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PRS303 Public Relations Management and Tactics Assignment Help

PRS303 Public Relations Management and Tactics Editing Services


In this PRS303 public relations management and tactics assignment help we would be discussing about the “celebrity couple” discussed in class Roxy Jacenko and Oliver Curtis. Roxy is a well-known celebrity who also owns a PR Agency. Oliver is presently completing his sentence in Parklea Prison. In this present task we would be estimating the best PR practices based on which we have to analyze the proceedings of Roxy. 

PR Practices

Public relations refer to maintenance of a public figure, organization or a person professionally. Some of the best practices of PR have been mentioned below:

Segmentation of the audience: It is very important to access the audience you wish to target. Being a celebrity Roxy mainly targets the youth who love to see and follow him. Besides the customers, audience also includes all the partners, suppliers and the prospects. Roxy divided the audience into further sub-categories into order and analyze them in a relevant manner. The customers are segmented on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Demography of a place
  • Psychology of the people
  • Behavior and practices  (CIPR, 2016)

Relying on e-mail: In the recent years e-mail has dominated a communication world entirely as it allows the sharing of all data formats. Roxy does most of its promotion and work through email. I think this practice of Roxy is not praiseworthy. The person and the PR contact must have a direct conversation. These days the direct interactions between the people is dying a slow death due to this virtual contacts. Meeting people over a cup of coffee or dinner build emotional and friendly connection between the people. (Gallo, 2016)

Reporters thinking style: The PR agent is the one who thinks like a reporter. Before meeting any of the journalist Roxy consults his PR agent to assist him what to answer. It is the reporters who make a story out of the news so they must be handled in a correct way. A person must be prepared of all the probable question that might be asked in order to avoid falling in the trap of the journalists. The behavior of the celebrity must be ethical with the journalist.

Rich content: The text mentioned about any person or particularly Roxy should be something that is just the information. This is the major issue for the publishers and not the PR agents. Videos and visuals pictures are more selling than the simple text. Roxy is mostly shifting to infographics and videos to promote him. I think this is a very nice move as it will attract more number of viewers. Roxy as well as his PR must be ready with the infographic story and its back story before releasing it in the press. The story and text should be very comprehensive and precise. The points should be written in bullets so that it becomes easy to read. (Goldstein, 2013)

Meeting the deadlines: Deliver the content on time and avoid the last minute delivery. In the end the big organizations are full of different media and their messages. To prevent his message being lost in the cluster, Roxy ensures that his messages and media is delivered to the news channels and media on report.

Measuring the performance: The biggest challenge that a celebrity faces is the proper measurement of the campaign. The area coverage of the campaign and its effects must be analyzed. Roxy also keeps a strict competition with the celebrities of the same status. He instructed his PR to compare the moves of the competitors with theirs. Roxy is really particular of keeping a record of different campaigns and their effects. I think it is a very good step as it makes the process of reporting and analyzing a lot easier. The measurement of PR has the following three issues:

  • The outputs include the content of the campaign
  • The probable outcome include the opinion and the attitude towards the campaign
  • The final result (Dougherty, 2014)

Integration of Marketing: Integration of marketing refers to synchronization of the tactics, strategies and the actions in all the departments. Roxy has integrated marketing. I think this practice causes a lot of ambiguity if not handled in a correct manner. All the outbound operations of the company are under control whereas the activities on social media are out of control. Roxy thinks that integrated marketing is a very challenging affair and through synchronization only the desired goals can be achieved. (Firm Voice, 2009)

Selecting the PR tools: There should be the proper selection of the PR tools for the desired result. The PR tools selected by Roxy are as follows:

  • PR consulting firms: By consulting the different firms which offer PR services we can have a better and more                   effective PR strategies and process.
  • Video services: There no need to broadcast the entire video. Partnering with the video clipping firms help in showing only the desired contents.
  • Monitoring of blogs: Roxy has its ongoing blog which needs to be monitored on a regular basis. He hires people to make hos blogs more attractive.
  • Press releases: Being a celebrity it is essential that all the press conferences of Roxy get a full coverage.  He has taken the subscription of services to cover his entire press activities
  • Online services: In the present scenario organizations and people are releasing their videos online to gain publicity. Webcasting technologies are hired for the same.

Building relationships: One of the foremost duty of the PR agent is to build contacts. Contacts are built in a day. You cannot befriend anyone in a single meeting. The PR agent must put in effort and time to make contacts with the media people. Talk on social media or messenger do not make a long lasting impression on the minds of the people. In order to develop connection the PR agent must meet different people Face-to –face. Roxy is hugely dependent on social media and internet for making contacts. I think it is not a good habit as the emails and messages are deleted but the actual in person meeting are stored in the minds of people.

Cross checking: As a PR agent it is very important to be updated with the knowledge. You must be aware of all the recent trends of the market. Accuracy is another one important thing. Sending a wrong or outdated email leaves a very bad image of the PR personal. So the PR agent should check his work properly before sending it out. Roxy is really particular about. He always cross checks the work of the PR personal which may include his statements or remarks before sending it out in the media. Even if he finds the error at the last moment he get it fixed because wrong or mismatched information can create a very negative impact on the mind of the audience. (Hopps, 2008)

After analyzing all the PR practices of Roxy I think most of his strategies are f=good but some needs improvement. His decision of segmenting the target audience is really commendable as it help in directly reaching a particular set of people. Making his content rich with infographics and videos make it more attractive. Through these steps Roxy is able to convey his message to more and more people. Too much dependence of Roxy on social media is not good as it does not make strong bonds. His habit of cross checking and delivering the content on time helps creating his positive image in the minds of people. Roxy’s integration of market is not very organized which needs improvement. I think overall PR practices of Roxy are good though some needs improvement.


In this public relations management and tactics assignment help we are dealing with the PR practices of Roxy Jacenko. He is a well renowned celebrity as well as the publicist. We has analyzed all the PR practices of Roxy and highlighted their good as well as their bad points.


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