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Question 1

The significance of Declaration of Independence Today

The declaration of independence is currently associated with a lot of benefits to countries. It is related to national growth regarding economic development. Colonization is associated with a lot of evils such as slavery which interfere with domestic growth (Jefferson, 2002). It is also associated with a lot of conflicts which disrupts the peaceful coexistence of people. Independence indicates that people are going to interact freely and involve themselves in activities aiming to develop the economy. States are also in the position of governing themselves, therefore, prioritizing the events which are suitable for their positive progress. Self-governance is vital towards enhancing business development. Strategized governance has been achieved through the declaration of independence, and it has significantly promoted world peace. States interact freely and collaborate towards implementing projects. The cooperation is currently helping the third world countries match the developed ones.

Question 2

Three Important Components of the Structure of Government under the Articles of Confederation

The articles outline government to be comprised of the continental congress which is responsible for formulating decisions and seeing its execution. The structure of the government was incorporated into three namely the House of Representatives, the executive branch and the judicial branch (Jefferson, 2002). The three bodies collaborated in the process of running the country. The house of representatives was responsible for formulating decisions and rules. It included representatives of the citizens and were expected to present their wish. The executive branch has the responsibility of enforcing the laws after the House of Representatives formulates them. The judicial branch was responsible for interpreting rules and applying them. The three components of the government worked together in ensuring that all activities of the government run smoothly.

Question 3

Articles of Confederation

The founders created a form of government that they did in the articles of confederation to serve as a constitution. The articles of confederation is a union of government where most political powers are limited. The aim of the confederation was to bring political equity by limiting the supreme and central government powers by relying on states. It ensured that the national or federal government had limited power to conduct its operations management and thus had to observe specific guidelines from the states (Moeller & King, 2018). The article of confederation was formed on ideas that meant to make the state governments closer to protect the citizens from the power of government.

Question 4

Shay's Rebellion

According to Jefferson, all men are created equal, and thus no one should exercise the power of another because they are in different political positions. Shay's rebellion sought to demonstrate against abuse from the federal or national government on its citizens. From Jefferson's quote at the beginning of the chapter, I think that Shay's rebellion was necessary because it showed the government that people are aware of their rights and were ready to fight to ensure the fair exercise of political power (Jefferson, 2002). The rebellion scared the government from practicing abusive power because it resulted in each state creating their own rules. The national or federal government had to consult the state before doing anything to ensure that it was according to the rules of the state. Through the rebellion, unfair taxes from poor farmers were abolished resulting to the American Revolution (Bednar, 2003).

Current Event

War Atmosphere between the US and North Korea

Currently, there is power competition between president Donald Trump (US) and President Kim Jong of North Korea. This has resulted in a disagreement between the two countries in an attempt to reign the other. The two countries being amongst the powerful globally there are engaged in a cold war to determine who is stronger than the other. Presently there are ongoing conflicts between North Korea and Us which was intensified back in 2002(Kong, 2018). Trump has claimed to make things difficult through sanctioning the economy against the Pyongyang’s government in North Korea. Trump has also threatened to activate its missile defense system as a target to halt Kim-Jong. North Korea has promised to carry out more nuclear and missile tests in attempts to attack the United States. Current research has reported North Korea to have achieved a significant milestone in producing atomic weapons. It is relying heavily on China to beat North Korea(Kong, 2018). It is evident that the rivalry will continue since there are substantial conflicts between Trump and Kim.

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