How to Write a Good assignment?

How to Write a Good assignment?

Write A Good Assignment

Write a Good Assignment

Good assignment writing starts with creating a good plan for assignment help. Writing a good assignment depends on the many things which are followed in a sequence. First we start with a general outline to gather all ideas about the topic/subject. Good assignment needs a deep analysis and brainstorming related to the topic. What to answer, how to answer, what methods, approaches should be applied etc are the ways to set the grounding work for writing good assignment. Many assignments have a fixed format such as a report or a case study assignment. Such formats need a well structured framework with the logical progression through supportive evidences (for e.g. giving reference of any book or any research). Depending upon the courses and grades, there can be many ways of writing a good assignment. Some of the common accepted types of assignments are listed below:

  1. Essay:An essay is commonly a writing piece which gives the author’s own argument. It is a prose composition with a focused subject of discussion.
  2. Report:Any writing work (speech, television or film) which provides information. Report is an account which is generally presented in detail.
  3. Reflective Writing:Reflective writing is used to analyse and examine any observation or any event.
  4. Annotated Bibliography:it includes an evaluative citation list of books, articles and documents.
  5. Literature Review: Literature review includes a scholarly work, with a summarized synopsis of any research.
  6. Case Study:Writing a case study needs in depth knowledge and investigation.
  7. Critical Review: The summarization and evaluation of information in any article.

These were some of the generally used types of assignments which students do in Universities. To write an effective assignment which can produce a strong and positive writing, the composition and the content material should be based on the well structured research. Many times, the research is done with help of previous works and model papers. Explain the purpose of assignment and make the format depending on the assignment types.

How to Write a Good Assignment?

A good assignment writing process involves following points, which should be taken care of while writing an effective and good assignment:

  • Critical Thinking: Good assignment writing needs a good thinking (Critical, logical and analytical). Critical thinking means to understand the logical relationships between the ideas to identify build and evaluate the arguments. Critical thinking solves the problems in an organized systematic manner.
  • Continuous flow of Ideas: The ideas should be in a continuous flow. As the most of the task depends on the ideas that we generate through critical thinking, there should be no state of confusion. Ideas are the seeds of something creative. Effective of a good assignment depends on the way one has organized the ideas.
  • Referencing: Referencing is one of the most important points to remember in order to write a good assignment. There are many referencing styles depending upon the subject/topic. For Arts subject, Harvard, Chicago, MLA style, APA style is used. For Medical, Nursing and Health Science assignments, Vancouver and APA styles are used.
  • Using examples: To write a good assignment, the proper and clear usage of examples should be taken care of. With the help of example, it becomes easy to understand the topic and helps in understanding that how the knowledge provided is practically applicable.
  • Proper use of figures, diagrams: To increase the effectiveness of the good assignment, there should be proper use of relevant figures, diagrams, charts, data, facts etc.
  • Word Count: Almost assignments are given with word limits. Universities have different word limits depending on the subject and the grade.

An effective assignment must have enough description and all the detailed information which is necessary to communicate the main purpose of assignment. The language used in the assignment should be easy enough to be understood by the professor. Sometimes the length and language used in the assignment becomes a headache for the University professors while checking the assignments. It becomes so tedious, monotonous. If the message that is to be conveyed can’t be decoded, then it won’t bring good marks.

Let’s have a look at the approaches used to write effective, good assignment:

  1. Think First: Thinking is the first thing which is approached for the first time while writing good assignment. Thinking should be logical, analytical and critical. What is being asked in the assignments? What to write? How to write? First, with the help of critical thinking, analyze the question. If needed, write the question in your own word to easily understand it.
  2. Initial Writing: Start writing the assignment straight away simply with the ideas. The initial writing is a sketchy account of the assignment. It can be messy, without accurate use of language, grammar. It is a simple writing draft, the foundation of the assignment. In initial writing, write as much as you know about the assignment.
  3. Research: Once the initial writing is done, gather and record the information. Do research of previous model papers, sample assignments. Find out the books and articles related to the topic. Write them in your own words. Gather enough information to write. Good assignment writing depends on a grounded research work. Research is very important in all the assignments, though some assignments specially thrive upon good research materials.
  4. Evaluation: Next step is the evaluation. Reflect and then evaluate. Whatever the information has been gathered or whatever has been written, will be surely help in writing the complete assignment? Check if the information, that is being used, is valid and trustworthy?
  5. Planning and organization: Now comes the main step. The planning and organization of all the things. Whatever has been written so far, it now needs to be planned and organized in a framework. Which point should be written at first? What should be the length of the paragraphs? How to use to further information? What sort of information is to be used? How to prepare the body of the writing? These are some points to remember in this step. A good assignment is well organized. There should be proper communication of information from introduction to conclusion.
  6. Drafting: During the process of initial writing, we prepared a sketchy detailed body of the assignment, so that we may have the idea to write on. Now, it’s time to write again. Proper drafting takes time. As the first draft is a messy one. Draft again and again, if you think that the main purpose is lacking strong impressions.
  7. Proofreading: Proofreading is the process where you sit and read the assignment critically. Proofreading means to examine check and evaluate carefully whatever you have written. It is as important as doing research for assignments. Proofreading reading is done to find out grammatical and verbal errors, to know the accuracy and correctness. Read again and do the required editing.

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Good assignment should be thoroughly prepared on the instructions depending on the critical evaluation criteria.  The assignment should be lucid, transparent and comprehensible. This quality of assignment will increase its effectiveness. Make sure that the material which you have written is not copied from anywhere. Plagiarism is a serious offence. Many times, due to unawareness, students use other people’s work without proper authentication, which is violence of Intellectual Property Rights. Avoid using others’ work without proper acknowledgement.

Writing a good assignment is a lengthy process, in which one has to take care of above mentioned rules and policies. Universities ask their students to submit their assignments within the time limits, which becomes a difficult task for the students. Either due to shortage of time, or due to any other personal reasons, they fail to accomplish their tasks. But, with our Online Assignment Help service, you need worry about anything. We share workloads of students by helping them with their assignments. We provide the best academic assignment help, designed and written by our veteran experts and professional tutors. We take care of every simple thing so that students won’t face any trouble with their assignments. We make on time delivery with No Plagiarism policy.