Things to learn while writing a Dissertation?

Things to learn while writing a Dissertation?

An academic performance of a student gets completed with projects like research, dissertation, thesis, etc. It helps in increasing the deeper understanding and knowledge on a particular subject and hence gained importance in completing the academic sessions. Here, we walk talk about dissertation and its importance.

Have you ever think, why students tremble when we talk about such terms?Dissertation is closely related with taking notes for long hours in the library, slaving for the formatting which results in the fear of the defense of the dissertation when the date of presentation comes. If you will pass the stages of panic, procrastination and despair, it is highly achievable as most of the people experience the same things.

Young generation spend so much of time in worrying that they have no time for quality work. There is a list of experimented methods which could be helpful in avoiding troubles in the writing process, some of them are:

1. Good dissertation advisor– It is always important to choose the right person who can help you in your dissertation. Everything can go perfect and well, if the right person will help you in writing dissertation by asking more questions, giving tips, and make you look the problems and solutions in a better way. A dissertation maker is always not the expert, so it is essential to have someone who can assist you at various different stages.

 Good dissertation advisorIn some cases, the advisor has no interest in assisting you in your work. But you can change your helper immediately, as you are completely responsible and answerable for the quality of paper.

2. Choose an interesting theme– Good topic is the essential part of writing a dissertation, no matter what you are specialized in. The entire process of dissertation writing is quite longer, so rather than selecting boring or random themes, try to choose something which could best suit your interest. Also, searching for exciting facts can add some flavors to your boredom. The topic should be highly creative and easy to think so that you can make discoveries out of it at every stage. There are cases when the topic is already been studied from every perspective, therefore it has become essential to choose some exciting topics which are largely open for research.

3. Pick your own speed– It is important to work according to your own self as putting responsibility on your peers shoulder can be sometimes harmful. If you want to take more time for thorough research, just take it. You cannot deny from the fact that someone somewhere is better and faster than you in the same work, but if you will start comparing with them, you might feel discouraged. You can take the time you need but your deadlines should always be your priority set by the advisor.

4. Gather all the notes –Writing for any dissertation, thesis and paper starts with the notes management and organization. Before beginning your research, it is important to research on the recommendations of the advisor that what they are studying or reading. Whatever you find interesting, prepare notes for it but it must be relevant to your study. The organization of these notes in particular categories can make your work easier. You should keep all the notes safe so that it could be helpful; for making outline of your dissertation paper or whenever it is required.

5. Never use all research materials –Most of the notes prepared by the students are long in length and cover the topic out of the syllabus or in some cases, you left something outside your thesis. But never feel disappointed as the syllabus you have already covered is sufficient enough. It is also important to keep your paper short and simple by avoiding using quotes. Dissertation is always based on the quality rather than quantity.

6. Friends might not understand you– The preparation of your dissertation took almost more than half of your time. In most of the cases, there will be little or no time for your friends, family and other things. Due to this, every friend of yours might not be supportive or understanding. However, never sacrifice your dissertation time for anything like this, as it may take days or nights to write. In such cases, you have to compromise with the quality which will further dispose-off your hard work. At that point, writing thesis should be your biggest priority.

Friends might not understand you7. Take breaks– It is important to avoid spending all your time on writing a paper. Your brain need time to gain new energy and recover from the previous energy. During this time, try to consider doing more sport activities. A research has been conducted which shows that while doing exercise, new neurons emerge in the brains of a human being which helps in stimulating our creativity. A person can take few minutes to exercise and feel relax, if you got stuck at a particular point while writing a dissertation. In some cases, sports can be tiring activity. It is important to switch our body from mental to physical activities from time to time to get better results or performances.

8. Prepare for the Money expenditure on printing –Printing dissertation is important. Printing it in your campus is a better option, as the whole paper might lower down your budget. A student always has to redo their writing multiple times for better results. Therefore, it has become a separate point in your budget. Professionals or tutors recommend a personal printer for every student. Both sided printing can helps in utilizing paper to its best. With this, you can save lots of paper.

9. Revise your paper –When you edit and proof read your thesis, there are more chances of finding mistakes in it. Therefore, it is important to edit it once before submitting. Students often find misspellings, grammar errors or punctuation mistakes. Sometimes, text of the thesis can also be changed. For proof reading and editing, it is essential for everyone to save their time in advance as it might takes hours for getting better results.

10. Feel relax after finishing it –Students can begin living their new life when they actually complete their dissertation or thesis. Most of the people consider it as a biggest issue, as while writing students might start feeling stressed and depressed. Never feel exhausted until you are done with your writing and keep yourself motivated throughout the process. Now, you can enjoy all the fun of your social life.


Writing a dissertation is considered as a huge deal as it requires both skills and time of a person. With this, you can become a specialist by acquiring a particular degree. Writing process is based on the demonstration of an expertise level by focusing on a career prospects. A person can individually use their own writing tips.

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