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In the existent, interconnected world it is unreasonable to believe a computer network is resistant from an assaults or consider it too little to ever be considered as a predator by intruders to gain whatever preferred standpoint they require. As computers and systems administration frameworks develop in this day and age, the requirement for progress and solid security for Computers and network is likewise end up being vital. There is numerous system strings that still exist and keep on growth which influence association to need to consider arrange security important.

The purpose for this report is to indicate the project plan to setup Network Infrastructure for novel technology. This document outlines a short planning about, on how the project is to be molded and furthermore incorporates the breakthroughs and deliverable. The project deliverable is to design and implement the general setup, which includes; Software design and development, Network design and implementation, Hardware and Software testing.

Project plan and objectives

The objectives and goal of the project is to proficient evaluation of the required planning, system and way to deal with accomplish the accompanying scope of work.

1. Exploring necessities of new installations of required hardware, arrange links and programming required for running the system framework.
2. Designing the network for the new building in light of the business prerequisites of the company
3. Exploring and acquiring appropriate equipment and other hardware required for the new establishment
4. Building up the software required for the system framework
5. Installing the network and PCs in the new branch office
6. Testing Hardware and Software

Project requirement

This is for a new office that going to open at Black town. This will be mainly focus on a making of LAN and server including all of the hardware and software also security and benchmark.

Roles for members:

The Project Team comprises of the 6 individuals, each from a particular area and with exact range of abilities. Every asset will be in charge of finishing their task and reporting back to project manager.

1. Install and maintain hardware and server software, keep up with the necessary updates.
2.Monitoring server performance and event logs (usage, latency) and testing for deficiencies.
3. Problem-solving solutions and other network devices resolve issues reported by the end user.
4. Back up ervers and applications as a disaster recovery plan and make recommendations on server system administration.
5. Providing new hardware
6. Processing of new software
7. Managing email and internet filters
8. Maintaining disk images for new installations
9.Licensing is up-to-date
10. Addressing poor data management practices

Work breakdown structure

Network design and prototype


Network Design:

For this design we only have few workstations and 1 server but in our project prototype we have 2 servers to make sure the in case 1 server cannot handle all of the work. Because our work environment is a small office we only need a few device that support our work like printer, scanner, fax, and copier and because our office is just a branch from the main office we will use virtual private network (VPN) to connect to other branch and main office.

Project design prototype

In the network prototype we will increase server and switch to maximize our network performance and because netsim lack some support device i.e. printer we can only replace it with ipphone for the ip for each of the workstation and server we will do it in our weekly presentation and the result is also the same.

Hardware and software specification

Ip address table




Subnet mask

ISP Router






Router 1


Router 2


Router 2


Router 2


Router 3


Router 3


Router 3


Router 4


Router 4




IP Address

Subnet mask

Default gateway
















Printer 1

Printer 2

IP Phone 1

IP Phone 2

IP Phone 3

Server 1

Server 2

Server 3

Server 4

Hardware analysis:

Router and switch

Cisco 890 Integrated Services Routers General information

Cisco® 890 Series Integrated Services Routers (ISRs) with combining Internet access, comprehensive security, and wireless network services combined into 1 router this router is an all-rounder router that can be easily deployed and manage. And because our office is a small one this router is the best choice because this router is designed for small branch office

Cisco 890 Series ISRs can support up to 8-port managed switch, providing LAN ports to connect multiple devices. An optional Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) capability can also supply power to IP phones and other devices.

Universal Cisco IOS XE 16.6.1 Software image or later -$800

The access point and wireless controller

Cisco Aironet 2702i Controller-based - Radio access point

1. good for small to medium sized office or network
2. compatible with router 890 series
3. integrated Bluetooth
4. support 2,4 GHZ and 5 GHZ data rates
5. Authentication and security is with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) for Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2)
maximum client is up to 400 per access unit-$900


ASA 5500-X with FirePOWER Services

1. For small to medium business, branch office
2. Firewall throughput from 256 to 1750 mbps
3. Threat inspection from 123 to 1250 mbps
stateful firewall, application visibility and control, NGIPS, Advance malware protection, URL filtering


ASA 5508-X with FirePOWER Services

1. Up to 500 Mbps FW -8 x 1 GE
2. Multiservice capable -$700
3. Cisco Spa112 2 Port Phone Adapter

1. Compact in design and compatible with international voice and data standards
2. Full-featured hosted or open source IP PBX environments
3.Easy to install and use-$70


DELL PowerEdge T330 Tower Server

1. 700$ with standard spec

Upgrade spectification


1. processor from the following product families:Intel®
2. Xeon® processor E3-1200 v6

Operating System

1. Microsoft® Windows Server® 2012 R2 essentials

2. Easiest operating system server to manage? Window server because window is well known for its GUI can support up to 25 users
support 1 server and 1 – 2 cpu only -$600


1.  4x G.Skill 16GB DDR4-2133 Aegis F4-2133C15s-16Gis Memory
2. Memory Type: DIMMs
3. Memory Module Sockets: 4
4. RAM: Up to 64GB

The more the ram is the better for the performance and the software that use a lot of RAM -for 2 x 16 GB = 32 GB is $325

Drive Bays

1. 8 x 3.5" bays (also supports 2.5” HDD in 3.5” hybrid drive carrier


1. Height: chassis base height - 430.3 mm/17.04 in
2. With foot - 443.3 mm/17.45 in
3. With wheel - 471.3 mm/18.55 in
4. Width: chassis base width - 218 mm/8.58 in
5. With foot - 304.5 mm/11.98 in
6. Depth: front to rear wall (w/o bezel) - 542.2 mm/21.33 in
7. front to PSU handle (w/o bezel) - 578.42 mm/22.77 in
front to rear wall (with bezel) - 558.6 mm/21.99 in
9. front to PSU handle (with bezel) - 594.82 mm/23.41 in

Power supply

1. XFX TS Series Gold 750W Power Supply -server computer is known for it power consumption to support its performance so in this case we will give our server 750W to support it -$140


1. 3x WD blue 3TB

1. 3tb data storage for the important document and file

2. $120


1. ssd for an operating system and the place for application to install -$385 x 2

1X WD black 6TB
1. for extra storage in case 3TB is not enough $380


100m cat 6 twisted pair cable

1. most used cable for business and university
2. good speed and cheap
3. $2/meter
4. easy installation
5. best choice for price/performance
6. easy to expand in case in the future we will need more pc and server

Software analysis:

In general, most organizations today have a policy-oriented "computer on each desk" so that all employees have access to information they need to perform their tasks. Each computer needs to have software to perform specific tasks.

The sorts of software’s that we are going to install for our clients are:

A. Operating system

1. unix
3. Windows
4. MacOS X
5. palmOS

The best choice for this situation is windows because majority the poople that working in the office using windows to finish their work

B. Tools and utilities

1. Firewall
2. Zip software
3. VPN Software
4. Antivirus Software
5. Adware detection software

Communication clients

1. e-mail
2. Telnet
3. Instant messaging

4. Phone call

Application software

1. Office software like Microsoft word, excel, etc
2. Graphic production like adobe Photoshop or corel draw
3. Video production like vegas pro
4. Multimedia development
5. Web development
6.Application development environment (programming languages, etc.)
7. Software specific for task

With the software that we have analysed above the office work is going to be good and without any problem because the software that we analysis above is pretty much mainstream software that most of the people used so in other word it is easy to use and computable with our hardware also the cost of the software that we going to use is also quite budget friendly because some of the software that we going to use is a free software and if the client want a better software we can discuss it with the client the budget that going to other place like hardware and device to move more to the software .

Weekly plan

1. Adapt your current abilities to new circumstances
2. Show your responsibility to accomplishing your objectives
3. Showing attention to qualities and development zones and to create and apply new abilities
4. Look for input from associates and partners
5. Keep your own inspiration when errands wind up troublesome

Think and solve problems;

1. Research and analysing information, identifying relationships and make recommendations based on relevant evidence.
2. Anticipate, identify and address issues and potential problems and problems select the most effective solutions from a range of options.
3. Participate in and contribute to solving team / unit initiatives common problems or barriers to effectiveness.
4. Identify and share business process improvements to advance them effectiveness.


At the present, company proprietors and network administrators are engaged in protecting their assets and resources by prioritizing the deployment of security measures before offering any sort of network-based services. To build a protected network system, a network administrator needs to choose the correct sort of technology that fit with the company’s objective and security demands. The purpose for this project were to study about the powerlessness of small company network system and build a protected Local Area System framework and suggest the best practice exhibited today. The network need to be observed persistently for the risk and attacks originating from within and outside a system framework focusing on the company’s human resources of any sort.


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