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 Assignment 1

With the expansion of the firm, The Great Lakes Co-operative targets to open its new locations near the Strathroy. The decision of expansion includes the idea that the new location will effectively provide a diverse range of product and a portfolio of services that will initiate a one-stop shopping for the commercial law grains, crop inputs and the value-added contracts. The employers in the agribusiness community are the diversified Ontario agricultural co-operative that is farmer-owned and established in the year 1975.

The Great Lakes Co-operative is looking for qualified applicants for some of the positions in the firm. Some of the job descriptions that require to be created for the recruitment of Great Lakes Co-operative include the following:

Technical Sales Representative

Main Functions / Summary of the position – The main function of the technical sales representative are to focus on the complex scientific and the technical products of the agri business. The individual will work with the customers and the team of the regional sales for the promotion of the sale of the products of the organization (Cates, Randall and Cooke 2015). Furthermore the technical sales representative will be responsible for the development of the business and the growth with the existing and the new base of the customers via cold calling, business to business process and the networking.

Reporting Structure – The individual will report to the manager of the operations

Responsibilities –

1. To establish and maintain long term business relations with the customers
2. To identify and resolve the concerns of the clients and recommend a course of action for future
3. Expansion of market awareness
4. Presenting the technical presentations and the webinars (Ward, Baruah and Gbadebo 2015)
5. Relevant knowledge of work regarding the design tools and the data of the market of the organization
6. To call the existing customers for the review of the requirements of the product and for the determination of the other opportunities for the generation and the development of new business for increasing revenues
7. To communicate for the specialization of the product and other pertinent data to the team of production for the maintenance of a co-operative and credible working relationship

Working conditions-

1. Working with the team of the engineers of the organization for ensuring that the requirements of the customers are met.
2. Establishment of the proper guidelines for the ensuring of the safe and healthy environment working

Required Skill Set:

1. Masters degree in technology
2. Upto 5 years of working experience in the technical field
3. Experience of preparing and presenting proposals of sales
4. Effective time management skills together with multi tasking and organizational skills



  • Engineering and technical background

  • String communication and interpersonal skills

  • Proficiency in the Microsoft office

  • Technical capacity

  • Proficiency in communication

  • Need to travel for work

  • Submit various reports of sales on weekly and quarterly basis

  • Work under immense pressure

  • Non sales duties

  • Late night shifts

Assignment 2

Five Situational Interview Questions:

1. What would be the situation where you need to collaborate with a difficult college at your workplace?
2. Describe one of the situations where you need to persuade some for accepting your view and convince them for changing something according to your will
3. Describe one of the difficult scenario you faced and how you approached and resolved it
4. What would be the situation when you have to work under tight deadline and stay back at the office though having some personal commitments? (Chapman and Gödöllei 2017.
5. Describe the situation when you received criticism.

Five Behavior Description Interview Questions

1. What was the situation where you used your logic to solve a problem in your workplace?
2. Give an example of a goal you couldn’t meet and how you handled it
3. Tell the way you tend to handle challenges?
4. What do you do when you c-worker disagrees with you decision?
5. Have you ever handled any of the difficult situations with the customers or the vendors?

Three General Questions

  1. What are your biggest strengths?

  2. Where can you see yourself in the coming five to six years in this industry?

  3. Where did you learn about our opening and why do you want to work with us?

Scoring guide






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 Assignment 3

Position:  Technical Sales Representative                  

Reports to:The operation manager

Number of positions to be filled:3

Organization’s goals and objectives:  The protection of the crops and custom applications, improvement of the soil and the crop consultation services and the insurance of the real estate and the crops.         

 (Budget) Cost of Recruitment Methods:Online job portals and the use of recruitment agencies



  • Enters the data for the position for which the candidate is hired(the salary, the types of appointment, the process of approval and other requirements)

  • Preparation of the draft of the advertised job (Eriksson, Johansson and Langenskiöld 2017)

  • Advice towards the composition of the selection panel and the process

  • On job training session

2 weeks


  • Approvals from the hiring authority and the manager together with the negotiation by the hr towards the final selection of the correct candidate

5 days

Panel Review

  • The panel of coaches and the hiring manager on the system for the short listing process in case needed (Ladkin and Buhalis 2016).

1 week


  • Screening of the applicants for the mismatches and the conflicts of interest

  • Moving of the applicants for short listing and sending the selected applicants to the hiring manager and the recruitment panel if applicable.

  • Providing advice on the question of the interview

  • Sending of the e-mails to the candidates who were unsuccessful post the short listing

1 week


  • Technical test of the applicants

  • Language proficiency test of the applicants

  • Interview with the manager regarding the relevancy of the knowledge

  • Rating of applicants, reference checks, terms of negotiation and initiating verbal offer

3 weeks


  • Update in the online job portal

  • Offers via e-mail to the candidates

  • Updating the offer card and seeking of additional approval

2 weeks

Selection Criteria:

The knowledge and the required skills:

  • Technical and engineering background

  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills

  • Strong organizational skills

  • Valid driver license

  • Attention to detail

  • Ability to work in an environment that is fast paced and dynamic in nature

  • Proficiency in updated computer skills and applications

Relevant Labour Market:Technical Sales Representative, Technical Engineer       

Target Applicant Pool:The recent graduates from the top management and technical colleges in Canada. Besides the fresher, experienced individual having relevant experience in the field of technology related to the agricultural business intelligence and experience in handling crop details, fertilisers and other related materials related to one-stop shopping of agricultural products can also apply for the position.

Five Recruitment Methods:

1. Online Job Portals and advertisement on newspaper Internal and external employee referrals
2.  Recruitment or the headhunting agencies
3. Campus Recruitments
4. Walk-in

Recruitment is basically the procedure of finding and hiring the most suitable candidates for filling up the vacant position in the organization (Greiner 2015). The five recruitment methods as stated above is adoptable by the Great Lakes Co-operative since the organization is looking for the most eligible candidate syncing with the knowledge and the level of skills the organization is looking for. The hr of the company must advertise on the online job portal to look for the experienced candidates in the similar job filed. Campus recruitments are also a good option for the organization since the fresher or the recent graduated from the top management and the engineering colleges can apply for the position and the company will furthermore get the benefit of hiring good candidates.


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