as a social landlord and a nonprofit making organization. The directors of Centrepoint are also the trustees of the organization. The recruitment of directors is done though various newspapers adverts, recruitment consultants and referrals. They are appointed for a four year tenure and may be re-elected at the end of the tenure.

To perform various roles effectively in the organization, two sub-committees and a youth parliament has been established. The committees are Finance and Audit committee which handles and audits the finances of the organization and the other committee is the Services and the Operations committee which operates and monitors the day to day services of the organization. Each of the sub-committees has four members and is required to meet at least three times every year to decide on the various issues related to their designated tasks. The youth parliament is a body having members from the young people from various services of Centrepoint. The youth parliament is only recently formed and it is yet to be formally launched and be functional. Another sub-committee called North East Regional Committee is yet to be formally launched and will take care specially of the operations in North East. It will have at least three members and will be represented on the board by the chair.

Public communication:

Centrepoint publishes detailed annual reports audited by auditors every year giving out the details of its finances and operations. They put all their information on their website where it is available for public viewing. They also provide all kinds of information regarding their operations, how to reach them etc on their website. They also have special links over their website where a young and homeless person can contact them for help and also an individual can donate them the money online.

Financing of the operation:

Centrepoint mostly finance their operations from the charity received from various sects of society and other trusts and corporates. They go for donation drives where they seek funds for their operations. They are regularly in contact with corporates and some corporates are regular and big donors to their organization.

Centrepoint’s gross turnover increased from £13.5 million to £16.5 in the year 2008. They also accept donations from individuals and there is a special link on their website where one can donate the money online. In the year 2009-10 only they received a sum of £12 million from charity. They also get income from voluntary activities taken up by individuals, and the collections for the same were around £4.4 million in the year 2009-10. Normally they do hold on to resources and invest for short term so as to maximize return and also let the money be available for their operations as and when the need arises. {Also Read: - Financial Feasibility Assignment}

Plans for future:

  • Centrepoint has following objectives for the next 12 months:
  • Significant improvements of the buildings where the young people live.
  • Redevelopment of Haberdashers and Berwick Street Centre is to be concluded and these new and improved services have to be re-opened as well.
  • 24 new flats at Redbridge and Newcastle have to open in the coming year. Also, similar facilities have to be developed for other facilities.
  • Reduce the rent arrears to 8.5 percent of the rent roll.
  • Reduce the occupancy loss to 3% of the capacity across all the facilities where the decanting or swapping of hostels is not going on.
  • Acquisition of various street properties in Redbrige and build a 13 bed spaces of “move on” accommodation.
  • Build an 18 bed space service in Sunderland.
  • To review the revised S&D approach and measure how well Centrepoint is learning from the performance information on young people from the data collected over past years.
  • To ensure that at least 30% of all the services do self assessment to bring them to level A and the rest in level B in the Quality Assurance Framework.

Overall, Centrepoint is carrying a good task and has taken up a noble cause to help the young and homeless people and support and help them to stand on their own.


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