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PROJ6001 Integrated Project Management Assignment Help

PROJ6001 Integrated Project Management Proof Reading Services

Part A

As a part of the group and being the assistant project manager in Nightingale Project, I am contributing to this report to the top management of the company to develop effective procurement plan. The report will consist of the change requirements in the project so that it can fit the new testing activities.  The project mainly requires financial sources, time and manpower to complete it on the deadline of MedCON, the biggest tradeshow of the medical equipment. To gain the first mover advantage among the competitors, the project team needs to reschedule the project. These changes are required to carry out the basic project with the defined scope and deliverables (Billows, 2015).

PROJ6001 Integrated Project Management Assignment Help

The project team is planning to outsource the activities which would bring a reduction of 15% in costs of the project whereas it raises the need for more testing activities so that the key deliverables can be tested. The testing activities would bring an increase in the costs by 10%. The project needs a change in the following activities:

Cost of project management: The costs of project management would decrease as the activities will be outsourced to other companies for getting the work done in lesser time than it was actually planned (Verma, 2012).

Costs on product requirements:The project requirements like screen, tape mechanism, database, pager, barcode reader and more will be the same. This is because the requirements of the raw materials will be the same.

Designing costs:The costs for designing (Review, Document and Design) will be increased as the outsourcing fee will be paid for getting the work done but if time is considered, the work will be done is a lesser time which will reduce the final or total cost of the project.

Integration and testing costs:This cost will increase as the activities which are outsourced will be required to be tested for quality. The prototypes will be tested and then the final decisions will be taken. This will increase the costs of the complete project (Warner, 2011).

Reduction in time:The time which the team used to take in designing and constructing the equipment will be outsourced. This will bring an expertise to the activities and the time will also be saved. This will help the project team in completing the planned deliverables on time. The project will get the first mover advantage. The target will be achieved before the deadline which will provide sales advantage to the company (Warner, 2011).

This change will be analysed and then will be accepted or rejected as per its benefits to the final project. The analysis will decide whether the project change should be Implemented or not.

When the spending on testing activities are increasing, the expenses on lab and field tests can be reduced which will save the time and money for the whole project. The resources from construction and development team will not be further required which will save the resource cost as well. The release of the project before competitors will also help in earning more profits by the company. Therefore, this change will be beneficial for the project (Verma, 2012).


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