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This is solution of research proposal assignment help in which we discuss that in the present environment of high competition it has become important for the organization to carry out aspects that help organization in retaining their consumer for a longer period of time within the business

1.Introduction and Background

Thus, it could be said that it has become crucial for the business to enhance loyalty of consumer by laying down various factors. It has been the reason of carrying out this study in order to identify the factors that drive cust­omer loyalty in a dairy (grocery) retail ­environment. This research is also going to understand the relationship between those identified factors with loyalty of the consumer. Finally, the study is going to lay down strategy that bloom fresh verge and fruits must adopt for enhancing the customer loyalty.

Background of the company
Bloom fresh is an organization that is located at Mount Roskilde Auckland. The company is found to be dealing in different vegetable and fruit products (Bloom fresh, 2016). Even it has been identified that company is listed under fruiterers and greengrocers.

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2. Project Aims

Aim of the study
The main of this study was to identify the ways adopted by dairy (grocery) within the retail –environment for enhancing the loyalty of their consumer.
Objective of the study

  • To explore the factors that drive cust­omer loyalty in a dairy (grocery) retail ­environment.
  • To understand the relationship between those identified factors with loyalty of the consumer.
  • To carry out the strategy that bloom fresh vege and fruits must adopt for enhancing the customer loyalty.

3. Literature / Situation Analysis

This section is undertaken for reviewing the past literature or theories that have been initiated by other researcher or scholars in their study. It also helps in building strong theoretical background of the study.
Consumer loyalty
According to Das, (2014) it has been said that consumer loyalty is both an attitudinal and behavioural tendency for favouring one brand over all others. It can be due to satisfaction with respect to product or service or simply familiarity of consumer with the brand. Even it has been identified the consumer loyalty have been encouraging consumers to carry out their shopping in a more consistent manner and helps in attracting consumer to familiar brands that faces larger amount of competitive environment. As per Asiah, (2013) loyalty could be termed as a consumer continuing to carry out believe towards business in relation to its product or service offer that is seen to be best as per their options. It has got the potential of fulfilling the value proposition of a consumer whatever that may be. Even they undergoes such offers whenever is in a situation of carrying out their purchase decision.

Factors affecting consumer loyalty

  • Core offering:, (2015) stated that business which are able to build a strong level of fierce loyal consumers is not because of card programmes rather it is all due to solid and dependable core offerings that has got the appealing potential to consumer in the retail industry. These retail businesses have laid down appropriate focus on their consumer by laying down core offer in order to attract them. This has been done by determining concentrated delivering process that is expected as per consumer needs. It has also been found that North American retailer; Nordstrom ( is seen to be very strong in their loyal consumers. They build the loyalty of their consumer by understanding their wants and then empowering employees for delivering such needs in a consistent manner.
  • Satisfaction: As per Orel and Kara, (2014) states that for the retail business it is crucial for laying down clear satisfaction and it is considered to be important and essential. However, in a case of isolation level of satisfaction is not seen to be an effective measure of loyalty. In a certain scenario satisfaction of consumer level is seen to be quite high without corresponding level of loyalty. Within the retail consumer have been expecting expectations as part and parcel for laying down a general deal and the fact that they are satisfied will not be preventing them from defecting in droves to a competitor who have been offering something extra to their consumer. Thus, it could be said that in the retail industry there is a need for high level of satisfaction for increasing the loyalty of consumers.
  • Share of wallet: In this regard it could be said that market becomes saturated and consumers have got lot many things to choose from and under this situation share of wallet is seen to be increasing important within retail organization (, 2013). It is an aspect that is considered to be cheaper and profitable for increasing share in the area in which consumer carry out their spending concerning a particular sector than by acquiring newer consumer. In today’s scenario loyal consumer has got the potential of laying down 100% share to be spent out within the sector.
  • The marketplace: Even it has been found that marketplace is one of the factors that are considered to be for the development of loyalty (, 2013). The elements that are closely involved within this aspect include opportunity to switch and inertia loyalty.

4. Project Approaches

  • Research design: Under this section discussion has been laid down with respect to research methodology that will be undertaken for carrying out this particular study. It is also going to help out researcher in achieving the aim and objectives of research in a most appropriate manner. With respect to this study quantitative data will be collected with the help of questionnaire technique (Creswell, 2013). The collected data from primary source will be analyzed using SPSS software for carrying out analysis such as frequency distribution, descriptive statistics analytics, cross tabulation, bar and pie charts.
  • Ethical consideration: It is an aspect that is carried out within the very research study so that moral standards are maintained and is not going to harm anyone personal detail while carrying out this study. While carrying out this study it has been assured that personal information collected from the consumer is going to be kept confidential ( 2008). The question that has potential of affecting the ethical aspect will not be asked to the consumer.

5. Project Management

Time period



Research topic discussion with supervisor


Discussion of research proposal with academic supervisor and completion of draft


Submission of final proposal



Started internship at Bloom fresh vege and fruits, mount roskil Auckland

06-7-2016 to


Formulation of Research methodology


Draft completion of Research methodology

1-8-2016 to


Discussion part will be completed


Discussion part draft will be submit

09-8-2016 to


Conclusion and recommendation part will be completed


Presentation of report


Final project report


Submission of final report


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