Types of Information Systems for Universities and Colleges

Types of Information Systems for Universities and Colleges

Types of Information Systems

Different types of information technology systems that can be implemented in colleges and universities are listed below and explained in detail:


Open University is basically designed for the students which are unable to complete their studies through regular colleges. Through this medium they can still continue their studies and that too with a nominal fee. Open universities make available there courses through various modes, but the best way which is being preferred is by making their course  available through  online mode,  as it provides a cheaper means for students and effective administration for the management and staff.

OU provides various courses for public which includes disabled and economically weaker section. Study material ,Structure of course, fee structure, application form  is being made online and by doing this a lot of  time and money is being saved not only for students perusing the course  but a huge administrative expenses can also be saved. some universities   are also offering semester systems, online exams, displaying results and offering degrees online which makes the course more attractive After being online the reach of students towards studies became approachable and the process became easy for administration and effective implementation of their courses around the globe, The working professionals are greatly benefited by it as they are perusing for higher courses with their present jobs. Most of the undergraduate courses don’t require any prerequisites which attract a lot many part time workers to continue their studies.


Seek learning is a medium through which a student can receive  the best possible outcome for any available course and helps to understand the best suitable career path , it helps the individuals for opting the best career options  by guiding  the students for choosing the required career path to achieve their goal ,They help the students to choose career options as per their  goals and there  past education .seek learning consultants are often associated with the universities which provides  online courses  to the students for guidance about choosing the right course as per there potential .It also helps  in guiding  about the balance to be made  between  study and work, and commitments related to work and family. Open universities using seek learning helps the students to choose the best possible course with their existing education profile and career interest, Seek learning consultant are being appointed by them which constantly  be in touch with the students joining the course with their guidance and assistance.

Seek learning also offer various courses and guidance  to students approaching them for choosing the right course and career path as per there need and future out comes ,they also discuss about the possible outcomes and job opportunities by the opting the desired course. It deals with the financial matters of an individual’s for effective use of their funds.


Online portal is a very important tool used by most of the universities nowadays. Online portal is a dedicated portal for students where they can access information related to them and useful information related to university. It can be access from any part of the world and generally have a user name and password associated with it. The student can easily found information likes their personal details, course details , syllabus, professor for a particular course, exam time tables, lecture notes, online materials, library information and most important there results in such portals. The only problem with online portal is that it is having all the information related to students and due to this it is not open for other people.

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