Reflective Essay Help: Service Organization Operation & Functions

Reflective Essay Help: Service Organization Operation & Functions

Reflective Essay Help: Service Organization Operation & Functions

This Reflective Essay Help: Service Organization Operation & Functions discuss service flow chart and back stage flow chart for organisation operations and fuctions.


The service organization majorly perform its operations and functions coordination of front and back stage departments that develop and deliver the services and products analysing and considering the requirements of visitors and customers. Present essay will analyse the front and back stage flow chart of services industry organization Hilton hotel and explain the significance of the services encounter. It will also analyse managerial implications considering the flow chart of the services for different situations as well provide the information about planning of services flow.



Services flow chart is design and developed according to the service standard, culture, expectation of visitors and competitor services qualities. Services refers to understanding of the needs of the customer, process of offering, analysis of limitation and cost that requires for managing the quality standard within services industry organization. A well establish flow chart of services organization like Hilton hotel for front and back stage is very helpful for maintaining the process of developing and delivery of information, services and products to meet the internal business objectives more professional and efficient manners.

Front stage flow chart:

The organization is using front stage flow chart for managing information and services according to international level and to meet the needs of visitors. According to my observation, the major elements of front stage of services organization is developing the interaction with customers and visitors to collect the details about them and communicate to back stage departments to deliver expected services. In addition to this, front stage flow chart of Hilton involve making of reservation, check-in details, waiting area planning and operating the rooms as well the check-out details have been recorded by the front stage department of hotel organization ( 2013). In that my role is to supervise and assist the visitors regarding services and products.  For example, Hilton hotel front office members are performing the tasks according to determined process and standard to meet the personal and professional objectives.

Front stage service flow chart

Figure 1: Front stage service flow chart

According to flow chart, service organization is making the decision on the basis of information and details that provided by the front stage for each customer and offers the direction to the back stage departments to develop the services and products. This kind of flow chart and process is helping Hilton hotel management to arrange the resources and maintain the activities according to expectation of visitors.

Back stage flow chart:

For service organization like Hilton hotel, back stage process is playing important role to perform the tasks and internal operations. There are different kind of services and operations has been accomplish by back stage department of Hilton hotel that involves taking the phone calls and reply to the mails with proper filing of the documents as I have observed by working at Hilton hotel. Moreover, back stage flow chart suggest that cleaning, housekeeping and post operational activities are having vital role in the process of maintaining the services standard and implementation of plan that proposed by the management using the information that provided by front office desk ( 2013). In spite of that, back stage flow chart is flexible as top management could make the changes in the activities of organization to meet the delivery time and expectation of customers.   

Back stage flow chart - Reflective Essay Help - Service Organization Operation Functions

Figure 2: Back stage flow chart

Significance of the services encounter:

For services organization like Hilton hotel that is operating business at international hospitality industry need to maintain the quality standard in the services to sustain the position in the industry. In order to gain the competitive advantages the top management always looks for improvement in the services encounter by anticipating the trends and requirements of the potential customers. The interaction between customers and organization has significant impact on the process and standard of services delivery that involves many forms of encounter with the employees and top management people of organization (Bharwani and Jauhari, 2013). There are majorly three types of encounters within the services organization like Hilton hotel which involve remote, indirect and direct personal encounter. By undertaking the encounters, the management makes the decision about the process of arranging resources, planning of functions, assign role and responsibilities to staff members and increase the efficiency in the operations to achieve the organizational goals. However the services encounter of organization is good in terms of timely delivery and maintaining the standard quality for products in food, rooms, gym and spas but unreasonable demand of the customers and unethical behavior of employees creates issues in encountering the services professional manners.

In the current scenario, indirect and direct and remote encounter have been used for managing the services as well planning of the products development and delivery process. According to analysis, remote encounter are beneficial for customer and services organization as the use of net banking, computer or user friendly machines the services have been offered to the customers. In that service encounter quality should be assured as that can be tested, modified and made customized to meet the expectations.  Apart from that, indirect personal encounter involve the telephonic interaction which potentially has more scope for variability entering in the services delivery and helps to avoid the communication errors and services enquiry. Additionally, the services organizations like Hilton is also giving preference to indirect personal services encounter to understand and record the needs of the potential visitors and customers (Dabholkar, 2015). In services encounter people and services organizations come together to obtain the certain goals and objectives by coordinating the behaviour of participants as well as follow up of rules and regulations to maintain the safety and security in the process of service encounter using the remote and indirect process.

Managerial implication:

Business of service industry organization is being determined through the services encounter between customers and employees. The process and level of interaction helps to analyse the potential and expectation of the visitors for managing the quality and effectiveness of services. According to services standard as well process of managing services it is essential to make good interaction with the customers that could be beneficial for developing the guideline for human resources and improve their performance. In addition to this, encounter of services and proper monitoring of the operations and services development process has positive impact on the brand image and management effectiveness of Hilton hotel ( 2013). According to me, for managerial prospective listening to customer, understanding of their needs and offering of additional services as well value are having the constructive impact on the management process of services organization. However, Hilton hotel has good brand value and quality in services but lack of service encounter approach is hampering the management approach. Now to overcome the gaps, management requires making efforts in understanding the needs and demand of the customers as well employees have to be extreme helpful, efficient in communication and responsible towards the role define by the top management. As per the analysis of services I suggest that, this kind of management approach of Hilton hotel will helps to meet the organizational business objectives and delivery of services in positive manners using the front and back stage flow chart as well the proper services encounters using the remote and indirect personal interaction ( 2013).


From the essay it is been considered that in services industry organization need to develop and implement the front and back stage flow chart to determine the services level and approach to meet the standard of communication and coordination. Essay has explained the significance of services encounters discussing about the remote and indirect interaction with customers and visitors.   


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