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Momenta Group

Momenta Group

Social media marketing is done in order to reach the masses of audience. This is considered as the simpler way these days to reach the customers in one go through social media because most of the people are very much into these things. The social media marketing strategies can be used to target the traffic very specifically. If our company would be investing more on social media marketing than we do not need to beg in front of the customers but we just got the leads by posting the content about our company. This method will also help us to filter our audience according to our requirements. By using this, we can target the relevant audience for the relevant program as social media profile of the people will let us know about their interests and professions.  We are currently using some of the media channels for marketing purposes but we need to invest more in such activities so as to generate more leads for our programs.  The social media marketing plan for Momenta Group is as follows:


Our company is the training provider company that provides different types of training courses to the business professional in order to enhance their skills in different fields. (momenta Group, 2017) The most important objective of marketing is to create the awareness about the upcoming training programs of the company so that more and more professionals can enroll themselves for the program. Another objective is to increase the enrollment and hence the revenue of the company. One of the objectives is to gain the feedback from the already registered individuals about the program as well as from the people who wants enroll for different program. This helps in designing the new and required programs by the company. As far as the main objective is considered, it is about creating awareness regarding the upcoming programs. Creating awareness about the programs not only increases the number of enrolments but also helps in making people aware about the existence of the company. This helps in developing business contacts with the people.

KPI: Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicators

KPI’s are the elements that indicate about the level of success of the social marketing strategy that has been implemented by the company.

According to me, the key performance indicators of the plan are the number of enrollment for different programs, the revenue earned and the number of positive feedbacks by the individuals. These three factors are considered as the key performance indicators because if the social media marketing strategy will become successful than more and more number of enrolments have been done into the company for the programs. If there is no lead generation and increase in number of enrolments than it results in failure of the social media marketing plan. Increase in the number of enrolments increases the revenue of the company so revenue can also be considered as the KPI. Decrease in the revenue or small rise in the revenue will also be considered as the failure or unsuccessful conduct of the marketing plan. The last KPI is the positive feedbacks by the clients or the business professionals. The positive feedback for the company programs indicate that more number of people are interested in the program as well as they are aware of the upcoming programs by the Momenta Group. (Social, 2017)

Social media channels used:

It is important to determine the trafficking rate for the social media channels that have been used by the company. The channels that have been used for marketing are:

Slideshare: Slideshare is the online platform by LinkedIn that facilitates to generate and post the presentations, infographics, documents and similar materials. This can be used by us as the marketing tool. We can make the presentation of the company and the upcoming programs using this tool. Some of the features of slideshare like infograhics allow us to make presentation with inspirational content that evokes the emotional response from the audience.

Social Media Marketing Plan Assignment Help

Youtube: Our Company is already using the channel for marketing purpose but till now we are posting only the training session videos on youtube. This channel can also be used to provide the details about the upcoming programs so that the professional who are learning from our videos can also get to know about our upcoming programs. This helps us to create awareness about the programs. Youtube also allows broadcasting the advertisements in between the videos just like the ads have been shown on television. It is very important for the company to post the youtube ads because most of the people now-a-day use youtube frequently for watching different kinds of videos.

Reddit: Reddit is a social news aggregation, web content rating and discussion website. By registering with this website, we can post the content about our company programs as well as direct links. The other registered users than rate each other’s content. The content with highest voted remain at the top of the page. This website is very useful in getting feedbacks from the business professionals as well as for creating awareness about our programs.

Instagram: Instagram is one of the very famous social media channels that can be used to connect with large masses of audience. This facilitates us to post pictures and videos online so that we can connect with our audience. It is very important to hashtag the posts that you are posting. This channel is essential for Momenta because the company still lacks in relating to the audience. Use of this application for marketing purpose helps in associating a human factor with the company. Ads can also be posted via instagram.

(Rojas, 2017)

Activity and timeline chart for 4 weeks:

Youtube/ instagram: create a video including all about the company details with eye catchy graphics and attractive audio.







Company info


What we do

Post all the content related to what the company is all about with a logo of the company

Company link:





Programs for 2017

Post all the details related to the programs that will be conducted in 2017




Programs conducted till now

Post the videos of the training sessions and the details about the programs conducted till now

Videos and photos



About the client list

Post about the client list that have used our programs as well as interviews of some of the clients



Information about enrolment

How to enroll?

Give details about how they can enroll for the programs (offline and online methods)



Feedback video


Post the video asking people about the programs and their interests in comments.



Video/ direct message in case of instagram

Query solving video

Post video providing answers to all the queries that have been received by the audiences.


Repeat the process for 4 weeks.

Slideshare: Make a presentation involving all the details about the company and the programs for 2017. Marketing on slideshare requires us to follow some of the steps:




Publish the promotional presentation: The first step will be to publish the promotional presentation with little bit of the content and attractive videos and infographics.



Check the response: The response and the comments of the audience should be assessed before posting the full presentation.



Check the response


Post the final presentation: Now, is the time to present the final presentation.



Review: This channel allows us to know about the comments, likes and the number of views for the presentation.



Contact: We can directly contact the businesses, whosoever is found to be interested by mailing them.





Reddit: It is the most professional sit as it allows us to share the relevant content after registering and this helps us n knowing about or position.


Post and activities



Company information should be delivered by posting content of the company with the required details.



Post about the training program that will be conducted in 2017. Post motivating articles



Post the photos of the training sessions and the text content of the interviews of the business professionals who have already been trained from the company programs.



Post about the list of the clients who have been enrolled with us. Ask the training managers of the client companies to promote the programs by liking and commenting them. Use the individual mail option to contact the clients



Provide the information about the enrolment process



Review our position and contact the people who are showing interest



Review all our positioning records of the post and improve the content of the files with low positioning.


Roles and responsibilities:

CEO:CEO of the company needs to conduct a meeting so that the objectives can be set for the social media marketing plan.

Project manager: The project manger would be making a team that can work for the purpose and delegating the roles and duties to the team members according to their fields. He also needs to identify the training needs as well as the hiring needs for his team.

Content developer: The content developer needs to develop the content according to the posts and the social media channel used. He is responsible for Search Engine Optimization and also has the responsibility to carry out research about the lead generated by the social media marketing.

Web designer: He needs to design the graphics for the ads that need to be posted on different media channels. He is responsible for designing the graphics according to the content generated so that he can engage the people with the web page of the company.

HR personnel:He needs to hire the required employees as well as need to train the employees according to the requirement of the project.

Client service executive:He needs to deal with the clients on the live chat program as well as in the office so as to handle their queries. He is the one who is responsible for converting the lead into the final customer.


As far as the budget is considered, the first approach is for hiring the staff.

Hiring cost:

Momenta require a team of two people for social media marketing. One would be content developer and other would be SEO executive. So the hiring cost for at Momenta can be calculated by calculating the external cost with the internal cost divided by the number of people hired.

Cost of posting jobs on job portal= $500/day (posted for 3 days)

Salaries of the members= $700+$900

Employee referral= $110

Total cost= $3210

Training cost:

Training has to be given to the old employee as well as to the new employees. Training cost includes trainer’s fee along with arrangements for training:

Trainer’s fee= $500 per day (3 day training)

Miscellaneous for arrangements: $300 for 3 days

Number of trainees= 4

Cost per trainee= $450

Total cost= 1800

Slideshare lead generation cost:

LinkedIn do not charge for uploading the material on slideshare but it charges around $600-1700 for using the premium tools to know about the views and mange the ranks.

Youtube ads:

Per view charges= $.20

Approximate total cost would be = $20,000 for a month

Instagram ads:

They average cost per click is $3.5

Total cost would be = $35,000 per month






$3210 (2 hiring)

Slideshare lead generation

$ 1700

Youtube ads

$ 20,000 per month

Instagram ads

$35,000 per month

Total cost

$ 61,710


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