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Titanium Assignment Help



Consistent competition, cutting edge technological war and innovation are some of the things which define our 21st century in a nutshell. The huge expansion in the mobile technology has opened floodgates for new markets and developments. But with so many different operating systems, and each of them running on a different language altogether, the problem of cross application development is faced by developers. Titanium, an open source, cross platform mobile development software development kit comes as an answer to the worries of developers.

In the last few years the initial boom of applications in the market places of different operating systems was seen. However, the developers faced the problem of different operating systems and the need to rewrite the whole application in each of the operating system’s language to be able to present in all the application markets. In 2006 founding members of the company ‘Appcelerator’ came together for developing applications for Web 2.0. The very next year company’s focus shifted towards developing a cross platform open source tool kit. In 2008 the company released a preview of its Titanium which caught attention as a possible open source competitor of Adobe AIR. In March 2010, subsequent to a beta version in 2009, Appcelerator released Titanium 1.0 with a support for Android and IOS mobile application development, along with existing features of desktop and web applications.

As of February 2013, 10% of all Smartphone are running apps created on Titanium. Titanium as an application development tool is quickly growing while covering every major operating system such as Android, iOS, Developers are shifting to titanium because of its rich cross platform capabilities which allow a developer to develop an app for all these operating systems by just writing the code once on the Titanium kit. An Apache licensed software development kit is the core component of Titanium. It provides transparent access to all native functionality which was not previously covered by API. Titanium Studio is the central framework which provides developers with the access to over 300 libraries thus making it a preferable choice over conventional methods of Application Development.

Learning this multidisciplinary tool enhances the capability and productivity of a Mobile App Developer giving him of her the option of writing the code once for any application which runs on most of the mobile operating systems. With the rise in the usage of such applications for business, such a toolkit which could create applications on most of the language was long awaited. Developers now have a cutting edge advantage to create application for all the mobile operating systems within much lesser time compared to what it would take to write the application on each language separately, which saves a lot of time, energy and efforts. Companies all around the globe have registered the need and importance for having a mobile application for their business consequential of the rise in mobile technology and mobility every cell phone user enjoys. In such a scenario where desktops are getting replaced by high end Smartphone every business where big or small is having an eye on the mobile application market which will benefit their business in the long run.