How to do Structuring for Assignment?

How to do Structuring for Assignment?

Structuring for assignment

A good assignment is a systematically organized and well structured assignment. Structuring for assignment includes planning the assignment from the top to bottom, using all the necessary. A good structuring planning for the assignment is a very positive way taken towards writing a good assignment.  The structuring depends much on the assignment type and the research done on the assignment.  A deep thinking and brainstorming can bring the best ideas to write the assignment. Structuring for assignment is influenced by many things including what answer is to be given, what approach is to be applied etc.

Many assignments such as lab reports, law reports, case studies, scientific research etc have a defined format of writing and structuring. After doing a proper brainstorming and once you have thematised the ideas, the next step is to lay down a draft with outline structuring. After making a formal draft, apply logical approach and collect all the sources, data to make a complete body of the assignment. The outline should be flexible enough to make some changes later on. The quality and quantity depends on the way the assignment has been designed. Almost all the universities ask the students to write assignments within word limit.  So accordingly divide the number of paragraphs, the size of the paragraphs, heading, subheadings etc.

Steps for Structuring for assignment

  1. Introduction:Writing a good assignment start with an introduction. The introduction (discipline/ filed/context/ topic) should be good enough to clarify the topic area informing the readers about the topic. There should be a proper background, the context or a general orientation to the topic. It has a significant role Structuring for assignment. The introductory part should possess all necessary information. Sometimes even the words from the question. The length of the introductory part can be 200-300 words if the word limit is within 2000. But don’t just stick to the measurement. It’s just simple assumption.
  2. Body:The body of the assignment contains the detailed things. The body is the descriptive part of the assignment. This part is the developing part for the assignment where the main theme is developed taking help of the research and the rough draft. It includes solid generalizations with all the required specific and relevant details. The body can be divided into parts or can be written informally. If you wish to divide the body, you should make proper use of bullets or numbering. If you don’t wish to do so, than the body of the assignment can be broken down into paragraphs. Each paragraph should start from a new line. There can be heading, subheading in the body of the assignment. Whenever the heading is put on the topic sentence, the opening should be with the relevant points. Then specific references should be provided. The each paragraph should clearly communicate the main them of the argument.
  3. Conclusion:The last step to follow is to write the conclusion of the assignment. The conclusion shows the results, findings and the outcome of your work. Then compare the outcomes, results from a literature point of views with your own findings. Make sure that the final part of the assignment highlights balanced information that you wanted to provide. Give a brief summary of the main point which you have covered in your finding/ research. Conclusion shouldn't be too lengthy. Conclusion should bear to the point information. For this the thesis statement can be sued as a part. A conclusion part should highlight the significance and implication of your findings. It should show any limitations and suggestions which you have encountered while doing your research on writing your assignment.

Though Structuring for assignment can have various approaches, but the above mentioned three are the generalized approaches which are followed while Structuring for assignment. The methodology used while Structuring for assignment also depends on the way it has been researched. There word limit should be followed as the ranking follows the word limit. Many times, students write a good assignment, but they fail to organize their assignments structurally. This results in the loss of time, intellectual as well as other resources. This is common when the assignment is not planned in a proper way. Without the “what to write” and “how much to write approach” it becomes a very cumbersome task to manage the word counts and space given for the introduction, body and the conclusion of the assignment.+

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