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SEB725 Engineering Entrepreneurship Assignment Help

SEB725 Engineering Entrepreneurship Proof Reading Services


In SEB725 Engineering Entrepreneurship Assignment Help, we are leading company deals in research, development, and manufacturing of Smart Water tanks. We focus on customer satisfaction and provide high-quality product. We have a team of expertise, researchers, and well-skilled workers for providing best quality product. We are fastest growing company globally and dealing in smart water management system. We are continuously putting efforts for improving the quality of products and working on things that how can be provided simply the best water management solution for end to end costumers.

Our trademark has been given above that is a logo, it has water splashing and its name it SMART WATER TANK. It shows, how one can save water by the application of smart management solutions. It has a blue colour and words have been written in capital letters.

Eligibility for Trademark-

When anyone get trademark registered requires information like name, the address of the company/ firm/ industry. If the company have partners then mention the names of partners, mentioning the state, country or state of incorporation. List of services which are being provided for registration and soft copies.

A logo or a Brand generally called Trademark. For obtaining business research registration one should have one of these like business name, distinctive catch phrases, various taglines or captions. A trademark can be one of the most important business assets if it used in a proper way and any promotion. There are many trademarks those have the quality of the product and indicate truth in their logos like Nike, Adidas, HP, Canon, and Coca-Cola. It is very important to obtain trademark registration under the Trademarks Acts for their business name, logo, trade name or different business name under the company’s Act. Trademark registration gives protection against other companies, firms or organisation who might use the same name, similar logo or may be the similar mark. Trademark is a memorable sign, expression, design that shows products or services for the different sources from others. Those trademarks use for recognising services called service marks. The owner of the trademark can be any person, company or any legal entity. That can be located on any product or type of label, advertising etc. For making brand this trademark displayed on buildings of companies, organisation etc. There are different symbols used for trademark like TM, SM and ®that means Trademark, service mark respectively. These symbols TM and SM notifies public that different companies have been taken ownership of their trademark and that can be generally used by one who has filled application form of trademark. The ®symbol can use only one time at the time of registration of trademark after that registration certificate has been issued. One can use registration symbol only for those goods and services for which registration symbol has been registered. For register Trademark or Service mark, one has to follow the same procedure for registration.

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There are various types of trademarks have been followed are discussed below-

Trademark used for the protection of words, figures, logo, or various types of melody more than any of them and it is important what is important thing that can characterise your company, how your company can be benefitted by any phrase, logo, figure that can make impression on people those are going to interact your company and that can also characterise your products or services that you are offering to costumers. Think about how you are offering the protection right, which can be maintained by you for making the brand in the market.


Works marks can be a combination of letters, a combination of letter and numbers, a combination of words like Auto EWNS, De23 etc. Standard Typeface use for registering any type of word mark, which means one, can also apply for the figurative mark means if it has got any type of certain shape.

Figurative Marks/Logos

The combination of words and figures or only consist figures are coming under Figurative marks. This can also include different types of word mark with different fonts, that can be black and white or in colour. These logos should be attractive so that can be recognised.


If anybody wants to change the colour of any logo, word that has to be stated in the application form because of that colour place important role in logos, words etc. One has to give the specific description of the colour in words like the mark has been produced in red and white colour. The colour mentioned in the description that colour only protected. If one has to have to apply for the new colour then they have to give another application form for the registration of the new colour.

Attach a Reproduction

Reproduction of the mark is needed for the application of the figurative mark means that should be attached with the reproduction of the mark. The reproduction of the high quality is a must that can be submitted like that may be the original printout. Photocopies are not suitable for the reproduction. Vector images should be produced one can take help of photographer for raster images and there are various sizes of images but suitable size is 34 lines per centimetre.

Three Dimensional Trademarks

If any product or can be packaging has a particular shape so one can protect it as a three-dimensional trademark like a perfume bottle, liqueur bottle etc. For the registration of the three-dimensional trade the shape of the trademark must be unique that should not match with the existing trademarks in the market. 

Sound Trademarks

A sound trademark can also be produced that is a different indicator. That can be different recognition effect can be sound or melody. For the protection of the sound, it should be reproducible graphically like with the use of notes. You must have heard most famous sound trademark the Hem glass ice cream van jingle.

Collective, Guarantee And Control Trademarks

Collective, guarantee and control trademarks consist every type of trademark, it is not a type of mark. Different members of the company, association, business organisations and any type of society can own their collective trademark that can be used by their members. For controlling goods and services they can register guarantee and control trademark such as foundation, association, companies, authorities and other societies they can register guarantee and control trademark. Guarantee of wool products is taken by the International Wool Society’s Sign that means it can use their symbol to meet certain quality demand.

If application will not successful so, I will go through these following points are as follows-

  • I will take professional help through customer helpline.
  • I will go through description has it been described properly or not.
  • I will check the application has been disclosed or not publically.
  • I will also go through things are they already exist.
  • I will check is it patentable or not.

These patent applications are complex to fill so I will take assistance from a patent attorney.

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