Spread of Cyber-Crime Assignment

Spread of Cyber-Crime Assignment

This Spread cyber-crime assignment is second part of Cyber crime -  Introduction assignment, it details the reasons for spread of cyber crime in the world.

Spread of Cyber crime throughout the world

1 Importance of Internet in modern life

1.1 Introduction

The Facilities provided by internet in today’s age have transformed completely everyday life of millions of people all over the world. According to the data given by Pew Internet and the American life project there were only one out of 7 American were online in year 1995. While the data at present for the internet savvy people is highly amazing when 2 out of every 3 Americans at present is using the internet services (Adomi, 2005). Hence the increased usage of the internet for the people at large shows the level of involvement of internet in people life and changes which it has bring to their life.

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The World Wide Web not only has impacted the life of people but has transformed the way people live, work and play in their life. At the initial stages of introduction of the internet services, it was mainly used for the purpose of reducing the distance between people. In initial stage of introduction of internet the main use of internet was to send information from one place to other. One of the major impacts of internet is on the way communication was done in the previous times. Now the internet has evolved the interactive forum where users can chat, instant messaging and social networking can be done by users (Fanawopo, 2004). The Use of blogging and other communication tools like voice chat and video chat has made the communication process simple and fast.

At initial times there were 3 main websites where most of the internet traffic was present. These three websites were AOL, Netscape and WebCrawler. The Traffic at these websites were 4 to 6 million on an aggregate but now a day some websites like google and others carry traffic of about 1 billion or more. Most people go to internet basically for checking the mails and others, according to one survey 58% of the people visit internet for checking the mails, while 35% of the people visit internet for accessing the news and rest explore e-commerce ventures.

1.2 Harmful effects on internet

Through internet has given so much facility to common people but with that internet is also posing many challenges to the security and individuality of the individuals. The Spam messages which most of the mail users get from the wide range of business starting from lower mortgage rate to pharmaceuticals. An online researcher firm named Ferris research which is San Francisco based estimates that the time wasted in deleting and consulting the spam messages for the employees worldwide will cost about US$17 billion by year 2005. Hence the ill impacts of internet have crossed limits which are high in magnitude.

Other internet mailing problems like phishing which is related with e-mailing which looks similar to original mail. Spyware, computer viruses and different forms of unwanted advertisements are also various challenges posed by the internet.

Hence these impacts of the internet on the information contained by the systems and human being can prove very harmful for the users. The Information which is accessed by the various software planned for getting the unauthorised set of data.

1.3 Future ahead

The Internet developments have changes the life of people in modern days completely. The Development of blogs and podcast are just the grass root movement in internet world. The Online access to entertainment sources by people is also a great advantage and the online entertainment world is expanding at a very fast pace. Some of the main features provided by the online entertainment are songs, movies, games and lot more to come now. The New designed web enabled and mail enabled hand devices are also shows the bright future of online utility (Crilley, 2001). So in future lot more applications of internet are yet to be discovered which will make the life of people at so ease which was not yet.

The Development of the internet and its various services also come with the danger of the fraud and chances of other such problems in the services. In future the services provided are increasing in ease of operation but at the same time security concerns are also increasing significantly. These security concerns will also increase in near future as more and more development in technology also poses challenge to the online security of the services itself.

2 Internet and spread of electronic crimes

The Electronic crimes have spread through the vast geographical and among the majority computer and internet users. Internet has a major role in spreading the electronic crimes in various networks around the globe. Internet has given rise to many electronic crime activities such as:

  1. Spam: Spam are the advertisement medium used through the internet which involves sending the commercial mails in the bulk. This activity is offensive in nature up to some extent and now a day spam mails are increasing very rapidly due to more and more aggressive marketing strategies adopted by the companies.
  2. Fraud: Through internet everyday lots of frauds are done which involves the alteration, misuse, unauthorized or deletion of data by the unauthorized people. These frauds are mainly concerned with the unauthorized transfer of money or the information itself.
  3. Offensive content: The Internet has become home to the various offensive content which is posted everyday on the various internet websites. The Content which is posted through internet is offensive in terms of either politically, socially or may be racist in nature which can create problem among the people.
  4. Harassment: The Harassment can be different then the offensive content posted on the internet website. The Harassment can be in many different ways like comments to individuals based on race, gender, religion, nationality and sexuality.
  5. Cyber terrorism: The Cyber terrorism is the act of attacking with the use of internet. These attacks can be on vast number of computer systems and networks by the mean of spreading virus in the personal computers.
  6. Drug trafficking: Drug trafficking is the process of selling the illegal material through the encrypted mails. These swapping deals take place at the cyber café and other internet centers (Ayantokun, 2006).

3 Setting up websites

Now a day various websites have been set up by the web designers and the new business model essentially require the online presence of the business. Other than that most of the evolving business models now a day require the internet involvement in them.

The E-criminal now a day are attacking on the various websites like gamming websites, banking websites, online classified and online entertainment as well. Among all these websites different kinds of viruses are released on every website depending on the utility of the website (Adomi, 2007b). For example on the banking website viruses which can steal the password and Trojans are left so that to steal the username and password for the online account so that funds can be accessed. The Following graph shows the attack of different viruses on the different websites:

[caption id="attachment_4612" align="aligncenter" width="398"]attack of viruses on different websitesShowing the attack of viruses on different websites[/caption]

As shown in the following figure that a major portion of these website contains the attack of the malware on these websites. While other major viruses present on the websites are the Trojan and downloader’s which try to steal important information of the user.

4 Availability of online services

Online service provider is the broad segmentation for the various services provided online by the service provider. This big segment of the services includes the internet service providers, email service provider, e-commerce management and service provider, online news provider and other online services provided to the people on internet (Akpore, 2006a).

The Online services offered by the various service providers like banking companies, e-commerce companies and other digital marketing related companies are subjected to the internet frauds as the electronic crimes can happen in the processing of these services. These services which are offered to the customers and involving the fund transfer system contains the secured tunnel which route all the transactions.

But after being presence of the secured tunnel developed by the companies there are possibilities of the frauds in online services offered by the companies since the username and password are subjected to the risk of theft and unauthorised access from the electronic criminal which access the accounts of people and misuse the fund of these people (Ruteyan, 2003).

Some of the major e-crimes which happen in the online service providers involve viruses such as the password stealers. These specially programmed code of language is kept and introduced from any possible source at the network of the bank and other websites and when customer make their transaction by entering their username and password details these information are captured by these programme which later on is used for the unauthorised access and involve transfer of fund.


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