Steps to Learn from your Work Experience

Steps to Learn from your Work Experience

Before starting your career or graduation days, work experience is considered as the best experience at your workplace. It is the complement to your academic studies that helps in providing different ways of learning outside the classroom. It also helps in  developing information and skills, knowledge and personal attributes which is the basic requirement at workplace. For instance, in some countries, it is difficult to get work without any experience even if you are the brightest student.

No one can define degree as the essential factor to get the job. It is important to enhance the technical skills and knowledge. The employers value certain kind of skills like team-working, communication or problem solving methods. These job applicants can gain the real advantage if they will develop these skills. There are various types of work experience, some of them are:

1. There are various types of vocational courses available that includes hotel and catering, publishing, and even business studies that further includes the reliable and relevant placement in industry. The universities organize these placement sessions and maintain the contact with their tutors by producing the work which can be added to the degree.

2. Universities can also arrange the shorter work placements so that they can focus on some particular projects like website designing for a particular company.

3. There are certain programs organized by the universities that are specifically based on the work. For instance, a student has helped a company that has the specialization in different safety devices for a child. It is an in international degree course known as shell step that has broken down into US market, but the other companies worked on re-branding process for a communication and IT specialist.

4A particular organization that offers internships in the summer breaks essentially involve some kind of placements. Also, there is wide range of other possibilities available that includes voluntary and part time paid work.

A. Benefits of work experience

Some of the work experience helps in the formation of some part of the learning experience. There are multiple benefits that can be helpful for a student.

1. A work experience for an individual helps in providing different perspective in regards with the academic learning and opportunities that allows some kind of theories into practice.

Benefits of work experience2If final year projects are the part of your degree, then work experience helps in the development of an idea.

3It also helps in providing several opportunities to earn practical experience by reducing the debt.

4. It also helps in enhancing employability with various methods like working on a range of employment skills that varies from learning to the adaptation of workplace culture with teamwork and time management. It also offers various opportunities to network. Even after the completion of the graduation, a student can be re-hired in some of the cases.

5. It helps in providing the development in the particular subjects that interests you the best. Also, it helps in providing possibilities to observe different work aspects. With this, an individual can develop themselves personally.

B. Areas of learning

In an organization, the inheritance of work experience helps in providing various  learning strategies and opportunities  that can be divide into several categories.

1. Application of academic learning– An individual can apply for the theoretical knowledge to the real life situations by offering various opportunities related to the work experience. It is important to learn applying the critical skills that can be used for textbooks, lectures, case studies or journal articles.

Also, the specific technical skills can be applied through which an individual gets the years of learning. But you should not consider that what you learnt at the college is wrong and what you learned at the workplace is always right. The workplace practice is completely different from the one, made at the college. In the practice application, there is a specific method that helps in the academic learning, if someone wanted to complete their research, assignment, project or dissertation.

By writing the final year dissertation or project, a student can apply their academic learning to the workplace practice. Nobody can deny from the fact that performing vocational degree requires strong and practical application which can be found at a specific project of the company. It also acts as the base of the dissertation. This way does not allow the individual to achieve the goal set by the particular company in which a student is working.

C. Employability skills

A student can increase their personal attributes, knowledge and the skills with a good work duration that further increases the chances of getting employment by the employer. It includes:

1. Team working– Most of the workplaces are built on teams even if somebody has the experience of working on assignments in groups. It enables the student to learn working with other people in the organization by giving respect to the values, contributions and strengths of each other.

Employability skills2. Communication– It is important for every student to communicate effectively and efficiently including both written and oral. It also allows making quick points in the large meetings of the organization, as everybody can know about the thoughts and opinions of each other’s.

D. Interpersonal skills– It mainly deals with working of people at different levels of the organization.

1. Planning, organizing and time management– The development of interpersonal skills allows the student or the candidate to learn juggling different priorities at a time and work simultaneously on different projects and assignments whether it is college or any work of their job.

2. Problem-solving and decision-making– In an organization, it is not mandatory for every employee to create the dependency for others on you. Only it is necessary to act and work on your own initiative.

3. Numeracy and IT literacy– An employee should learn both written and oral communication along with the consideration of numeracy and IT literacy both.

4. Ability to appear self-confident– There are cases when the shyness of a student is considered as the matter of humiliation by the teachers at the college. But in the world of business, it is considered as the failure. So, an employee should develop the ability to appear as a self-confident person in front of their colleagues, recruiter and the manager of the organization in which they are working.

Note-It is completely dependent on the employee that whether he/she has the ability to understand and ability to adapt the workplace and the culture along with the particular demands placed on the individual employee.

5. The understanding of management practices and the methods of working of the organizations helps in increasing the commercial awareness. It can include the person who could hold the power; number of factors exists in the external environment of the company, culture and cultural differences of the company, etc.

E. Professional development– The particular work placement helps in increasing the chance to choose your own or interested fields. It allows the exposure in the industrial practices and the modern techniques. With the professional development, an individual can analyze the chances to gain insights in the interested areas along with the experience he/she can develop. It also helps the individual to understand the method of networking which act as invaluable in getting the first job of your entire career. There are various study opportunities available that can be achieved through clients, meetings and professional development.

F. Personal development– For the personal growth, work experience is considered as the most important and essential opportunity. If an employee achieves the employability skills, awareness of your interesting areas, he/she can generate the self-confidence and self-discipline. If there are responsibilities on the person at the workplace, there are more chances to develop the maturity.