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TCP/IP standard

Transmission control protocol (TCP) or internet protocol (IP) has transformed the communication and has become the global standard for transferring data over internet. The article has presented two implementation of TCP IP networking assignment help. The implementation follows RFC1122 requirements which ensure interoperability. TCP/IP is developed by various combinations of layers such as application, transport, network, data link layer and physical layer. All this layers are allowed reliable flow of data between hosts. It concern about appropriately data chunked, sending acknowledgment of received packets and set time out.

There are different TCP/IP standards which are examined by port numbers and the port numbers are derived from NCP port number (Network Control protocol).  The TCP/IP stack could be considered as box which has packets. For delivering the application, the TCP/IP stack arranges the packet on order in which they are sent and once the packets are received acknowledgment is also sent. The study has presented a detail analysis of the input and output of TCP/IP packets. The pictorial presentation of the data processing is very easy to understand. From the study it is clear that TCP/IP connection is suitable for larger network. If TCP/IP is used for very small network with little bandwidth then it would cause performance issue. The study has highlighted that it is important that the buffer and memory management is very important for better performance of the network. Author has also focussed on the importance of the RFC1122 requirements as it allows the interoperability between the hosts. The study has divided the RFC1122 requirements into two categories. The first category is for host to host communication and the other is for the application and the networking stack. The RFC compliance for a network has been briefly discussed which helps up in setting up the background for the implementation.

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The study has presented a detailed discussion on protocol discussion and has explained the Internet Protocol and covered discussions on IP fragment reassembly on Broadcasts and multicasts.  These two topics will help a reader understand the internet protocol easily. With respect to TCP, the study has presented discussions on listening connections, sending data, sliding window, flow control, connection state, and transmission and congestion control. Discussion presented on these topics has helped in building a thorough understanding on TCP. The bifurcation of the topic into sub topic has brought more clarity. Overall the study is helpful in studying the TCP implementation.


Dunkels, A., 2003,. Full TCP/IP for 8-bit architectures. In Proceedings of the 1st international conference on Mobile systems, applications and services (pp. 85-98). ACM.

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