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Problem Statement

The main reason for the installation of the successive management of the activities and the alignment would be implied for easing the integration and forming the usefulness of the management . The management would be implied for easing the development and integrating the alignment and development. The main problem would be achieved with the involvement of the management for easing the information technology transfer development. The network installation is a major setback for forming the issues in utilization of the effective information transfer for easing the management formation development [1]. The easing of the network development operations can be helpful for ensuring the management of the factors and listing the employment of the activities for integrating the development of aligning management. The major problems for the project would involve the alignment of the network configuration and listing the management of the successive integration development [3]. The network configuration is a major problem for the organization as it requires the possible formation of the activities for defining the integration and development. The configuration of the networks would be cohesive for the formation and defining of the network development.



Figure 1: WBS for the Project
(Source: Created by the author)

3. Gantt char

Figure 2: Gantt chart for the Project
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