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Research Methodology Proof Reading and Editing Services

Blogs in the 21stcentury are important in advertising, and marketing about a business. They helped organizations in increasing their sales, improving their rapport, and developing business a good customer relationship. Comments and suggestions help in improving the blog content and the styles used in the blogs.

To start with the blog on week 37, it is attractive since it has several pictures. However, the order of the content is and the pictures are not the best. The picture in the blog shall be better well when placed above the picture content (Titton, 2015). There is no place for comments and the pictures at the bottom of the page would fit well when included in between the content of the blog. Most of the diagrams are clear but do not have supporting captions or notes.

The week 38 blog has good content. However, the page is not attractive to read. This is because the main points and words such as ‘monetary cost’ and ‘consistent’ are not well outlined or highlighted. The points can also be in different colors, font sizes or font styles to emphasize them (Ashley, and Tuten, 2015). The diagrams used in the favorites are clear and self-explanatory though they can be better when some are placed at the introduction and the middle of the contents of the blog. They should also have labels and small notes to support them and further explain about them.

Viewing week 52 blog, the format is not the best since it talks about Christmas tree sales. It should have more pictures describing the products. It should be lively and too attractive thus the need to use more bright and attractive colors. The pictures at the end should be part of the content from the top of the page and also ensure there is a text box or combo box to ensure viewers give their comments on the Christmas trees upon viewing them (Dooley, and Dooley, 2017). The pictures are cluttered at the bottom and hence make the viewers lose the interest in viewing them. They should be shown in between the page as explanations are given about them.

Week 8 blog has its content well-presented though the pictures do not caption. In addition, the labels of the graphs are not clear and visible (Elgesem, 2016). The graph also lacks the horizontal axis label. The diagrams of South American medicine exports are cluttered and not clear hence the viewers and readers may assume them. They are not own explanatory and therefore the information is not well passed to the concerned. This makes it difficult in following up the blog.

The blog on week 51 of December 2017 is good and attractive since easy to follow since it has several links to follow on tweeter. The diagrams used are well elaborated and attractive causing illusion to the viewer to read more on the blog. In the favorites’ area at the bottom are clear and well defined. They are self-explanatory and easy to follow.


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