Project Management Assignment Solution

Project Management Assignment Solution

Project Management Assignment Solution

Assessment Activity 1

Question 1:

Project management tool

Contribution to the project

Gantt Chart

The tool helps in tracking both interdependencies  and

Time in between the tasks. The phrases, milestones, task and resources are an integral part of the project.

Logic Network

This helps in indicating the activity sequence in logically preceding the activity. The workflow, dependencies and the timescale helps in understanding the project without overlooking on the valuable information.

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

The process is considered as a basic decomposition in a hierarchical process that acts as a deliverable need to complete the project. The deliverables are broken down in the manageable package that has costing and schedules for assigning the people.

Product Breakdown Structure (PBS)

The PBS helps in clarifying as well as delivering in the contribution of the project to build the structure in the work breakdown.

Question 2

Document/Source of information


Project Brief

This is considered as the last stage in the process that is used to define the requirements of the clients to develop in the asset building. The need of the statement is for the attempt to describe the basic requirements for the project.

Understanding the Memorandum

They are not legal bindings but carries seriousness degrees with a strong mutual respect. This is often called the first step to the legal contract. In a short span of time in order to ratify can be kept confidential.

Budget Plan

There is a need to calculate the expense with calculations on the goals set. There is a need to divide the categories of the budget that has a list of the spending.

Risk Management Plan

This is considered as the document for project management that needs to foresee the risks, impact estimates and issues that needs to be defined. Risk assessment matrix is also included in it.  

Stakeholder Register

There is a need to document the project that includes information about the stakeholders. Even the organizations, people can be identified as the people interested in the project.

Communications Plan

There is a need to reach the target audience using various communication channels that is related to public relations, experiences, direct mail as well as advertising.

Question 3

Process for identifying and managing the risk in a project

The fundamental steps to manage risk in the project are adopted in some point of time. The aims of identifying the project as early as possible before the event start. Before the event get started the project need to be recertified. Hence, it would create a negative impact on the ability to perform the outcome of the goal. According to Kerzner, (2013, p.56), the risk may come from internal or external sources. There is a systematic application for the policy and practices to establish the context and identification (AS/NZS ISO 31000:2009).

Project Management Assignment Solution

There are five steps to identify the risk management are: Identifying the risk, analyze the risk, evaluate the risk, Treat the risk and Monitor the risk. These steps help to identify the project for the combination of the simple evaluation of the plan. Hence, proper plan need to understand the risk factor and the planning of the plan in their monitor the plan. Thus the assessment of the evaluation end needs to be identified with in time. As per Gala, (2015, p.33), the plan need to be related to uncertain condition of occurs in the negative effect in the issues. Therefore, the risk needs to be assessed with the time frame to get the condition occupied. There is the possible order to increase the probability to meet the identification and monitor the inched data.

Question 4

Five legislations that is use to managing the project  

There are five legislation manage the project in relation WHS for maintain risk management. In work health and safety management maintain a systematic project used, tools of the objectives and components related to WHS management. As mentioned by Leach, (2014, p99), there are goals to achieve the safety measures and the framework to get objectives in the realistic method. There is process for defining the code of practices for ensuring the practicable and complies for the reasonable method.



Freedom of Information Act (1982)

In this regulation act the legal enforceable acts access by the government exempt documentation of the policy development.

Legal binding privacy

The rule and regulation which covers protection and disclose the information, which are related to credit and tax files as well as research on medical.

Privacy Regulation (2013)

Personal information that need to hold and exception of the applied course of the regulation act. The personal information related to the company's information.  

Crime act (1914)

The act contains provisions of the official information and set different penalties. Penalties related different sections for not maintaining the judicial proceedings.   

Public service act (1999)

This act is for the maintaining the proper manner in the employees of the employee in the connection to maintain the disciplinary action.

1.1 EC 1: Project-Charter Template


Project Management Plan

Black Belt

Mr. Andrew Garfield


Mr. Brad Pitt

Role of Champion

Creating Business Case and Setting Deliverables

Start Date

The date when the project is commenced by the project leader.

Anticipated End Date

An end date is anticipated by the project in-charge which is based on current business conditions.

Business Case

The reason behind going with the project and the anticipated impact the organisation would get.

Problem Statement

The risks and difficulties associated with a project.

Goal Statement

The accomplishment which would be achieved by the project.


Project Scope

What the project could deliver is mentioned in the project scope.

Critical Success Factors

The factors which are detrimental in determining the success of a project.

Project Milestone

The individuals who are associated with the project are identified and their reasons for interest are noted.

Project Vision

The project expectations are taken into account and the risks are evaluated.

Expected Financial Benefits

Budget impacts and areas where cost can be cut are taken into account, as well as savings are considered.

Table-2: Project Charter Template

The Project Charter template covers the ground of the title of the project, the black belt, mentor to the person or group associated with the project, the role of champion has been deduced, the starting date is announced and an anticipated end date, based on the current business conditions, the field of business case deals with the reason as to why this business is taking such a step and the possible risks it would encounter while implementing the project. The scope of the project involves what the project can actually deliver and the pitfalls related to the project. Project vision considers the expectations from the project and the risks are evaluated.

Stakeholder-Register Template

Stakeholder Name



Role in Project

Type of Stakeholder

Type of Communication


Influence on Final Outcome


Director PM




Weekly video conference

Promoting the industry



Chief Operating-Officer

Managing the Sales

Daily Operations


Meeting scheduled every two days

Expanding sales on a global scale



Business Executive Manager

Accounts and Finance




Weekly video conference

Scheduled and accurate budget delivery


Table 1: Stakeholder-Register Template

The Stakeholder-register template related to the coffeehouse has been provided. According to it, Robert, Andrews and Leah form a committee who are responsible to carry out the day to day of the coffee house, both internally and externally. The designation of Director PM has been bestowed upon Robert who has been associated with this corporation since its commencement. The role of Director PM is under the technical department and provides hsi statistics regarding the corporation once every week via video conferencing. This stakeholder is externally involved with the daily operations of the company. The post of Chief Operating Officer involves managing the sales and is entrusted upon Mr. Andrews. One of the primary jobs in the total management, this involves focusing on the day to day operations of the million dollar organisation throughout the world. This post’s main drive is to expand the company’s sales on a global level, thus benefitting its sales and reputation in the process. It is an external stakeholder and has to provide reports every two days to the management involved. The role of Business Executive Manager has been earned by Leah and has to deal with the accounts and finance of the organisation. It is an internal stakeholder and has to schedule and deliver the budget with pinpoint accuracy and has to provide reports via video conferencing on a weekly basis.

Subject: Project Charter

This project charter plan takes into account the business case of a Coffee House. The business case has been accessed and the key points have been focused in the template. In these templates, the roles of the management personnel have been detailed and their performances have been reviewed. Also, the project-charter template takes into account the detailed description of the project, involving the role that this project is going to play involving the scopes of the business, regarding its finance and brand name. It highlights the mentor of the project and the role that person is gonna play to bring the project into completion. This project charter also considers the date of commencing of the project and the anticipated date the project would complete. This is based on the current conditions of the business and the man-force involved with the project. This chartered plan deals with the reasons the organisation is invoking the project and the impacts it is expecting after the project executes. This template deals with the probable pitfalls this project is going to face and the subsequent ways to avoid it. The stakeholder register template mentions the head-honchos of the management and the roles they play to exemplify the organisation. Mr. Robert, Mr. Andrews and Miss Leah have been assigned the most primary operations via which this project would operate on the key aspects, so as to take this organisation to new heights.

There are some grounds on which development is required; these comprise of the grounds of skilled manpower, and the usage of up-to-date technology so as to reach out globally and ensure the success of this project and thereby, the organization. Issues related to the non-resonance of ideas by the organisation management has lead to the delay of commencing the project and dates have been modified for irregular responses. Most of the budgets related to this project have been estimated and the problem lies with the fact that some budgets may exceed the limit and therefore you might have to reassign budgets later on these grounds.

Hope these templates indicating the thorough layout of the project plan were sufficient enough to seek your approval and your decision about proceeding with this project is favored, thus ensuring the success of the project and further, cementing the name of the organization’s legacy.

Task 2. Develop project plan

2.1 Project Plan




Time frame


Maintenances of food quality

To check the quality of food for Sustainability

Different type of food with special consequential dishes.

With 1 months

High quality of the food.

Clean environment

To check the greenery environment

Wipe the surface with clean warm water. Wipe it in with detergent.

With 2 months

Healthy atmosphere around the restaurant.

Providing service to the customer

To check whether the customer wants must be fulfilled by them

Maintain the time frame by the customer placed order and the service provide.

Within 1-2months

Customer likes to again and again to avail the service.

Friendly behavior with the customer

To monitor the need to behavior in a friendly and treat very warmly.

Treat them with warm greet and place with the friendly behavior.  


Would feel satisfied and maintain good relation with them.

Table : Project Plan

In this table the project plan is defined on the factors depending on the factors of the coffee house. The plan is all about the issues that were faced by the organisation. The major factors that were identified while planning the project were the quality of the product, disciple behavior with the customers. As per Heagney,  (2016, p.23), there is time frame and the solutions for the strategies that need to plan to get the goal. There were also a need of the resources for developing the plan and getting the issues solved by it.    

2.2 Gantt Chart to develop the project and monitor the schedule.

 Gantt chart

In this above mentioned Gantt chart the months are the facts that need to count by the factors for getting the approvable of the factors in the need to get the approval of the project. This factor would be provide to get the accurate result in relation to factor provide by the team members. Therefore, theirs factor provide to get the project in the better way.

2.3 Risk management plan




Quality of the food product, where artificial colors are used.

Flavor product, natural ingredients in the food product.

Quality product would serve to the customer.

Equipment used for making coffee damaged by the unskilled employees.

Need to train them for the use of the machine.

Remove the employees for the damage of the equipment.

Customer service person behavior rudely.  

Teach how to treat with the customers.  Provide training to for this.

More and more customers would attract towards the shop.

Table 3.Risk management plan

From the above table the factors which are keep in mind was the risk management plan depending on the issues of the dealing with the customer. The quality of the product need to standards as the health of the client is the first initiates.  The use of the artificial product would make the quality of the product waste and the Santander would be destroyed. Moreover, there are issues of the damaged equipment by the worker due to lack of the knowledge on the use of the product. This would cause huge loss for the organization and the loss of money as well. The customer's service towards their client and their behavior of the customer were not acceptable by them.  Proper training is required for the service and the discipline action need to taken to the customer feedback. Therefore, this is all about the risk management to plan a project.

2.4 Using project tool and develop project budget

Action plan


Quality of food

$150(including the natural ingredients in the food product and fresh product to maintain a quality product)  

Clean environment

$10-20(detergent, sweeper and gardener for the greener environment, cost is included)

Providing service to the customer

$25(charges or fee to pay the steward)

Friendly behavior with the customer


Table: Budget Plan

In this above table, the plan is about the budget and the expenses need to be cost for the plan and initiated on the role. The expenses for the budget on the behavior of the issue related to the charge in getting the accurate budget for creating the expense. Therefore, the expense needs to add to get the accurate result for the organization. This would also help to get the result. The need to get the budget plan to get the expenses in the plan way to start the project in a proper manner, this would help them to get a strategic plan in the work.

Work breakdown structure

In this above table mentioned, explained the work breakdown structure of the plan to get the effectives and effective modification of the plan to get the result. This help to get the identified by the actual structure of the plan to get the member in the planned way. Making plan and implementing the structure in the proper manner to get the resources properly. Therefore, the structure would help to get the meaner way and get the result. Therefore, the plan structure needs to be in an instructive way for the initiated of the structured. The issue needs to be discussed with the factors with the stakeholder to get the plan in the structured way. Their feedback also important for the issue related to factors and views the strategies of the plan. As a result, it is important for the team to get full information related to team member of the plan and modification of the strategies. Hence, the plan need to get indulge in from of getting the factors in a proper and in implemented way.  

2.5 Consulting team members.


1st Team Member

2nd Team Member

3rd team member

Quality of the food product

The quality of the ingredients need to high standard. The flavor product would be on the need to get the special product.  

The customer facilities and their need are the first priority. Their wants and the need to maintain by them.  

Special menu need to be included to get the more customers and get the facilities.  

Clean environment

If the atmosphere is clean and maintained the customer would be attracted towards the shop. Therefore, need direction on the field of the gardening and the sweeper to maintain it.  

The plan would to plant more trees and gardening with the green and warm environment towards or around the restaurant.  

The factors need to calcified by the services provide and get the issues solved.

Providing service to the customer

The customer service needs to get the proper behavior from the service man. Hence they need to trained and have common ethics on the behavior for the customers.  

The main aim to achieve the customers wants need to be maintained by the pro side of the service.

 The customers are the main priority for the service proving the factors.

Friendly behavior with the customer

Greeting well with the customer aim to get and friendly behavior with them.

There is the most important aspect to meet the service of the customer.

The need to get the service in the need to get the service for the greeting the customers need and the service for the environment. 

Table: Team member strategies

From this table the team member stagiest needs to get the feedback of the factors in order to plan in the straggling way. There is different view of the issue related to risk management plan. There are several plan implemented plan of the role of the strategies of the related to factor of the of the business plan structure. Thus, there are different plan of the project need to get the in a strategical way. The factors of the plan of the view get to complete the plan in the view of the stakeholders.

Assessment Activity 2:

Task 3:

3.1 Ensuring team members about the requirements and responsibilities of the project

EC 1. Meeting outcomes

There is a need to solve the problems that have been found in the Coffee house project plan. As a lead officer few techniques about presentation and goal that needs to be sorted. The meeting should imply brainstorming as well as the creativity skills.

EC2. Roles and responsibilities in understanding

As a lead there is a need to obtain the requirements of the clients that revolves around gathering and researching that revolves around gathering information. There is a need to validate the interpretations made as well as to justify them with various findings.

EC3. Support requirements

There is a need of support from different types of people only in few cases and not always. The support is from the various managerial posts as well as few supporting people. The lead manager who leads the project as well as the team in the meetings. There is a need for planning various analytical tools as well as in the planning section.

EC4. Feedbacks review

The managers should be keen to acknowledge the feedbacks that they receive from various clients. There is a need for them to improve their service or quality so that their service remains in a standard position. Complaints should see so that it is not repeated. Alterations in various services should be viewed diligently. There is always a need for the feedbacks that helps the company to realize their drawbacks and helps them on the path of improvements for the long run.

3.2 supporting team members

EC 1.

  1. Snyder, (2014, p.66) mentions that the coaching as a strategy helps to overcome the different challenges that is required and is affected by the project leads in their career that also help them to become as a better leader. The individual needs to translate into the various control portions of the project. There is a need for every individual especially the lead manager of the project to gain various control in the project. There is also a need to demonstrate the value that is required for the successful delivery in the project that also helps in the promotion of the rise in the payments so that they may price as per their choice. There is a need for challenging the big project managers that has enough time to do all the required tasks. There is also another big challenge that is the project managers do not feel confident. Faye. and Shaughnessy, (2015, p.66) that the Co coordinating as well as reviewing the various applications that is required for the installation as well as the application on the various standards that is required to be paid by the use of various installation processes that also needs the coordination of the accessibility.
  2. There is a need for the strategy that is the coaching that has been considered must align to the needs of the team. All the team members cannot be considered as having the equal amount of efficiency that is required for the project management. Some may have a good efficient power and some may be devoid of it. There is a need for the training amongst the team members so that they become equally trained in all subjects. Good and efficient team members can always make the project well out looked. There is a need for the efficient co workers in the process of the planning project.

EC 2.

a. Sheesley and Usenko, (2014, p. 66) mentions that the emailing strategies to the team members that also has to confirm on the time and the place that needs to be implemented in the process of the implementation. In the marketing success it acts as a factor that acts as a core to the effectiveness in the email communication strategy. The definition can be based on the various values that is required to be offered in the targeted audiences that has a range of the different types of the email so that there is maximum response. Some of the pages that have been used as the reference to get high speed as well as to have high and main digital techniques that requires marketing. The main activity that needs to be considered is through the CRITICAL mnemonic process.

b. Value proposition is also defined with the creation of the approach that is the red targeting. There is a need to get the right frequency and also to create as a profile in the customer common factor. Opting out should not be easy. There is a need for responding as well as using the sense in the lifecycle marketing of the emails.


  1. Verzuh,(2015, p.65) mentions in the summary of the email strategy in the marketing plan needs a list of emails that needs to be started in order to send out the emails. In order to improve the chances of success an innovative idea should be developed in the plan keeping in mind the place of the email that should also include the emails to achieve the goals in the marketing. Using the different software also allows complying with the different laws of the anti spasm.
  2. The another reason that needs to  be managed in the process that sends out various emails that might be a bit easy as well as fast. Numerous choices as well as the services need to be included as a free plan in the starter. There is always a scope and a purpose for the marketing of the emails. There is a need of decision in engaging with various readers. Email is a relationship building area with the readers that is only possible when we are on the same page. Growing the list is also necessary as well as developing the content strategy that will help in the email process of the marketing plan.
3.3 Maintaining and establishing record system

EC1. Developing electronic filing system

  1. Guerin et al. (2015, p.89) mentions that ensuring cloud based access by stakeholders. There is a need for the stakeholders to project the needs of management that is bound to timeliness, change and also the budgets that is considered as the most important amongst the expectations of the stakeholders. There is a need for the completion of the project that has been defended by doing various expected deeds in the project structure that has to be dealt with various determinations in the project that depends on the failure and the success of the stakeholders.
  2. McDonald-Buller and Fu (2014, p.66) that it is a simple and easy in understanding by different stakeholders. There is a need for communication, amongst the various stakeholders’ engagement that also ensures on the various projects in the management. Consultation is required for cases that may be early in few practical cases with the management of the project team. The stakeholders can improve the IT system as well as help in the mining of the various corporate initiatives. Contextual and the practice studies are required in the case solution. There is a need to plan with the stakeholders that has various engagements in the global teams that also has a management in the global terms.
  3. There is a need for the structure in a hierarchical way that includes the project charter, project plan, the risk management plan and also various correspondences.  The Gantt chart, budget plan have all been discussed.  
3.4 monitoring and Implementing


a. Initial project plan is often considered as the formal document in the execution of the project and its control. Shortland, (2015, p.66) mentions that there is a need to facilitate in the communication that has various as well as facilitates in the communication between various resources. A detailed project plan can be defined as having numerous statements as well as the plan etc.

b. Strandberg et al. (2016, p.66) that there is a need to outline the tasks in the WBS of the project plan structure of the entire project.

c. There is a need for using the Gantt chart that have been used is explained elaborately which shows that the marketing plan that have been used to identify the issues as well as to discuss it with the various stakeholders in the market. There is a need to get a feedback and then there is a need to implement the changes that has been stated. Effectiveness that needs to discussed as well as revisiting the plans that needs to be revisited.

d. The comments need to be measurable as well as be specific in the few places that need to be required.


  1. There is a need for the variances in between the various forecasts that might be actual and provide a well section about the different commentaries.
  2. Almost all the expenses have been provided in an accurate with the introduction of the different initial plans.
3.5 risk management undertaking


The Gantt chart reviews are a critical one. That has put in all the efforts to calculate as well as identify the issues about all the different work of the stakeholders.


Biazar et al (2014, p.66) mentions that there is a need to identify the project variance that helps in the management of the project that is used by the various managers in order to identify the various problems about the project and also helps in the project analysis. The variance is considered as the measurable change in the baseline of the various unknown factors. There is a need for the basic difference that is required to be established as well as expected in order to find out the actual accomplishment.  The analysis in the variance is the quantitative one that needs the investigation of the actual as well as the planned behavior.


Hardy  et al (2015, p.55) reviewed that the variance and the records that have been identified in the above few documents that also needs to be dealt accordingly. The favorable variances that can be occurred in the actual performance is considered better than the rest of the standards. The variance is seen to be usually occurring in the performance that needs to have a worst standard.

EC4 the initiative in the authority in the delegacy helps in the relevancy of the components in the case of the risk management.


There is a need for the recovery column about the procedures used in the above discussion. There is a need to restore the necessary actions that have to have an automated information system regarding all the data files and the capabilities that is required in the computational capability in the system failure. The procedure also requires to be performed in a small method that has along with the row and the columns.

3.6 Forwarding and completing project reports


  1. Schwalbe, K., (2015, p.66) mentioned that the email to the HR contains the summary of the information that may be provocative to the risk factors that have been stated. The risk management deals with the authorities that can handle the risk in the management of the risks.
  2. The links that needs to be shared in the final project documents in the final file needs the help of the management team of the company.
  3. Ruiz et al (2015, p. 56) mentions that the information that needs to be contained in the explanation that has been desired requires accuracy as well as the minimum points in the depth that have been evaluated. No extra wrong information has been provided in the tasks.
3.7 Achieving deliverables

EC1 Resume


Looking for eligible candidates who are looking forward in the course of the job that requires the deliverables in the production of the job. The candidates who can face the challenges and can provide a good quality job.


The candidates with the desired profile needs to provide a good outlook and have a good academic background. The desired candidate should have passed minimum post graduate passed.


Experience is not mandatory but a candidate has minimum experience of 1 year will be provided with an advantage.

Task 4: Final project

4.1 Project documentation.


Completion plan


Quality of the food product

The plan to get the food product to get the factors on the quality of the product to get the standards quality of the product.

The duration of the fact on the quality of the product need to get the quality of the best fact of the products need.

Clean environment

The need to get the factors for the initiated of the serviced that is provide to the need of the factor to get the project in a prosper way.

The time is completed with the duration for about to get the within 2-3 months.  

Providing service to the customer

The factors to complete the project the need to get the proper factors to get the completion plan.

 The duration of the factors to get the quality of the factor to get within 5months.

Friendly behavior with the customer

The plan within the given frame of time to get the friendly environment and get the accurate result. 

 The duration of the month is the 2 month which is require the appropriate the factors to get the exact result.

Table: Completion report

4.2 Transition of the team member

From the above study the report analysis the factor of the organisation as well the strategies towards the customers. The role of the team member is to identify the strategies to get the plan in the proper way. The role of the team member is to identify the factor and rectified it. The strength of the member is to get the factor in the proper way. The factor needs to get the relevant data to get the Security and usability jostle for superiority in online programs and applications. Whilst the factors of getting the compromises are made, there is an expectation that security will not budge from the need to maintain a secure for the role of the managers.

Therefore, the result is that user-friendliness defers on getting the factors required for the security wherever there is a high level critical need. There is diffirent example for the online service and applications include financial apps, medical information programs, and wherever the privacy of the information is of concern. Other applications that have commercial appeal but are less-essential have a greater emphasis on user-friendliness than security. After from this the factors of the need to get useable, which must be both human friendly, yet also possess enough robust characteristics to deter would-be attackers from writing and deploying automated scripts to get the factored of the organisation torture. Therefore the study need to get in the form of the student in the formal factors, growth of the child in five is the primary stage for mental and physical development the role. The role of the project needs to get the job in the planned way.  There is the different factor to get the factors in the pro encouragement and engaging climate for the children's for developing their confidence in the ability for understanding and the use of math. The ability to identify and distinguish the difference of the color and mathematical number is very important at primary stage. There is training need in the proper way to get the reading to get the factors in quite easily, but to get complete concept on calculation on the training factors of the factor that need to get the proper initiated on the planned manner. In this assignment, the focus would be on learning and types of learning and the experience related to mathematics. Therefore there are different role to get the need to get the factors in a planned in the view to get the structured way. The strategic plan is the need to get the worker done in the planned way. This type of positive development makes the image of the subject flexible and inventiveness, which gives future success in and outside the school.

Moreover, the future aspect would be to complex the factor which are relevant for the company and get the feedback as per the customer wish. There are various needs to get strength of the factors to get the learning outcome of the future project of the factors done by it.  There is a need to get training need to be provided to get the product to get the result for the need of the rectification.

Task 5:

5.1 Lessons on Draft


 As per Bell, (2014, p.17) the report content that have been suggested in the content that have been stated above is based on the various development plans in the management. Each section has been in relevant to the data that have been produced. A complete development for the different aspects that would help the co workers as a part of the training is discussed elaborately.


Edwards and Springate, (2015, p.45) commented that the links on the preferences helps to offer the various target audiences through the use of the different links in the target in the email as well as the various centers that need to have a preference. Some of them are the selective opt in the communication. There is anteed to provide the receipt in the acknowledgement from the manager. The summary of the findings in the email have been provided elaborately. The email also includes the links that needs to be shared from the different final lessons. There is a need for the store to provide the receipt in the acknowledgement from the manager.

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