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Executive Summary

This security management assignment help is based on Tekdata, which is located in Tehran, Iran and is a supplier and service provider of data and telecommunications. Tekdata mainly deals in computer peripherals, cable assembly manufacturer, optical, photographic and security instrument manufacture. Other lines of products are disk drive floppy, diva icon, ADSL balancing load, anti-Kaspersky personal spam, anti-spam, anti-spam filter, anti-spam services, anti-spam tool, anti-spam virus, anti-virus and firewall, anti-virus protection, assessment vulnerability, back DVD up, back up, backup data storage, backup data online storage, balancing, floppy disk drive, IP over solution voice, IP product telephony, load balancing, removable data storage, Voice over IP, wireless broadband router distributor, etc. In the body, the country in which the information is stored is mentioned along with the country where the business the registered whether or not the company uses Google app if yes which is the particular app they use and the monthly cost the company has to bear for it. Whether or not the company uses the supercomputer and its applications. Do the company practices human resource strategies? The specialized software and hardware the company uses and their specifications. Later on, a research detail on Tekdata is mentioned with specifications of ABN, some employee, company structure, and mission statement. Next, the details of assets are mentioned, and a risk assessment is done on his property, threat identifications, a risk of likelihood, single expectancy, and the annual loss expectancy. Lastly, a recommendation is made to mitigate the risks that might arise in the company.

Security Management Assignment Help

1. Which country is your data stored?
The country where the data of Tekdata supplier and service provider data and telecommunications network is stored is the United Kingdom(Kick, 2016). The registration number under which the data is stored is 04991487. Tekdata has all the processes completed by the established laws of United Kingdom. The rules for registration include maintaining complete transparency of its operations and funds with the government as well as the public. In this regard, Tekdata has everything in place and has a spotless record.

2. Which country is the business registered?
Tekdata - supplier and service provider of data and telecommunication networks, is recorded under the telecommunications laws of Iran under the license number, 2016).

3. Does the company use cloud services?
Yes, Tekdata does use cloud services. The cloud service that uses is Google’s Dropbox app which costs $150 per month. 

4. Does the company use a supercomputer?
Tekdata being a telecommunications it positively uses supercomputers to run its operations. The supercomputers are used for the activities such as design, installations, consulting, upgrades, training, install, test and operate newest, largest and highly advanced computer networks, LAN campus network, and MAN(Kick, 2016).

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5. Human Resource Policies

  1. Tekdata believes in the growth of an individual employee and as such occasionally performs job rotations. Job rotations help each employee understand the importance of other employees. It also creates a sense of the difficulties and challenges that others employed in different fields face, which enables every employee to develop a sense of respect for other employees and become better team workers(Collings, 2012).
  2. Tekdata tries to deliver the best performance to its consumers and as such needs a workforce that is efficient and ethical in its outlook. Because of this, Tekdata performs background checks(Collings, 2012). The company believes that every employee should be a model of a good citizen that upholds the values of the nation and the community. Each employee from the bottom to the highest position is expected to follow a code of conduct that supports human rights values.
  3. Tekdata supports Mandatory Vacancy policy under Corporate Responsibility Laws. Tekdata aspires to be a good corporate citizen and for this matter maintains its ethics of corporate citizenship.
  4. Tekdata creates a separation of duties to maintain efficiency in the workplace(Collings, 2012).

6. Does the company uses any specialize software?
Over the times with the growth of network design and WAN network equipment and to meet the redundancy, security and scalability of the company Tekdata have strengthened its technical staffs by employing experienced engineers in the field of network management and operations(Wainwright and Mulligan, 2011). To support this advancement of the organization, Tekdata uses specialized software such as CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate), CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert) and CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional). It also uses NGN (Next Generation Networks) to bring out netter effects of its technology, including video conferencing, voice over IP, CISCO AVVID, IP phone and other uses(Wainwright and Mulligan, 2011).

7. Specialized Hardware used by Tekdata
Tekdata’s use of specialized hardware exceeds its primary field. Tekdata recently succeeded in a subsea wiring task in collaboration with SEA(Plaza, Plaza and Vegas, 2010). Tekdata achieved in the project with positive results within limited time and a limited cost. SEA collaborated with Tekdata because of their expertise in the fields like signal grounding, high-quality sealing, etc. Tekdata used x-ray analysis to decipher the exact arrangement for interconnection(Plaza, Plaza and Vegas, 2010).

8. Details of Tekdata.
Tekdata –complete networks security solutions, is a data provider and telecommunication systems company based in Tehran, Iran. Tekdata’s ultimate parent is DCC Public Limited Company with its immediate parent Tekdata Distribution Limited. Tekdata has its head office at Crown Road, Stroke on Trent, Staffordshire ST1 5NJ, United Kingdom(Dunlop, 2011). The company deals in computer peripherals, photographic, security, optical instrument manufacturer, and cable assembly manufacturer. It also deals in floppy disks, antiviruses, disk drives, spam filters, IP, wireless broadband router distributor, etc. Tekdata was established in 2003 under the registration number 04991487. It is registered in Iran under the telecommunications acts with ABN/license number Mr. Gary Cooper is the Finance Director of the company(Dunlop, 2011). Tekdatais a medium structured group which consists of 50 employees. It is a member of the Engineers employment Federations(Cola, 2006). Tekdata’s mission statement is promoting quantity and quality of computer network technology, planning and implementation of projects. All these are based on international standards, confidence and relationship building by providing sales and after sales service, use of technologies and innovations based on research, promoting technical experts in informatics networks, and last but not the least provide extensive support to the customers before and after sales(Cola, 2006).

9. Overall assessment of the Enterprise
Tekdata uses premium quality services for its offices to enhance the working atmosphere. It also strives to improve the quality of the workforce and as such, attempts its utmost to develop the workplace(Kumar and Francisco, 2005). Tekdata doesn't compromise on quality and in its attempt to do so, doesn't hesitate in the matter of funding.

Following are some examples which make this attitude of Tekdata very evident.
Microsoft Office - £230 X 50 = £11500. Tekdata uses original and full versions of every application to facilitate effortless and unhindered services(Kumar and Francisco, 2005).
PCs   £ 900 X 50 = £45000. Tekdata uses the best quality of computers for the ease of its employees.
Premises rent p.a. = £ 6000000(Kumar and Francisco, 2005). Tekdata’s office is situated in one of the best official areas of United Kingdom, Crown Road, which creates a good and stress-free environment for employees where they have minimum problems and delivers better quality work.
Server cost - £100 X 10 = £1000. Tekdata uses high-speed servers which provide its employees the means to deliver at maximum efficiency.
Overall employee wages= £500,000. Tekdata aims to provide employees with lucrative salaries that make this one of the most sought out companies to work.
Overall conveyance cost=£100,000. Tekdata sees to it that its employees face minimum problem in a truck.
Allowances = £100,000. Tekdata provides bonuses and other allowances to its employees so that they are better motivated in their work.
Other expenses = £50,000



Number of Assets

Cost Per Assets

Total Cost


Microsoft Office







£ 900


Premises rent p.a.



£ 6000000

Server cost




employee wages




Overall conveyance








Other Assets








Total Cost of Assets:

Total costs for the Assets:


Risk Assessment

Tekdata has an overall asset of 15M which is not high as compared to the bigger enterprises, but mostly its assets are company’s staffs and machinery it uses to perform its functions(MacGillivray, 2013). Tekdata bears a monthly cost of £11,500 regarding Microsoft Office licensing, £45000 in PC's rent, £6M in premises rent and other purposes, and overall £2M which includes employees' wages, conveyance, and allowance. Most of the time there's a high turnover rate in most organizations although the organization is doing well. A high turnover rate means the organization has to conduct interviews for replacement or up-gradation of the workforce which costs the organization in terms of time, money and experience(MacGillivray, 2013).  As most of the assets are in software and hardware, they are prone to damages and short life expectancy, so there always stays a liability in changing or replacing them. A through vulnerability assessment is required to keep a check on sudden damages or failures the system might come up. Vulnerability analysis is the process through which the security loopholes in the computer, communication or network communication are defined, identified and classified. Thus, the company must have a thorough idea about the probability of occurrence, ordinal ranking, the relative likelihood of occurrence, category ranking of categories that represent the likelihood(Jarupunphol and Buathong, 2013). The single loss expectancy must be generated which is required to calculate the annual loss expectancy. The annual loss expectancy is the product of single loss expectancy and the annual rate of occurrence. The managerial staff of Tekdata must monitor the risk assessment to be prepared for any unexpected outcome. Thus, an overall risk assessment helps the company to stay prepared for any shortcomings the company has to face over the period(Jarupunphol and Buathong, 2013).


Although Tekdata does not have any creditors who have their investments due, there may be a problem in this regard shortly; this is because the company has not seen major upheavals in its business in recent times. Although Tekdata is relatively new to see such an event, it is in its best interests to prepare for such an occurrence. The fairly significant investments in their planning may be good for the business in the apparent viewpoint, but it may cause imbalances in its overall financial planning(McKeown, 2012). While the company's policies have always been a trend of landing huge projects, it may be better if it widened its consumer base to the maximum percentage of the population. Although Tekdata has not faced a lack of projects till date, it should be remembered that the number of such projects is always limited and as such it is in the best interests of the company to divert its resources to other fields as well. Thus, stability of the company in case of a situation of a lack of available projects by providing it with a lineup of other projects which would help sustain the company financially would be ensured.  The high maintenance costs already set by the company would put an added pressure in such times. Cutting down on employees would not be a solution in this case as it would again create a lack of workforce in the event of the resurgence in the availability of such larger projects(McKeown, 2012). Creating a new lineup of the workforce would in such a case put additional stress on the company both financially or otherwise. Also, a process of cutting down on employees would prove to be harmful to the company's overall public image, and a maligned public image is the worst thing that any company belonging to any sector can think. The company needs a plan that regulates its expenditures. While the company makes unconditional costs maintain a quality of work, it needs a plan which pinpoints its important positions. Such expenses may exist as a result of the company's aim to create a better quality of work but in fact, it creates a hindrance in the company's ability to efficiently direct its overall capital to create a better quality of work. Mostly, the company lacks a backup plan in case of a lack of projects and also requires planning in the direction of its funds.


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