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Social Media Marketing Paper Editing Services


The importance of social media has been very important thing for the betterment of the brand images of everyone. I have also been engaged in this matter as well for the last few years. My only intention has been to build up my proper brand image by which I could view myself as the leader if I want to start my new business. I had the opportunity of travelling across various countries of Asia because of some business operation purposes. This is why I created my own Instagram account that would be highly important for me to record the beautiful sceneries of the several magnificent places across the continent (Hearn, 2008). I had an inherent interest travelling so I got the option of meeting that gave me the opportunity to explore this area in a better way.

Social media identity

Brand identity is all about presenting the people in a better way so they can attract the attention of the other people in the society. The aspect online identity always depends on the fact how the people present themselves on the online social platforms. This online behavior or presentation will surely be different from how they will behave offline (Bruhn, Schoenmueller & Schäfer, 2012). The way I present myself on the online platforms will be the proper brand in which I would fall in. The image I would present in my Instagram account will be quite different from that of other online accounts. I always like to capture the scenic beauties of the area in which I had visited. I have some features in my character that I will never want to reveal. I will surely present myself in a way that they can never understand my features when I am not online.

. It is indeed very important to improve the brand image of the individuals in various ways (Grabowicz et al., 2012). The individuals should be competent enough to choose the proper networks by which they could explore their appearances. If the people get connected with all the people within the same sphere it will be highly beneficial for them to know about the cultures of each other. The choice of color will also be very important for the portrayal of the individuals as well. The sharing of the different types of news will be very important for the successful social media strategies (Bruhn, Schoenmueller & Schäfer, 2012).

Strategy for posting the images

One of the most important matter in this scenario is the fact of the posting the images on the Instagram. Some of the features of establishing the online identity is to focus on how the pictures are posted and how the audience have given their reactions regarding it. I chose a method of expressing myself in my onile Instagram account. It was by uploading the pictures on the account with the location tags (Castronovo & Huang, 2012). However, I also added some words regarding the picture on how I was feeling and the beauty of the location. I used to add the words on my pictures through the hash tags. This would benefit me in most ways. I have been very enthusiastic and passionate about sports. This is why I like to post the pictures of my favorite players with the best background sceneries. This would suggest my passion about sports and unending love for the location I was visiting.

Apart from the self-enhancement, the development of self-esteem will also be an important matter for the development of the individuals (Grabowicz et al., 2012). The psychological experiment well-being is quite related with the use of social media by the individuals. The human beings sometimes are able to find their true identity through the use of this social media. This will enhance their skills and compatibility within the society. They will feel to be more confident in the works they do and find people who feel enthusiastic in their works as well. This will also motivate them to be much realistic about all the things within the sphere of the society.

Tactics for attracting the audience

The main target audience for the online brand I have presented is mainly the sports lovers and the travelling lovers. These people would follow my account since I used to post the things that were their favorite topics as well. There are some major ways to attract the people in the brand and help them to connect with the people in the best ways (Castronovo & Huang, 2012).

Firstly, I will have to evaluate the content of the quality that I would put in the brands. I wanted to visit some important views from the famous people and present them in my online brand community. Whenever I go on some trips for my business I surely make some primary research on the best and significant places in that region and the best places for food and the transport facilities. After going through the thorough research I would surely upload those photos in my album.

Secondly, I can say that my interests in sports and travelling can be helpful for me to attract many people towards my online account. My online Instagram brand identity will create a huge influence in the minds of those people. The visual interpretations would be highly important for them as well. The visual representations would be highly important for understanding the depth of the images to the core. The use of the image and the emoticons will also express my various emotions as well (Gillespie, 2010).

The third strategy is to make the brand content more attractive and letting the audience enjoys the beauty of the images that I have already enjoyed. It would be very much easy for all the people to find me by a thorough searching process (Gillespie, 2010). They can follow me and access my images and videos as well. They can also view the beauty of the location by the location tags that I have already attached. These things would really be helpful for me in different ways to increase my popularity (Gillespie, 2010).

As the fourth strategy, I will have to interact with my followers and give them replies to their messages. This will surely be much better strategy for me to utilize in order to get popular. The more public attention will display my acceptance among them (Hearn, 2008). This will also be an identifier of the strong brand identity content that I have provided. I would interact with my followers through the comments they would put in my pictures and videos. I would also provide some customized photos to my followers if they ask for it from me personally.


As discussed in the above sections, it can be concluded that the self-image of the individuals can be positively enhanced once the brand image of the individuals is increased. This should lead the individuals to present themselves very strongly in front of the others. The individuals will go on to create a strong brand presence in order to be very much present within the arrays of the society. It is the responsibility of the individuals to be effective and responsible to be strongly present in the social media.


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