Online Trade Finance Assignment Help

Online Trade Finance Assignment Help

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Online Trade Finance Assignment Help

Trade finance is known as the financing of international trade.  It signifies the financing for the trade. Trade finance deals with both the international and domestic trade transactions.  There are many financial activities included in trade finance such as export credit, factoring, insurance, credit etc.  Trade finance has been developed to facilitate the international trade. International trade has been widely grown enormously due to financial trade. The companies which are associated with trade finance include banks and financiers, exporters and importers insurers and export credit agencies. Trade finance plays a very important role in the globally economy. According to a report of WTO, trade finance counts 80% – 90% of the total global economy. Though for centuries, humans are doing global trade, but trade finance has helped it much to grow.

In a trade transaction, both the seller of goods and buyer are required. There are many intermediaries, which can facilities trade transactions such as banks and the financial institutions. These banks and financial institutions offer a number of services and products in branches of trade finance.

  • Letter of Credit: Letter of Credit is offered by the bank. It is a type of document. The bank which issues letter of credit guarantees to the seller to receive the payment. The payment is received in full as long as the specific delivery conditions are to be met.
  • Collection & Discounting of Bills: This service offered by the banks is a major trade service. In this service, the payment proceeds are collected by the Exporter’s Bank (seller) on the behalf of exporter. And the payment is done against the Importer’s Bank. The payment is done according to the agreement made between both of them.
  • Bank Guarantee: Bank undertakes or promises in favour of the beneficiary. Bank does so on the behalf of the applicant. There is an agreement between the  beneficiary and the applicant. According to this agreement, if the applicant fails to fulfil obligations (financial or performances), then the payment will be made by the Guarantor Bank. The payment made by the Guarantor Bank will be on the behalf of Applicant.

Many times, trade finance is simply referred as the financefor working capital.  Trade finance is also referred as the credit which is supplied to manufacture, process, distribute goods and services. Trade finance is also referred as the working capital.

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