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Social Media Marketing Assignment on Internet Technology

Social Media Marketing Internet Technology Proofreading Service


Heineken is been listed among one of the leading brewing industries being headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The entire report is based on the concepts of enhancing the brand awareness and reputation of the business. It would identify some of the major issues being faced by the organisation in creating the brand awareness and the brand reputation and would make effective recommendation for overcoming the same.

Social Media Marketing Assignment on Internet Technology


In context to Heineken, it has been seen that the company enjoys good market awareness reputation and image in the marketplace and is been positioned among the leading numbers in the industry. Brand reputation is been mainly indicated by the number of loyal customers and the position in the industry. The reputation could be judged by evaluating the sales revenue, product demands, customer feedbacks, etc. As per Alazab and Broadhurst, (2016) Brand awareness plays vital role in the development of the organization it creates the recognition of the organization in the market. It helps the management to increase the sale of the product in the market and can easily compete in the market. It increases the value of the organization and provides the quality services to the organization for the advertisement. The branding of the product provides the reputation to the product in order to gain the brand value of the product in the global market. In addition to this, brand reputation is what an individual or grouped of people views the particular brand. However, a brand reputation is been seen positive when the consumers acquires higher trusts in the company and prefers to make purchases of its products and services only. On the other hand, if the customers show distrust towards or hesitates to purchase its products and services would be considered to be a negative reputation in the marketplace (Keller, 2016).

Though, it has been observed that the Heineken experiences fair amount of positive reputation and brand awareness among the people and had a positive position in the industry. The major competitors of Heineken are Coors, Miller, UB group, etc. which gives a tough competition in attaining the leading position in the industry. It has been identified that Heineken acquires immense opportunities of improving the brand awareness. It is recommended that the organization could make use of the social media sources which would provide with a wide platform of approaching the customers and grab their attention effectively (Torres, 2013). Social Media provide the unique digital outlet to the organization in order to serve better services to the clients. Online contest, event promotion and gamification are assisting brands to build awareness, market share and revenue. That results to the continuously expansion of the business through entertainment and social media. It has been recommended that Henieken must initiate with some of the major activities to enhance its brand reputation and awareness.

It is required for the organization to identify its actual target audience in terms of demographics along with their beliefs and preferences so that to influence them accordingly. Henieken must develop strong relationship with its customer base so that to establish the roots of the business in the market effectively. In addition to this, Henieken must also focus on the quality rather than quantity as it would provide with the improvement in the brand loyalty among the customers (Jernigan and Rushman, 2014). The organization must also share and create positive experiences with the customers so that to make them incline towards the brand and ensure long term relationships at large. Moreover, social media sources would provide with various opportunities to enhance the brand reputation and brand awareness among the people.

Growth Analysis

In the present technological era, it has been found that maximum numbers of people make use of the internet and the social media sites to the large extents. It is common among the people to access various sites to be social and explore the world through the online sources. It has been identified that there are immense numbers of social media sources or communities which could be utilized by Henieken to augment its brand awareness and reputation in the market. In-spite of having a wide spread social coverage, Henieken requires reaching greater communities where the brand could be promoted and could avail enhanced exposure and expansion opportunities (Istanbulluo?lu, 2014). It is very much important for the organization to identify the right audience to be approached and the right target market so that to focus in an effective way and gain higher profitability. It has been observed that Henieken mainly targets the males between the age of 22 to 35 and who follows sports activities. Thus, it is been recommended that targeting every group of market segment as young or aged would help in grabbing wider market area and audiences. It has been also identified that with the approach at the social media Henieken do not facilitates any feedback review for the customers which lacks in attaining the view points from the audiences. It is been recommended that the organization could initiate with a feedback option on Tweeter, Facebook, Instragram, etc. which would provide with the reviews about the products and services from the customers and would help in bringing more advancement in the same. Moreover, in case of any of the risk or decline in the target market Henieken must initiate with the introduction of new variants in the products and services, bring new product offers and discounts to attract the customers, approach wider customer segment by using internet sources, etc (Sánchez, 2014). These activities would therefore help the organization in grabbing the customers again and overcome with the occurrence of any risk over the targeted market.

Portfolio Examples

Heineken in the present times makes use of various social media sources but could improve the ways of approaching the audience and execute additional measures for the same. Some of the major sources which could be used to deliver the campaigns are:

Facebook:Facebook is biggest platform that facilitates the organization to post their activities and enhance their brand awareness among the people of the world. It is been suggested that the advertisements or the information about Henieken must be posted in every 2 to 3 days so that to frequently come across the audience and grab higher attention over it.

Twitter:It has been recommended that Henieken must make use of Twitter to share the information about its social events or any other initiatives which would influence the customers to the great extent. However, it has been seen that the frequency of posts is very much low which is recommended to be posted in at least every 3 days per week (Teixeira, 2015).

Instagram:It is been suggested that the organization must ensure people about the confidentiality of their personal information so that to motivate them to follow Heineken. It must update its information daily so that to be in limelight.

You tube:This channel could be used to present creative visualizations among the customers. Videos of attractive ads could be uploaded so that to attract the customers. This must be used in every 10 days in a month.

Blogs:This channel would provide with the critical reflection of the brand image and would grab the attention of people more ( Heymann-Reder, 2012)

LinkedIn:It is a business oriented social networking services which would help the company to influence the working people and having sporty interests. This would provide with the enhancement in brand awareness.     


The Spam and Privacy Act is been mainly referred to the spam as the unwanted commercial electronic messaging. The main requirement of the Spam Act is that the sender must identify the consent of the recipient whether he or she wants to receive the message or not, then sender should identify the sender that he is eligible to receive this kind of message or not and last thing is that the message should include the functional unsubscribe mechanism that if any person did not want to receive this kind of message than he can opt the unsubscribe option (Sánchez, 2015). The key requirement of the Privacy Act is that organization should cover the privacy act that is driven by the National Privacy Principles while handling the personal information of the client. This act guide the organization that collected information of the individual must be kept safe and secure did not disclose the information with any other person. These principles cover how the personal information is collected, stored, used, disclosed and destroyed and allot the rights to the individual to access the personal Information of itself. Spam and Privacy act is being followed by the organization to safely secure the information of the clients and other associates. It has been recommended that the organization must ensure the consent of the people before sending the messages for promotion (Ashley and Tuten, 2015).


With the above report was been carried out to extract the information about the brand awareness and brand reputation along with their related aspects. It has been found that social media had provided with a wide platform to the organization in order to gain the attention of the people in the market. Moreover, the report revealed that the content that Heineken share on different channels of social media had contributed in spreading awareness and increasing the brand value in the marketplace effectively.


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