Wine Tourism Marketing Assignment Help

Wine Tourism Marketing Assignment Help

Executive Summary

Wine Tourism Marketing Assignment Help describe the travel and tourism marketing business.It have gained a lot of attention for few years in Travel and Tourism.There is a great stress on the tourism and marketing and the kind of strategy that is being adopted for the selling of the Travel and Tourism Package.Tourism is a sector that is also generating ample employment opportunities for the people, Investment area, and helps in the promotion of growth in terms of the economy. There is a great link that has been established between wine tourism and marketing. This assignment will discuss on the wine tourism and marketing in Australia. Initially brief would be given on wine, its types and then statistics would reveal the kind of culture of wine in the country

wine tourism and marketing


Wine is considered as a royal drink by the various people. There is a significant growth in the wine industry of New Zealand. Australia is a country where there are big wine yards and people have been involved in the cultures of the wine. Marlborough is one of the largest wine regions in New Zealand. It is due to the growth and development of this sector that there has been rapid increase in the tourism and marketing. Above all it is the government in Australia that is supporting and encouraging the production of wine through wine yards in New Zealand. If we refer to the figures of the increase in the wine yards and production of wines in Marlborough in New Zealand then we may say that within the span of 5 years from 2005 to 2010 the production has been increased to an area of 15000 hectares. The area of wine yard and its wine output both have increased to almost double the values in these 5 years. The value of the exports has grown more than 17 folds since 1990. There are numerous types and quantities of wines and their qualities that are being produced in the Marlborough wine yard of New Zealand (Hall et al, 1997).  It is due to these wine yards and the quality types that the Tourism industry is gaining attention. Tourism has been gaining value as people do visit and see the Marlborough Wine Yard. There are retail, marketing, distribution, dressing, labeling and wine craft that takes place in this sector.

Australia has gained the value due to its wine tourism and marketing that is being done. It has production of various types of wines in the country. People have been attracted towards the wine tourism of New Zealand. There is a specified process that is being used in the wine manufacturing and culture. The wineries in the country follow either of the following models:

  • Retail Model.
  • Franchisee Model.
  • Recurring Model.
  • Auction Model.
  • Direct sales model.
  • Internet bubble model.
Structure of Wine Industry wine tourism and marketing

The above given is the structure of the wine industry in the country. There are several foundations and authority that control the wine industry. There are many exporters who are registered under the Australian Wine Export Council. They have to follow strict rules and regulations so that the wine produced is of premium quality. Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation (AWBC) is the authority that is responsible for the promotion and regulation of the processes of wine. It involves the process control for the Labeling, promotion of wine, Wine integrity and regulations. This means that it has to ensure that right blending is done for the efficient production of wines. There are several laws that are being developed in regard to the regulation of the wines. Although the sector has heavy taxation yet there are many exemptions being given to the wine producers. It was in 1997 that country developed national wine tourism strategy (Getz et al, 1999).

Success factors for Australia’s Exports

The three major reasons for the success in Australia’s export are:

  • Australia’s wine are properly labeled and bottled as branded table wine – Earlier the sector was not given more importance. At present the wines are labeled and put in branded bottles. The table wines produced are of the premium quality which is liked by all.
  • It has strong growth with premium wine at a mid price rates – Since the production takes place in this sector and it has huge culture of wine so the price at which it is sold is not very high.
  • It has focused on Europe and Nth America – Most of the travelers who visit Australia are from these countries only. They are concentrating on these countries and creating rich Wine Culture and Tourism with a proper marketing of their wine strategy.

Marketing Development of Wine in Australia

The development of marketing takes place in several stages in Australia and that is explained below:

Stage 1 – Embryonic stage – In this stage there is lesser awareness of the Australian Wine market. Since the marketing is limited and in the embryonic stage so the requirements of the agents is limited.

Stage 2 – Niche Presence – It has mostly concentrated on retail outlets and restaurants in this stage. Media is used to spread the awareness of wine in the market.

Stage 3 – Volume Penetration – This is the stage when many people recognize the Australian Wine. There is high production in the country which has to be exported in the market. It gets sold off in many countries like: USA, Switzerland, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore and Sweden etc (Getz, 2000).

Stage 4 – Category Status – This is the stage when the categories or certain market segments are targeted for high sales, volume business and even earning of the profitability. It becomes the lifestyle trend and culture of the people.

Stage 5 – Category Segmentation – In this proper segmentation of the market is being done for the wine. The segment that is targeted the most is United Kingdom.

As far as the Wine Tourism has been considered, Australia has taken several initiatives in terms of the Marketing & promotion, development and training of wine as a product, research for the wine and industry integration and training. It has developed the culture of wine and approached the people all over the world. Wine industry has given significant attention to the packaging and the branding for these wines.

Types of Wines

There are several types of wines that are being produced by the Wine Industry of Australia:

  • Sparkling Wine – This kind wine is produced with a lot of steps and production methods.
  • Red Wine – These are the wines which are produced with the help of red grapes. The processes of extraction, fermentation and maceration take places on the red grapes to produce these wines. These wines vary in color, flavor, texture which depends on the types of grapes being used. The process that is employed plays a key role in the type and quality of wine that is being produced.
  • White Wine – These are the wines that are developed from the white grapes. These kinds of wines are deep or pale yellow in color. The level of temperature and fermentation process plays a key role in this kind of wine production (Beames, 2003).

Wine is said to be good for health. Table Wine and Red wine produced in the Australian Wine market are said to be rich in flavors and help in keeping good health of the people. It is always said that wine should not be drunk without eating anything. It has to be drunk with style. Wine Tourism and the kind of marketing strategies adopted by Australia have attracted significant number of customers towards them. Push and Pull Strategy is also employed in the developing and manufacture of Wines. The quality of wine is dependent on the kind and quality of grapes being used for its production and manufacturing.


Australia’s Wine market has gained significant attention in the last few years. The governmental bodies are equally supporting the wine manufacturers in terms of the subsidiaries so that wine exports and tourism could be enhanced in the country. There are various types of wines being produced in the country as discussed above. Wine Tourism and the kind of marketing value that is done by Australia are great. Marketing processes have gained enough attention in terms of the branding, bottling and branded packaging done by the companies. The day is not far when Australia’s wines would be most preferred ones in the entire world. People will be encouraged for wine tourism and its marketing would attract many customers. Recent trends show that the market of wine tourism is picking up in Australia. The country is able to manufacture and market almost double the wines it used to produce 5 years ago. There has been extension in the number of hectares that are used for the wine culture in terms of the land. In the nutshell it could be said that wine is mostly sold as per the life style and the trend of the market. It would be admired by the high class of the people. The marketing strategy employed by Australia would try to attract most of the people towards wine tourism and marketing in the country (CARLSEN, 2004).


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